Who Are the Kikuyu? The Jews of Kenya

House of Mumbi

House of Mumbi

CENTRAL PROVINCE, Kenya—On the hillsides, tea is still being picked; in the valleys, women still weed rows of beans, feet stained ocher by the soil; and in downtown Nyeri, the matatu taxi vans still honk by custom. The only immediate hint that something is amiss is to be found on the veranda of the Outspan Hotel. Despite boasting one of Africa’s most stunning views—Mount Kenya stretches serenely on the far side of the plains—the Outspan is strangely quiet these days; most of its tourists have fled.

If Kenya is ablaze, it’s almost possible to miss that fact in Central Province. A few hours’ drive west, machete-wielding youths blockade roads, shops have been looted, and refugee camps spring up like mushrooms. At first glance, the country’s most serious crisis since independence has barely dented the banal routines of daily life.There’s a reason for this. Central Province is the home of President Mwai Kibaki—his Othaya constituency lies just south of Nyeri. While his Kikuyu kinsmen have been burned alive and lynched across the rest of Kenya, punished for his suspected rigging of the December elections, only a madman would dare lift a hand to a Kikuyu on his home turf.

But that doesn’t allay a crawling sense of unease. The relationship between the Kikuyu and the rest of Kenya has been warped, residents sense, possibly beyond repair. Nyeri’s inhabitants are haunted by a more immediate fear. Most of the 300,000 people displaced in the violence are Kikuyus. Even as nervous Luos cluster for protection in local police stations, hundreds of Kikuyus are returning, demanding housing, work, and school places. “At the moment people are telling those displaced to stick where they are, because there is great land scarcity here,” says Muthui Mwai, a Nyeri journalist. “No one wants them back.”

Land scarcity is the leitmotif of the Kikuyu, the historic source of their anguish and the motivating force behind their success story. Accounting for around 22 percent of Kenya’s population of 38 million, the Kikuyu’s mark on the East African nation has been far greater than the figures imply, thanks to that driving hunger.

Under Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, another kinsman, they streamed out of Central Province, settling in the Rift Valley and on the coast. Today, they dominate the economy. Kikuyus drive most of Kenya’s matatus and its taxis, run its newspapers, and constitute much of its civil service, their entrepreneurial reach extending from the glitziest of hotels to the remotest roadside duka (kiosk). They also, joke Kikuyus, account for the biggest share of the country’s criminals and prison inmates.


Mzee Jomo Kenyatta & Golda Meir

The Kikuyu story, legend has it, begins on a ridge north of the town of Muranga, south of Nyeri, amid the misty valleys carved by Mount Kenya’s melting snows. To the precolonial Kikuyu, Mount Kenya, known as Kirinyaga, was the seat of God, or Ngai. Ngai created Gikuyu—the first man—then pointed earthward. “Build your homestead where the fig trees grow,” he said. Later, he sent Mumbi to join him, and the couple established the 10 clans that constitute “the house of Mumbi,” as the Kikuyu are also known.

You can actually visit this Kikuyu version of the Garden of Eden. Behind a sky-blue gate, painted with the words Mukurwe Wa Nyagathanga—the Tree of Gathanga—lie two mud huts, one for Gikuyu and one for Mumbi. The site looks toward Kirinyaga, but the mountain, famously elusive, is usually shrouded in cloud.

The compound may be an officially designated historical monument, but it looks semineglected. The skeleton of a half-built hotel, abandoned when a shady contractor disappeared with the funds—”This, too, is part of our culture,” jokes a villager—drips water nearby. In my many trips there, I’ve never stumbled on another visitor. “It’s not our way to look backward, only forward,” explains my Kikuyu driver.

The farming community that fanned out from this site had a special affinity with the soil. “There is a great desire in the heart of every Gikuyu man to own a piece of land on which he can build his home,” Kenyatta wrote in Facing Mount Kenya. “A man or a woman who cannot say to his friends, come and eat, drink and enjoy the fruit of my labour, is not considered as a worthy member of the tribe.”

It was this affinity that brought the Kikuyu into conflict with the British Empire. Initially, Britain’s 19th-century explorers showed little interest in the area that would be designated “Kenya,” training their eyes instead on the Buganda kingdom across Lake Victoria. Central Province’s fertile valleys were simply the place to stock their caravans with fresh food before the long trip west.

But with time, Kenya itself became the draw. Most of the land that British settlers appropriated belonged to the nomadic Masai, not the Kikuyu, but it was the Kikuyu who led an armed insurrection, Mau Mau, in the 1950s. With their fast-growing population, the Kikuyu needed room to expand. The British had removed that possibility by farming the White Highlands. British Capt. Richard Meinertzhagen claimed to have seen what was coming. “They are the most intelligent of the African tribes that I have met; therefore they will be the most progressive under European guidance and will be the most susceptible to subversive activities,” he wrote.

Mau Mau has left its scars, psychological if not physical. At least 150,000 Kikuyus passed through British detention camps, and more than 20,000 Mau Mau fighters died in combat. Central Province’s residents can still point out the caves where the freedom fighters hid and sketch the location of the British prisons and scaffolds where they were executed—in Nyeri’s case, on what is now the golf club’s parking lot.

Seeking scapegoats in that turbulent past, many older inhabitants insist today’s troubles are the work of a British government that has never forgiven the Kikuyu their revolt. Now the Brits are supposedly the hidden hand behind Luo leader Raila Odinga’s opposition campaign. “This is not a war between Kenyans, it’s a war imported from abroad,” fumes Joseph Karimi, co-author of The Kenyatta Succession. “The British were not satisfied with the rule of the Kikuyu, so they brought in this war. They never actually left Kenya and they never intend to.”

If the British won the fight against Mau Mau, the Kikuyu won the peace. When Britain pulled out in 1963, it was Kenyatta, once jailed as a Mau Mau leader, who became president, his community that took pole position. Forced proximity with the colonial administration and the proliferation of missionary schools in Central Province meant the Kikuyu were better educated than other Kenyans and best placed to benefit from independence. What’s more, they enjoyed the president’s patronage. “My people have the milk in the morning, your tribes the milk in the afternoon,” Kenyatta told non-Kikuyu ministers who complained.

The Kikuyu, outsiders feel, have been rubbing other communities’ noses in their pre-eminence ever since. “We’re obnoxious, we’re thrusting, we’re loud, and we’re everywhere,” acknowledges a Kikuyu banker friend. “Our problem is there aren’t enough of us to dominate, yet we’re too large to ignore. We are at once both obnoxious and indispensable.”

Although Kenyatta’s successor, Daniel arap Moi, systematically crushed Kikuyu aspirations while promoting his own Kalenjin, the community still thrived economically. Hence the conviction, voiced by snarl-toothed elders and fresh-faced undergraduates alike in Central Province, that only the Kikuyu—the community that stood up and defied the white invader—deserve to run the country.

I hear the familiar refrain in a hotel bar in Muranga, whose wall, significantly, is decorated with framed photographs of Kenyatta and Kibaki, but not of Moi. “If you did an experiment and took five Luos, five Luhyas, five Kambas, and five Kikuyus and gave them money to invest, you would see the result,” boasts John Kiriamiti, who publishes a Muranga newspaper. “The Kikuyu would be far, far ahead.” His business partner, Njoroge Gicheha, chimes in. “You cannot compare a fisherman in Nyanza who simply pulls a fish from the lake to a farmer who plants beans in Central Province and waits six months to harvest. The fact is, we work harder than other Kenyans.”

It’s this bumptious sense of entitlement that infuriates Kenya’s 47 other tribes. But, with the exception of two bouts of ethnic cleansing in the 1990s, irritation was largely held in check under Moi, a topic of good-natured banter rather than abuse.

That changed with the 2002 elections that first put Kibaki in power. A consensus candidate backed by a broad tribal coalition, he swiftly reneged on promises of a new constitution devolving power to the regions. The pledge of a prime minister’s post for Odinga, the man who probably lost December’s elections, was withdrawn. As the tribal coalition disintegrated, Kenyans noticed that key ministries were all held by members of what they dubbed “the Mount Kenya Mafia.” Far from challenging Kenyatta’s system of ethnic favoritism, Kibaki reinforced it.

While Western donors relished Kibaki’s 6 percent to 7 percent growth rates, the mood on the ground was grim. The fact that Central Province’s milk, tea, and coffee industries surged ahead while other regions remained marginalized did not go unnoticed.

kibakiBoth sides helped whip low-level ethnic resentment into today’s frenzied hatred.

Odinga raised the stakes by preaching majimboism. Majimboism means federalism, a system many might think well-suited to over-centralized Kenya. But to Odinga’s supporters, it was a code word for something very specific: Kikuyus with plots or businesses in non-Kikuyu areas would be forced out and sent “home.”

In Central Province, Kikuyu MPs seized on the majimboist threat to foster a siege mentality. Rumors of a project to slaughter 1 million Kikuyus circulated like wildfire. “The amount of fear-mongering [texts] and e-mails was stupendous,” says Kwamchetsi Makokha, a columnist for the Nation newspaper. “It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you set the stage where a single community has isolated itself, what follows is a feeling of resentment by others, of ‘what’s so special about you?’ “

There was nothing random about the violence that exploded with the announcement of a Kibaki win. Deciding that the Kikuyu intended to rule Kenya indefinitely, Luos in the Western town of Kisumu looted Kikuyu shops, while Kalenjin militias drove Kikuyus from Rift Valley farms, settling scores dating back to Kenyatta’s 1970s settlement scheme.

A feared Kikuyu militia, the Mungiki, is now extracting revenge. But as mungiki demand ID cards at roadblocks and members of the “wrong” tribe watch homes go up in smoke, majimboism is being put into crude practice on the ground, decades of Kikuyu expansionism challenged and reversed

Many analysts see the entrepreneurship that defines the Kikuyu experience as the only hope for peace. Holding such a huge stake in the Kenyan economy, the Kikuyu have more to lose from the spiraling anarchy than any other group.

Here in Central Province, a region locked in belligerent memories of its insurgent past, there is little talk of compromise and no criticism of Kibaki. Growing ever further into a kikuyu nationalism, James Wanyaga, Nyeri’s former mayor, told me. “We can forget about the Luos and put our security machinery into Rift Valley, just as your people did under colonialism. And we would get on very well.” The price of Kikuyu hegemony has already proved greater than anyone wants to pay.

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  1. The comparison of Kikuyus to the Jews may sound like a mere joke; however, a closer look into the migratory myths of the Kikuyus to their current location may actually confound many.

    History has it that the Kikuyus like other Bantu groups migrated from the West Africa. However, the history is not very clear how the Kikuyu people eventually settled on the area around Mount Kenya. More so, history suggest that the Kikuyus followed the same migratory route that other Bantu groups followed, that is along the great lakes via mount Kilimanjaro down to the coast. That route does not make sense of how actually Kikuyus eventually settled on the foot of Mt. Kenya.

    However, some Kikuyu migratory tales as narrated by the earlier generations seams to indicate that the Kikuyus may actually have migrated to their current location from a place called Axum in Ethiopia.

    it is said that after the break up of Axum, the kikuyus migrated southwards together with the covenant and hid it on Mt. Kenya, that is why they normally regarded Mt. Kenya as a seat for their God.It is a well known fact that the ancient Axum Empire was occupied by group of communities which had blood relationship with the Jews through the famous queen of Sheba. More so, the southward migration from Axum to the eventual current settlement at the foot of Mt. Kenya appears to make more sense than the West, Southwards and then Northward kind of movement.

    Kikuyus thirst for Business and investment is not only restricted to the Kenyan Borders, their business acumen stretches across the world. Including, far flung places such as USA, S.Africa, United Kingdom etc.

    Kikuyus have no raw desire for power the only reason why they wish to control political happenings is to ensure that the entrepreneur spirit in them is not dampened by careless and un -favorable policies or poor governance.

  2. History
    The predominant oral tradition concerning the Meru’s early history is a fantastic fable that seems to combine elements of both truth and fiction and has close parallel to Jewish mythology
    Taken as a whole, the Meru have one of the most detailed and potentially confusing oral histories and mythology of any people in Kenya. It is also one of the most deeply intriguing, at least from a western point of view, as it contains extremely strong Biblical similarities that suggest to some that they may once have been one of the lost tribes of Israel, and to others that they were once Jewish, in the same way that the Falashim of Ethiopia remain Jewish to the present day. This history includes a good part of both Old and New Testament stories: a baby in a basket of reeds who becomes a leader and a prophet, the massacre of newly born babies by an evil king, an exodus, the parting and crossing of the waters by an entire nation, Aaron’s Rod in the form of a magic spear or staff, the leadership of a figure comparable to Moses, references to ancient Egypt (Misiri), and so on.
    In brief, it recounts that the Meru were once enslaved by the “Red People”. They eventually escaped, and in their exodus came across a large body of water called Mbwaa or Mbwa, which they crossed by magical means. The details of the tradition are replete with parallels to the Old Testament, and also contain references to events described in the New Testament. This has led many to speculate that the Meru are perhaps the descendants of one of the Lost Tribes of Israel, or that they were once Jewish, or had been in profound cultural contact with a people that certainly were (such as the Falashim of Ethiopia).
    Considerable if inconclusive anthropological research has been conducted and documented with respect to this startling aspect of Meru Mythology. The book by Jeffrey Fadiman “When We Began There Were Witchmen” deals with this subject.
    Other interpretations of Meru history incorporates aspects of Meru mythology and spans about three centuries. There are no written records for the first two centuries and what may be learned must come from memories of the community’s elders. The predominant tradition has to do with a place called Mbwa. This tradition tells how the Meruan ancestors were captured by the Nguuntune (the “red people”, literally the “red clothes”, generally taken to mean the Arabs) and taken into captivity on the island of Mbwa. Because conditions were intolerable, secret preparations were made to leave Mbwa. According to some oral tradition sources was located in present day Yemen. Others identify Mbwa with Manda Island near Lamu and the water as the ocean channel. When the day came to leave Mbwa, a corridor of dry land is said to have been created for the people to pass through the Red Sea. They later followed a route that took them to the hills of Marsabit, eventually reaching the Indian Ocean coast. There they stayed for some time; however, due to climatic conditions and threats from the Arabs, they traveled farther south until they came to the Tana River basin. Most traditions say most went as far south as Tanzania until finally reaching the Mount Kenya area. This seems to combine two separate myths of origin from different segments of Meru history, one from the north and another from the east. The eastern origin tradition indicates westward migration from the coast. This correlates with traditions of other Bantu peoples like the Giriama and the Pokomo. The Meru people have traditionally been considered to be Bantu. The Meru are actually of mixed origin, with some claiming an origin from the north or west, as well as the coastal origins. Cushites referred to as Mwoko in Meru traditions were already living there when the Bantu groups arrived in various stages of migration. The Meru are share many similarities with the Embu, and Kikuyu as well.

  3. I have actually heard this story in ADDIS ABABA. People there believe that Kkuyus descended from one of the Ethiopian Tribes that moved south. However more research is needed.

  4. The truth is Kirinyaga(kenya in colonial )language is the origin of humanity. Consider the bibilical verse that talks of the land that is divided by flowing water- actaully central province. The Agikuyu are the only people who have no paintings to show their GOD or any of their prophets, the only people never to have worshipped any carving or a creation under the son prior to the coming of the white man’s confusion.

  5. Consider this scenario:
    The original inhabitants of area of Africa below Equator from the time of Jesus Christ were cushites namely :
    Thagichu, Segechu, Athi, San, Khosan of SA, Elmolo, Ogieks, Il Chamus, Irqaw of TZ, Twa of Rwanda: All these were hunter gatherers.

    The one branch of the main body of Bantus (the people) moved east from Congo towards Uganda, Rwanda , etc and mingled with local Cushites (Tutsi, Twas) but were ”swallowed” by Bantus and lost their language. Others mingled with Nilotes eg Luhya & Kisii around L. Victoria:

    The other branch moved down south and east (kikuyu & Kamba etc) and mingled ( that’s why the Kikuyu & kamba are fairer in complexion) with local Cushites (Athi, Thagichu) etc but were ”swallowed” by Bantus and lost their language. That’s a fact
    Remember at this time there was a huge Axumite Kingdom stretching from Arabian Peninsula to Mt Kenya ( and probably upto Southern Africa : The Great Zimbabwean ruins have middle eastern architecture which baffles historians to this day). Hence the Bantus most likely intermingled with the middle eastern people and influenced or were influenced by them. That why the Somalis and Ethiopians are darker in complexion as you move further away from the Red sea. That’s a fact

    The other branch moved further south to SA and mingled with local Cushites (San, Khaosan) but were ”swallowed” by Bantus and lost their language. Hence the Zulus , Batswanas and other Bantus of SA fairer in complexion. Etc etc etc……
    The argument here is that there was/ and still is a lot of influence on each other’s culture and not straight movements of a body of people as the European Educated Anthropologist would like us to believe. I stand to be corrected of course.

  6. Can you start another thread where we can contribute on the way forward after this crisis, I believe this crisis has deeply awoken the Kikuyu pride after many years of being asked to keep it low.

  7. i have always known there was a connection between us(Gikuyu)and the jews, but the most important thing is for us to believe in Jesus who was a great descendant of King David.

  8. Thagichu Andu wa Kuwa
    Wondered why you feel that you have an extra attribute to your exsitance ?
    For over 1700 years there has been a foe working against your very exsitance as one of the lost tribes of Judea.
    About 30% if not more carry the Cohenic gene, the gene passed down from father to son (“KOHEN” priestly- Abraham to Isaac to Jacob down to Aroon brother to Moses )Fact referance Lemba-Bubba,Iboga,thagichu and many others, infact they say as many 10 different tribes scattered all around africa with monolithic Simetic traditions exist( 10 tribes of Judea),fact is the peoples of lemba have a clan called Bubba with a Conhenic gene type that is more proment that any present Jew anywhere in the world these Yemenites Jews from Yemen/Shabba of Abassynia moved to Zimbabwe as the last known exodus to zion they carried with the knowledge of the ark of the covenant NGOMA NEGUVO “NGOMA LENGUVO” the Vioce of God or the Thundering Vioce of God.
    The good news is your lineage to Yacob Cannot, will not, ever, be dissolve so long there is father to seed a son. From Father to Son to Son 100 times over for ever cohen.

    Without MUCH effort I have to say the kikuyu are disliked by the other tribes of Kenya even to those we shear the same linage of thagichu.
    That having said this, I not lay claim to know beyond what I can not see.
    This is what I see though, in a snap short.
    With all the information out there and acceptance of today’s technology we continue to deny the truth meaning, truth still remains truth even if the whole world comes together to deny the bases of it.
    We are Who we are.
    I can help to wonder, what if the our places where reversed, and the kikuyu where a minority in a different part of Kenya leaving in different demographical situation and from what we know. Invoke the Luo or the pokot or even the kalenjin in our place with the same mind set that we have would they be as impartial to criticism rape ,insult ,killings and displacement, and after all that is said and done remain passive and acceptant to their brothers? Without using the partial powers they control i.e. army, police, militias ,vigilantes or any form of oppression to exert revenge.
    Truly only people with Gods grace can perform such control.
    Having established this is true and truth is truth irreversibly GOD. Know this and embrace it as truth that can not be changed.
    We are Who we are
    Agekoyo, Ndia, Gichugu, Mathira


    Without MUCH effort I have to say the kikuyu are disliked by the other tribes of Kenya even to those .

    Wainaina this is your first and last warning spaming is not allowed on this blog no matter how strongly you may feel about the topic

  11. interesting article i must say i cant believe i hadn’t been on this blog .it would be interesting to read more research on this perceived links btw jews and kikuyus

  12. We Agikuyu are not jews. Modern Ashkenazi & Sephardic Jews claim the cultural heritage of ancient Afro-Asiatic peoples of the Mid-East known as Hebrews or Haribu. These original Asiatic Black people originated between the nile and Eritrea and expanded to Arabia over thousands of years. Culturally & economically they intermingled with their kin in Ethiopia proper(Eth, Sudan, Somali, Knya) as they did with Indo-European invaders.

    Now that we all follow religous systems which exalt the modern jews Africans want to claim that we are them. We are not. We are the origin of them! Genetically & culturally.
    The Agikuyu are decendants of The Bantu Peoples of the East African classical age who were descended from the Ancient Saharan & Niger-Congo civilizations who moved east and mixed with the Southern Cushites.
    The Bantu element is represented by the daughters of Gikuyu & Mumbi while the Cushite element is represented by the men that apeared under the Mugumo tree after our fathers prayers in our origin myth……We have our own ancient history no need to claim that of a white man.

  13. i want to believe that this talk of the Kikuyus and the Jews need some reaserch in it. However i’am baffled with the great similarities therein and the nature of the tribal intelligence that seems very much corellated. The jewish aspects pf the kikuyu people are in perfect semblance,worship ,rituals,prophetic voices and the profets, ceremonies ,practicea an the societal discipline rhymes the O.T concepts.Of great regard is the Nameology which gives such names like “Kabiru” similar to Jews and probably for the event of raising from the dead,Lazarus would be “Kariuki”-raised from the Dead.

    Peter I have to agree with you . A lot of research needs to be done to investigate the similarities. Now if indeed Kikuyu are not Jews(and we should be very careful when claiming to be) it would be interesting to understand the revelation of God to our people and the role of traditional Kikuyu beliefs in modern Christianity. We know that a lot of the rituals in modern Christianity have more to do with roman culture.Hence it would be interesting to research various Kikuyu belief systems such as Akorino(Wakorino) that take into account Kikuyu traditional beliefs and systems and not Roman systems

  14. Actually,I heard November last year about a once every 50 year ceremony at MT.Kenya to conduct prayers.Apparently in the 1200s a migration from Axum in Ethiopia,landed there with a church artifact,due to war.
    At the same time I’ve noticed quite a number of us and Tutsis,Banyankoles,Maasaais and Kambas resemble Gurages,Boranas,Burjis,Somalis and occasionally Habesha women. Jews however have been marrying their first cousins for 5000 years,somebody called Kevin McDonald ,an evolutionary psychologist wrote a fascinating paper on how their paranoid schizophrenia is inbred.

  15. I’m a young man in his 20’s and as urbanized as you can imagine so I wouldn’t have known much about our (KIKUYU) culture however about 3 years back, while visiting my relatives in central, I got to learn some very old kikuyu ways of life that resembled Mosaic Laws. i.e the kikuyus had a sorjourner’s granary (ikumbi ria mugendi), the ululation of the kikuyu women (aririririi aririririi) and the ancient praise that was uttered by Jewish women (el ly el ly el ly
    /praise him praise him), it was well known in the entire kikuyu land(this inc. Embu and Meru) that when harvesting one was not supposed to go back to collect what fell on the ground it was to be left
    for the one without a harvest, I learned that the proto kikuyu were called ‘kabiru’, that wasapere used to circumcize there boys in 8 days after birth however this changed when they began to inter-marry with the Maasai, but most intriging was the description I got of the traditional teachings “KIRIRA”. After researching I can now tell that the nature of kirira resembles that of mystical Jewish teachings KABBALAH. Naturally the kabala began with Avraham(Abraham), it was handed down oraly until when it was first put to writing in the 18th century by jewish Rabii’s
    same thing applies to Kirira to date it is ONLY handed down oraly,
    I learned that the proto-kikuyu vowed to keep their identity a secret as they sought to protect their identity as they had forght the Templers before settling around Mt. Kenya and surrounding it, this explains why slave trade never took place in this region for they were totaly hostile to the whiteman (shoba)…………. theres more though on my research

  16. In 1999 and 2002 i went to preach in Addis Ababa.In 2004 I wnt to Gonder in Northern Ethiopia and ministered to the Ethiopian Jews.When I was there they kept on telling me that I belong to a certain generation in theie lineage.Did they know something I did not know concerning the kikuyus and the Jews?

    Please give me more details.You can send me to my mail.I would be glad.

  17. Dear blog owner?
    Mr Kalid.
    A Lion Aweakend
    become a man that you claim to be .
    we my not agree in views,
    but, you do not need to post names if i wanted to remain anonymous
    you promise to keep names anonymous.
    what happened to privicy laws ?
    remember you operate in america… fool.
    Do you know what a law suite means?
    stop your tactics of fear and innuendos
    it has been used on us before time after time,wazunguu,waporagee.
    do the facts vex you eah?
    dose the truth confuse you.
    i have said it before,
    the truth will remain true to its core even if the whole world disagrees to it.
    it is GOD unreversible for ever true.
    i forgive you brother but not forget
    i am weary of you.
    trust Diminished .
    if scare you i am sorry
    this blog is more important than you it belongs now to a people.
    the Agakuyu.
    it is ours
    age to age you are still the same
    i am who i am forever cohen
    from father to son 100 time over

  18. I just stumbled on this site. And…, man Oh don’t guys just love yourselves? So now you are the ‘original’ jews? LOL

  19. The kikuyus for sure are very industriuos, but I also know kikuyus who are as lazy as their arch-rivals from the lake. By the way, it is harder to live by fishing, and fishing communities are some of the poorest the world over, than to survive by farming. Surviving all those waves and night chills are not exactly easy, actually much harder than a shop-owning Kikuyu from Karatina can imagine.


  20. Seii,
    So now you are up your sleeves investingating me? Sorry, I just dont live in your sleeves. I am no louse. But, If you were to know where I am and who I am, you’d be ashamed of what you are saying.

    Just because I am using ‘Kip’ doesnt mean I am one man from the valley. Get over it Seii. By the way, Seii, like Tabitha Seii, is Kalenjin, NO?

  21. This has been an interesting read, and I thank all who took their time to contribute. Our story as black people is largely untold and such efforts may just help fill the gap. So I am most grateful for all, and for the fact that I stambled upon this in my search.

    However, many assumptions express ignorance of other facts. The worship of one supreme spiritual God – a spirit who creates matter out of nothing – is a feature of may African nations in East Africa, and I like the suggestion that maybe it is the Jews who are descended from us and not the other way out. And this is unlike in West Africa where many gods were worshipped – leading to a rich material culture of images of the said gods. Almost all East Africans don’t have any carvings or images of God. And they never worshipped icons.

    I would love somebody to examine the clear development of the concept of the Trinity in traditional Luhyia religion before the coming of the white man. Also, if the Kikuyu are closely descended from the Jews, I wonder why they never developed proper burial rites. The Jews had and still have elaborate burial rites, and I would like to know why these disappeared from the Kikuyu. Customs and traditions around matters of birth and death are usually never lost easily by a people. If they are not there it usually means they never were there in the first place.

    As for business acumen, I would like to know if the origin of the missionaries who worked in the Mt Kenya area, and the harsh kind of colonialism the Kikuyu were subjected to, had a role to play. Also does it explain their habit of banding together in politics more than say do the Luhyia? Does the harsh environment around the lands occupied by the Luo on the other side also play a role in their habit of banding together? How about the extreme differences in wealth within the Kikuyu, what explains it?

    Further, if Obama was Kikuyu, what reading of history would we be having on this blog? Would it be that he was the reincarnation of King David? Or would it be that he was the reincarnation of General Mathenge as the Ethiopian farmer Lemma Ayeanu was once billed to be?

    Is there any possibility of us being Kenyans so that we can judge each other by the content of our character not by the language of our parents? Personally, I love seeing myself as a Kenyan more than as a Luhyia. As a Kenyan I can claim ownership of all the good contained in the peoples of Kenya. But as a Luhyia cut off from the Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Kalejin, Maasai, Kisii, etc, I make a very small and miserable bundle. Also, Kenya is large enough for all of us living as equals, but it is too small for any of us dreaming of dominating others. Those who don’t want to belong to Kenya cannot claim the right to live and own property outside their “ancestral” lands. That is why we must very careful pushing certain minute differences at the expense of bigger similarities.

    Finally, the saddest fact is that as American’s worry about broken toilets in space we are busy dying of jiggers in our legs. Jiggers don’t seem to care whether or not we are descended from Cain or from Satan. It is as basic as that. So let’s concentrate on what matters and know that we are competing on this planet with others who have put people on the moon and are now reaching for the planets. We will only develop our couintry through science, technology, and innovation… not by proving whether or not we are LOST Jews. It is bad enough to ba a Jew without being lost.

    Otherwise, keep up the good debate. I will be back.

  22. Okiya,
    As a Kalenjin with a Luhya girlfriend, I can see the reason why the western peoples don’t, most times, coalesce around one Luhya politician. They are actually very very many sub-groups, very many indeed that it is virtually difficult for them to unify around any one course at all.

    Having said that, I still hold the thesis that the Luhya are a decent people whose values we, as Kenyans, should emulate. They also may, possibly, benefit from a little injection of entrepreneurship. I know, for example, that most students from western studying abroad with scholarship support hardly care to do part time work, preferring instead, to subsist on their stipends.

    On the other hand, folks from central and surrounding communities whose members have learnt to like entrepreneurship, compete vigorously with other immigrants including the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians etc for all sorts of jobs available in the market. Given that they had scholarships in the first place, their hard-earned cash, is new found wealth! this is the money being referred locally as ‘remittances from diaspora’. The last time I checked, these monies were so large, even earnings from agricultural exports were lower in comparison.

    So what’s my point?

    My point is that we are all Kenyans. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but when combined, and if we learn from our different selves, we could become a force to reckon with. Infact we could beat the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians etc in their own game and emerge as a leading force in the world in the next 50 years – if we learn from our strengths and lessons from disasters like what we witnessed earlier o this year after the G.E.

    May be I am misplaced, for I have been away from home for a long time , but folks Kenya can still be great, if we care to make it so. Our first salvo? Lets learn from our mistakes and take on our ignorance and poverty as the main enemy within us, not the land, fertile or not. There are far smaller countries right accross the globe that have even far bigger populations but are exceedings their expectations by tackling the twin eveils of ignorance and poverty – and that migt just be our only liberating force in future – taking on our own ignorances and limited resources and improving them, bit by bit, just like the Chinese and Japnaese. These two nations have not much minerals but are leading everyone in the world. Lets wake up and change our world!

    Will be back

    That’s my challenge to all Kenyans.

  23. This was a very good read, and like many I agree that there is a lot to do in terms of research.

    I’m a proud Kikuyu, but I don’t think it’s polite making fellow Kenyans look inferior. We all have our histories which we are proud of. Being in the midst of my friends does not make me feel any superior because I’m a Kikuyu, I just feel very ….. Kenyan, and patriotic.

    I’ll defend Kenya anywhere I go, very proudly, but I doubt I’ll do that when it’s an issue of tribes.

  24. will need to read it again

    I couldn’t have said it better .The whole post only compares Kikuyus to Jews. It no way implies that we are Jews.English comprehension 101- read understand then comment , but i must say there have been some interesting questions that have been raised and I love the feedback from those studying theology and their interesting perspectives .- kn-Blog Administrator

  25. this is a situation where the bible is just a messenger and not a historic entity. Jewish history has nothing to do with Bantu culture. Bantu pratice predate that of Jewish pratice, and Jews themselves are people who have borrowed from Africa and Asia to construct their way of life. So why the need to dig deep into an abyss when the truth of your Origins are right next to you. Look to Congo 250 tribes and people who are unified by a Bantu culture. Of all place in Africa this place and people are the predecessor of all who reside south and east of them. The Congo has people who are Bantu and naturally light in complexion. Complexion does not stray you from being a bantu in congo, for example one tribe the Luba vary in skin tone, looks and hieght varaitions, some are farmers, ranchers, and miners but are not claiming a Jewish origin or a solomoniod link to their history they are proud to call themselves luba and proudly claim a bantu origin. Why is it hard for the Kikuyu to acknowledge their roots. The somali bantu press on their tanzanian and mozambiquean roots. Bantu groups in Tanzania are found in Congo. Swahili before reaching kenya or before the arabinazation policy that made Zanzibarian swahili standard was spoken as a bantu trade language between the people of katanga, Kivu and tanzania, and till this day you can hear the language spoken in it pure bantu form in Congo without the borrowed persian, arab, portuguese nature that lays people to question the language origin. What does one gain from buttering a bread when jelly is already spread on it? it sad in africa that one must butter his origin to feel better about themselves.

  26. As africans,let learn to be proud to be africans.Who are jews anyway?Why jews cant be of kikuyu origin?Entrepreunership is not ethnic-specific.It is a learning by doing process.Nobody is born with a company on his back.You have to learn and work hard to get it.The problem with us africans is that we think that non africans(whites,asians……) are smarter than us.That why we feel proud if we are called “african jews”,”african chineses”…….Let us be clear:The african culture preexisted all cultures in the world.If jews are the “chosen people” why did life on earth started in africa?Lets not be stupids.Lets unite,work hard and change the destiny of the black race

    1. Do not equate being Jewish with being white. I think we have come a long way from the days when people thought that being Jewish means you are blonde and blue eyed. I don’t recall Abraham being called out of Alabama or Oxford for that matter but Chaldea (non white part of the world).

    2. On the question of African culture, and life beginning in Africa I do not know how to respond.Being chosen or not has nothing to do with being first. I was always taught ,You don’t have to put down others to build yourselves .We therefore should be very careful not to turn this into a Jews are not special, what is so special about them tirade .-I am sure you can come up with a better objection than dragging us through the mud with anti Semitic comments!

    3. While I doubt that the Kikuyu are indeed Jews the blog in question only compares and points out similarities to what Jewish & Kikuyu people have gone through. The Jews of Kenya in this context should not be taken literally to mean kikuyus are Jews. I can’t stress this enough. I however note you are probably referencing some of the comments above that have misunderstood the post .

    Let us be very careful about this Jewish speculation!
    Intemperate, vituperative, or harshly censorious language will not be tolerated on this blog

    Administrator Kikuyu Nationalism

  27. I dont think I was anti-semitic in any way.I am just sick and tired of all these africans who claim all kinds of origins.Kikuyus are jews,Tutsis are jews,Igbo are jews…….I dont see chineses or indians claiming to be jews because they are succesful in business or in academics.Bamilekes of cameroun are far more economically efficient than kikuyus and tthey dont call themselves jews or whatever.They are prouds to be africans and bantus.And the kikuyus “succes” in business can also be questionned considering the fact there is no Kikuyu billionnaire or there are no big companies owned by kikuyus.By the way,I am not kenyan so I cant be accused of anything wrong intentions.

  28. Peace and love to all africans sisters and brothers.Dont let foreigners divide us.We are the most beautiful race on earth and we can achieve anything in the world.Islam,judaism ,christianity are all foreign religions.We should not be fighting each other because of these religions.Arabs are killing africans in dartfour,jews and israel were the among the biggest backers of the racist afrikaners in SA,europeans enslaved us,etc………That is to say it does not make sense to try to fit in with these people.Africans we are,africans we will always be

  29. Being Jewish means being governed by God, God blessed Jacob after the wrestle. If you need supernatural blessings wrestle with God.

  30. Blessed be the people of Israel.I dont know whether we are related to the jew, but i know that all is well with those who choose to follow NGAI in his teachings.We are the tribe for he gave them the right to become sons those who accepted him.Now could someone enlighten me on the rumour of the ‘militia’ following the teaching of the old testamest.do they know something i don’t.they speak of going back to or roots.That raises a very big question??????.dont you think.

  31. the comparison can be made between many cultures and the Jewish one. Quite often similarities will be found in one or more cultural practice of the Jewish people and the particular ethnic group. It is important to read studies comparing peoples of the far east, Iran, Afgahistan, and India with the Jews.
    The matter of the genotype of the Kohen priesthood is well documented, and there are no studies proving that the Kikuyu males carry this genetic marker.
    As one blogger noted, being Jewish is the hardest calling on earth. Please invest in proper research before making claims that are not proven.

  32. Lets stop being silly:There is nothing special with being jew.If kikuyus are jews,what are they doing in kenya?Why dont emigrate to the “promise land” of israel?Because of nazis crimes against the jews,today jews behave as if the world owes them something.But jews sold blacks,killed blacks,etc….and jews never experienced the level of racism experienced by blacks in america and europe.Because christianity comes from judaism,Jews think they can bullshit and blackmail whites europeans.But blacks have nothing to do with nazism and all these semitic religions(judaism,islam,christianity) have nothing to do with african culture.Jews are the white god “chosen people” and only stupid africans bow down to them

  33. Hi Everyone,
    Yes the Kikuyu could be one of the lost tribe of Israel
    I have read with interest the piece which connects the Kikuyu with the Jews and I have seen some support and resentment it has met. I do not know if we, the Kikuyu are the Jews of Africa but from the few books i have read about our ancient history, it is highly possible. First and foremost, unlike the histories of other tribes in kenya, the history of the mt. kenya communities, specifically the kikuyu, is obscure when we go back in time beyond the 15th century.
    A research done by a historian , Kabeca, has already established that some key parts of the mt. kenya communities migrated from the ethiopian highlands thro’ the dry scrubland into the east of mt. kenya at a place called ‘micii mikuru’ near the nyambene hills. However, some others like the meru and the Mbeere seem to have come from the coast which means they must have sojorned there for some time. How they came to the coast is what confuses the historians some claiming they came from the south. This northward movement is highly questionable as more than 90% research works have shown that the general african movements has always been southwards along the coast for centuries.
    Another researcher, montegomery, has shown that the two rivers connecting the indian ocean with the Ethiopian highlands always provided the ancient highways through somalia and have been in use for a long time and could have been used by the Meru and the Mbeere to access the coast.
    One thing readers should know is that during this times of migration from ethiopia, the ethiopian higlands were going thro’ serious famine conditions that would last for more than 5 years e.g. famine conditions that occured between AD 1400 to 1410, 1530 to 1540, the 1620’s, the 1730’s…etc. This consides wth the period when large groups of mt. kenya communities migrated fromt ethiopia and there is now no doubt about it.
    But one of the most interesting part of the history is the inclusion of an ancient kingdom in Ethiopia called Axum. Axum existed between about AD 250 and 1000 but was gradually replaced by Zagwe dynasties until AD 1200 when Axum ceased to exist completely. At its height about AD 300 to about 750 it covered most of northen Ethiopia and the modern day Eriteria.
    Just like the Kikuyu, the Axumites were good farmers. The Axumites were also good businessmen. Even in bad drought and famine conditions, trade was always thriving. In fact, one Roman geographer described Axum was one of the 3 most important trading centres in the world at the time. Another important thing is that Axum was lead by a black race and from ancient records showed that kings were great leaders (who did not show any ‘expansionism’ exceopt thro’trade). Could this have been the Kikuyu???
    Also note that from an excerpt from the Falashas of Ethiopia the following gives a little more light;

    “In the 9th century AD, there was a man named Eldad ha-Dani who was a Jewish merchant and traveler and came and went to the Jewish communities of Babylonia, North Africa, and Spain. He left a record of his travels which constitute more legend than fact, but this stirred many people’s interest. Eldad claimed that he was a merchant and scholar from an independent Jewish state that was situated in East Africa. He declared categorically that his country was the home of the Lost Tribes of Asher, Gad, Naphtali, and Dan, and that he himself was from the Tribe of Dan. His name ha-Dani means the Tribe of Dan in Hebrew. Eldad mentions that in ‘Kush’ of East Africa which is today’s Ethiopia live a lot of descendants of the tribe of Dan and other tribes of Israel. It is interesting to note that still in the 20th century AD there live a Jewish group called Falashas of Ethiopia….”
    Also note this from Mugwe in another link;
    “I have actually heard this story in ADDIS ABABA. People there believe that Kkuyus descended from one of the Ethiopian Tribes that moved south. However more research is needed.”
    History continues to say that there was a great famine in the land about AD 1200 and a great upheaval visited Ethiopia and adjacent lands. Endemic fighting and insecurity forced Populations to leave Ethiopia moving southwards-where one of them was the Kikuyu. In Ethiopia, economic activities came down and trading almost ceased-probably due to the trading communities having moved away… Do you see the connection??
    I can go on and on and on. Please read the Kenya times of 19th November 2007 if you can find it, it contains some of the stories i have just given you, on 2 full pages by a man called Kamitha-the mt. Kenya SEERs spokesman. A story of how the kikuyu moved from Hakumu (Axum) to mt. Kenya about AD 1210 and why the Mt. Kenya people were not exposed to the outside world for about 700 years. While other communities were being sold enmass as slaves during the period, the Kikuyus were not. Why?? Read the pages and know why GOD favours them! It is a must read for all Mt. Kenya people.(Please note that only Kenya Times published the story: All others refused to do so. That is why the story is little known.)

  34. simple statement.

    if there was EVEN aNY REMOTe connection between JEWS and Kikuyus, guess what?, Israel would have developed links with them.

    After all, the FALASHASA of Ethiopia (and a few in Sudan, Somalia and Djiboitu) to this day continue to be AIRLIFTED back to Israel.

    Sorry. that seer is just mis-prophecizyng biblical terms that he reads every day.

  35. ……Deleted Comment “This blog is committed to promoting free speech but we do not promote idle, unintelligent comments”-
    Blog Editor

  36. I can go on and on and on. Please read the Kenya times of 19th November 2007 if you can find it, it contains some of the stories i have just given you, on 2 full pages by a man called Kamitha-the mt. Kenya SEERs spokesman. A story of how the kikuyu moved from Hakumu (Axum) to mt. Kenya about AD 1210 and why the Mt. Kenya people were not exposed to the outside world for about 700 years. While other communities were being sold enmass as slaves during the period, the Kikuyus were not. Why?? Read the pages and know why GOD favours them! It is a must read for all Mt. Kenya people.(Please note that only Kenya Times published the story: All others refused to do so. That is why the story is little known.)
    Actually Ndichu2002 that story was in the People of November 9th 2007.I checked KT of 16-18th with no luck.
    In 1999 and 2002 i went to preach in Addis Ababa.In 2004 I wnt to Gonder in Northern Ethiopia and ministered to the Ethiopian Jews.When I was there they kept on telling me that I belong to a certain generation in theie lineage.Did they know something I did not know concerning the kikuyus and the Jews?

    Please give me more details.You can send me to my mail.I would be glad.
    Pastor Alex Maina,which lineage exactly?
    When and why did they migrate?
    Were they migrant Ethio Jews?
    Why the migration?

  37. I have travelled extensively in Ethiopia and Eritrea and have established a definitive connection between the Kikuyu and the Ethiopian Falashas. The Kikuyu traditional religion is practically identical to the Isralites’.

    The proto-kikuyus spoke a semetic language until it was overshadowed by the infusion of bantu speakers but some remnants of the semetic words still remain, eg. mai in kikuyu is the same word in Tigrinya (Axum) in N. Ethiopa & Eritrea which means water.

    The proto-kikuyu fled Ethiopia after the overthrow of the jewish queen Yidiot in the 12th century and settled in the kikuyu highland where they already had a presence, and a land practically identical to the Ethiopian highlands. They remained isolated until the arrival of the bantu migration in the 14th/15th century to form the present day Kikuyus with a dramatically changed language but retaining most of their religion.

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  39. Kikuyus have jewish links through Emperor Menelik 1st of Ethiopia who imported Jewish expatriates from Israel. The Falashas are a proof of this Jewish settlement. You just need to read the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament to see the close paralles with the old Kikuyu culture and religion.

    The proto-kikuyus (distinctly jewish) were swamped by the new Bantu arrivals to evolve into modern Kikuyus who are distinctly not jewish although retaining some jewish moral codes and practices.

  40. Can someone post a link to the article here
    “Kenya times” or is it “People” of 19th November 2007

  41. I stumbled on this blog and trust me…I am thrilled.It is very likely that we(Kikuyu’s) have Jewish ancestry. However, the important thing is to look back and behold the extra-ordinary circumstances upon which our survival is dependent on God.Then compare these events with God’s many rescues of Jews.If it was not for God on our side…My idea, we need to establish a foundation to cater for the needs of the under-privileged.Many of our people suffered a lot in the last turmoil and foundation’s help could have been handy. Rathimuoi andu aitu.

  42. Citizen tv has been advertising another round of Mt.Kenya prayers slated for the 27th,as seen in the document.Apparently theres room for observers.I hope to pass by and have some of these Jewish questions answered.

  43. consider the following similarities:

    1. Agikuyu had a monotheist religion before conversion to Christianity. Ngai had identical attributes to Jahweh. Mzungus before conversion to Christianity were polytheists
    2. Agikuyu’s clean and unclean foods were identical to Jewish.
    3. Cleansing rituals were similar
    4. the count of ‘seven’ had a mystical connotation

    etc etc. these are not mere coincidences

  44. Btw,reading this bbc guy carefully you can see official Brit attitudes:”It’s this bumptious sense of entitlement that infuriates Kenya’s 47 other tribes”
    Really??Even the NYTimes saw and said the violence was planned.Mind you, this is in early Feb,the bbc published this story;more than enough time to research the facts.
    Look carefully at this bs,ati:”“It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you set the stage where a single community has isolated itself, what follows is a feeling of resentment by others, of ‘what’s so special about you?’ “”
    In other words all the RV rallies where Lumbwas shouted “sangare/madoadoa/kwekwe must go,”never happened.The article suggests,not out loud the violence occurred naturally,if not spontaneously.
    But this takes the cake:”While Western donors relished Kibaki’s 6 percent to 7 percent growth rates, the mood on the ground was grim. The fact that Central Province’s milk, tea, and coffee industries surged ahead while other regions remained marginalized did not go unnoticed.”
    Anyway,I’m sure forumers here know why such drivel are represented as fact.

  45. the falashas do have jewish connection, but as for kikuyus i don´t know.. kikuyus did come from the ethiopian highlands & not from w.africa, but i think the lost jews matter needs thorough reserch first.
    I am a kikuyu, i see myself Kenyan 6 most as an East African. We (kikuyus & other tribes) are all equal .

    Someone wrote about kikuyus having an arch rival from the lake. I personally see it not so. We are diverse yes, but so is the rest of the world… we need to respect each other & work together so as to bring ourselves & our Nation ahead, for our sakes & for the sakes of generations to come.
    We have a beautiful Nation.

  46. I have no doubt that you all mean well, but for Gods sake what makes you think that we will be more sanctified if we are related to the Jews more than we are related to our luo brothers. Does our pride come from our associations with other people’s histories? Now that the next president of the United States happens to come from the Luo kingdom, we now do find it befitting to be a relative of Barack Obama and thus by extension, the Luos irrespective of their foreskin. No matter how much we claim others peoples history as our own. We will never be found worthy of being, by those whose opinions matter more to us than any other, and that is our own self.

    Please my people of Gikuyu and Mumbi learn to love thyselfs as you truly are and the whole world will love you. Even if the world does not love you, at least, you will be happy and proud of being who you are, Jew, Gentile Or just Gikuyu

    We claim that the Jews stole our History and our Ideas about God, then, we should be proud that they did and were able to do something worthwhile with it by spreading the good news and thus conquering the world.

    Are we trying to associate ourselves in the hope that this achievements will rub off on us? Are we just lacking?

    Those of you who are trying to link everything to a certain religious philosophy are way of the mark. God is omnipresent and omniscience. If he wanted us to be his chosen ones, He did not have to go half way around the world to pass a message meant for us to the Jews who would in turn relay it down to us. If you asked me, this is a good idea of a “broken telephone” Thaai Thathaiya Ngai Thaai. Ngai loves just as we are.

    I think as Blog administrator,I have voiced my opinion on this post and the jewish question,So you know I have said that until this matter is researched and scientifically proven I remain a skeptic. Having said that Mbugua you completely miss the point of those who say we are Jews. Nobody as you imply is claiming that they are not proud of who we are . The questions raised can not be dismissed in the manner (which you are trying to do). We may be Jews ,we may not be Jews(i personally think the chances are slim at best) but I know one thing for sure . We are a chosen people !!!

    Also talk of Obama and Luo’s on this post serves no purpose .Kikuyu culture/life etc does not revolve around our relationship(or lark of ) with Luos.(why is it someone always tries force the luos into everything about Kikuyus) The Kikuyu/Luo thing is insignificant in the big picture of where we are and where we are going.It is a passing issue like the Dorobo question in the 17th century .By the way let me remind you and others that being Kikuyu today transcends being kenyan. We now have Kikuyus born in England ,Germany,Japan, the United States etc who have never set foot in Kenya and really dont care for Kenya as a Nation state. Please stop limiting our cultural issue and existence to being Kenyan. We have transcended the limitations of colonial boundaries and countries cooked up in a conference room in Berlin 150 years ago.

    Happy New year

    Blog Admin

  47. Dear Joe, I have no problem with what other people choose to think. If you are a parent, you surely know that your own children do not necessarily do what you teach them, but it is a start. I was just trying to use another perspective to this argument. I myself do not reside in Kenya, and neither have I done so for most of my life.

    The reasons I have used the Luo tribe. or, Obama for that matter is for the simple fact that, for all the Kenyans “Kikuyus” who happen to reside here in the U.S.of A, it is a common trait to hear them introducing themselves to foreigners from other countries as Kenyans or from the land that gave the world Obama. I based this on historical and cultural disagreements that the two communities (and others for that matter) have been engaged in for decades and this is a fact.

    In short what I was trying to say is that we are not at liberty to choose what side to be on when it suits us or not to be. We are either this or that and no matter what we say or think, will not help change the dynamics of truth, for truth stands for itself

    I for one do not think that there are a chosen people. God is not a bigot to choose some life over others. We are not made stronger by making others weaker, we are not smarter by making others look stupid, but we are stronger and smart when we stand in the gap for those whose voices are weak.

    If as Kikuyus we have a dream, then let’s work hard towards the attainment of that dream without fear or favor, but guided by truth and not heresy.

  48. Sorry Joe and everyone else on this Blog I forgot to wish you all a happy new year and it is my sincere hope that we will all find something to love in each other irrespective of tribe, race or any other human affiliations that humans find so much time to indulge in. Once more, happy new year to you all.

  49. Hi Guys,
    I stil doubt whether Kikuyus have any links with Jews but even id they had…does it matter?I dont think so.

    Mwangi it might not matter to you but to others it does.

  50. the interest here is purely historical; to explain the origins of the few cultural and religious traits common to both nationalities – period.

  51. We probably have. We are monotheic as the jews; our writing was similar to theirs( yes we knew how to write. You who are over 60 can remember the hieroglyphics on hives and cuttings on ears to identify cattle); we both practice circumcision and when we pray facing Mt Kenya, it is not the mountain but the direction towards Israel we are seeking. We both offer burnt offering of a ram of one colour;and myth has it that we came down with the arc of the covenant which is buried in Mt Kenya.

  52. Firstly happy belated new year to all kyukenationalists!Secondly to those of you,of whom there are an unfortunate number exemplified by Kabena,you need to be set straight.This post is an attempt to examine our history beyond the shallow explanations we all internalised in primary school (W.Africa then DRC,N.Tanzania and finally Mt.Kenya).Evidence indicates a strong Semitic origin for much of our culture.Further evidence shows it is of Ethiopian,specifically Tigre origin.Why should that disconcert some of us?I personally have never believed the JEWS to be as important at that or this juncture of history as they like to pretend but why should this be an issue? This is of historical interest to us-should it be of financial value to be important,Mwangi? Lets all allow the research to continue. I eagerly wanted to clarify the matter at the Mt.Kenya prayers in December last year,but alas!they were cancelled.

    Kiarie many have asked about the Mt Kenya prayers !Even though the prayers did not take off could you shed some light into the whole program

    Blog Admin

  53. What have kikuyus achieved so far to claim to be jews?I dont know any interesting kikuyu.By the way ,jews are not that exceptional as people think.Jews have never produced the greatest in anything.In mathematics germans produced the greatest mathematicians of all times(Euler,Gauss,Riemman,Hilbert).In philosophy,germans again produced the best(Kant,Hegel,Heidegger…).In classical music,germans produced the best(Mozart,Beethoven,…).In physics,english(Newton,Dirac) and german(Heisenberg…) are the top of the pile.Many of the discoveries attributed to Einstein were already done by other scientists.Frenchmen Bachelier and Poincare were the first to establish the Brownian motion and the special relativity respectively.And the german mathematician David Hilbert established the general relativity equations at the same time as Einstein.In economics,the greatest economists were french(Leon Walrass,Debreu) or English(Keynes).In painting,Picasso,Van Ghogh,Dali…were not jews.Even in business,the greatest businessmen of all time(Henry Ford,JP Morgan,..) were not jews.So why are jews so “special”?Ashkenazis jews are the jews who have achieved the most among the jews.But ashkenazis are a mix of jews and aryans bloods.Israel has so far failed to produce any decent scienitist ,any nobel prize of any kind.So what is “special” with being jew?

    I dont think people on this post who link kikuyus to jews do so to be special.Even if jews are not exceptional as you claim the issues raised can be examined. If the link does exist with exceptional or “unexceptional’ Jews people have a right to consider the links and look at them .

    Its not an issue of being superior or better .Its about history and roots.People are trying to understand themselves. Kalenjin people could also be related to jews .Maybe we are all family

  54. Apparently the convenors didn’t get police permission;which is mandatory even for prayer meetings.It was a last minute thing:the cops turned up just before the beginning and demanded a licence ,there was none and declared everything illegal.
    People simply left-it was a major letdowm.Honestly I don’t know if the 07 meeting was licensed but I do know there was no interference.
    Btw,ignore Kossinaa;hes now a troll derailing this thread!!

  55. Wow! Whatever happened to Pan African Ideals? I get the feeling that the writer of the post is trying to have his cake and eat it too.Perhaps I misunderstand his theme/purpose.

    I will be the first one to agree that most successful commercial enterprises are owned by Kikuyus and that they are a hard working feisty people.

    Your revisionist stance linking the positive Kikuyu traits above to a jewish heritage is intriguing to say the least. One does not have to be a “jew” whatever that is; to be successful in business or science as Kosina has illustrated above.

    Then you apply a strange twist by admitting that geographical proximity to the colonial powers favoured the kikuyu with a proliferation of missionary schools and hence by “independence” they were well placed to take the reigns on Kenya’s political & economic spheres. Are these historical “accidents”still “jewish” blessings?

    Then there is the fact that the Kikuyu form 22% of Kenya’s population; the next community/nation (the composite peoples dubbed Luyia) slightly more than half that.

    It follows (but not necessarily so, if one thinks of Rwanda’s Hutu majority) that Kikuyus would lead in many spheres of Kenyas society.

    The “jews” whom you admire were always minorities in their adopted homes in Europe so your analogy is weakened here somewhat.

    Your article confuses me further (I may be slow) by revealing Kenyatta’s divisive and dismissive “morning milk for kikuyus and afternoon milk for the rest”.

    I admire your honesty here and again submit that the “jews” of europe were never in such positions of outright power.

    They were minorities who only later begun to get some political positions like the Black slaver-condoning Benjamin Disraeli. Hypocritical europe left money lending to the “filthy jews” to handle due to biblical anti-interest/usury interpretations by the then pervasive and powerful Roman Church.

    The jews then built powerful financial houses through this looked down upon profession. They financed european royalty and their frequent savage wars amongst each other, the “jews” financed the Translatlantic slave trade too and today we have the biggest financial institutions on the planet owned by these “jews”. At least the ones still standing as the dollars collapse continues to bite…..

    Your honesty about the sense of entitlement many kikuyus feel towards ruling Kenya due to the brave Mau Mau fighters is also interesting. This is why I ask what happened to Pan African ideals?

    Did not Argwings Kodhek for example argue Kenyatta’s case? Why was Achieng Oneko jailed? What was Tom Mboya trying to achieve by convincing his colleagues to let Kenyatta be the leader? Why did Kenyatta literally disown Mau Mau after gaining independence from the Queen? Why was J.M. Karuiki disgusted with the powers that be and their corrupt ways? Were not people like Koinange, Kenyatta’s influential bossom buddy, children of the same collaborating-with-British imperialist chiefs that the Mau Mau fought against? Njonjo too?

    Is it a fact or a lie that the Kenyatta family owns mind-boggling tracts of land in central, rift valley ad coastal provinces?

    Your intellectual sleight of hand here is not useful in uniting African together!

    This is why it is so easy for a bigot to see the “bumptious sense of entitlement” some Kikuyus have as infuriating.

    Yet my many Kikuyu friends want not to stay in Kenya, Mt Kirinyaga not because they dont love their beautiful roots.

    But because failed leadership has made them conclude that the only way to survive is to be out of Kenya! Let us as Africans deal honestly with these contradictions that so befuddle our lives.

    Now some facts:

    a) A jew is one who subscribes to judaism. It is a way of life and those jews you admire are merely spawns of the converted Ashkenazi ancestors from the 7th C (whose king then converted along with his people to avoid Islamic & Christian onslaughts)

    b) As a Pan African I would urge you to do your research on the real jews and link the Kikuyu to them with tenable proof. Research is sometimes scarce on Africa’s real history but for honest Africans there is alot to go on.

    c) You have noted elsewhere that the Kikuyu are a blood mix from many roots including cushitic, nilotic/maasai, agumba/pygmie like and still presently going on.

    For example if Fidel Oginga (Railas son) and his Kikuyu bride have offspring then Luo blood (which is also a blood mix trailing with various absorbed communities including “Bantus” from Sudan, Uganda to Kenya) will not for the first,nor the last time enter into the rivers of genes of the house of Mumbi.

    Let us stop kidding ourselves Africans. Kenya is a very poor nation with a life expectancy of 52 yrs, probability of not surviving beyond 40yrs at 36%

    People without access to treated water 39% , enrollment in primary, sec & tertiary at only 60%

    As Kenyans. Africans.How many people do we know who have AIDS, have the virus or are dead due to AIDS related complications?

    Anybody with a rudimentary sense of economic development can see that you cant do business with a sick poor ignorant nation!

    That is why America gave & lent Europe Billions of $$ (including “enemy” germany) after the white mans’ tribal war of the 1940s. The economists in Washington knew that it was an investment to have Europe up and healthy for them to sell their machinery etc.Trade promotes peace, wealth understanding.

    In a nutshell we Africans have to discard little thoughts.

    We have to think REALLY BIG.PAN AFRICAN!!

    Even as we revise history it helps to sustain a vision that evokes pride and hope in the youth of Africa because our little communities are too poor to survive economically in “splendid isolation”.

    Real Leaders are made of stuff that can fashion a vision out of internal contradictions, prevailing. The lies and exploitation.

    The word tribe is something we really must study and understand because words have the power to carve realities.

    Tribe has connotations of smallness, backwardness, parochialism and savagery. Period.

    This is why the Anglo-Saxons who were called mere barbarian tributaries (Britanculli)by their Roman masters used it in turn on us when they crawled down to Africa.

    Still, congratulate this website for its efforts but I recommend strongly that a Pan African Outlook for Kenyans be sought.

    Our erstwhile colonizers have their economic/political/military/cultural blocks based on mythical majesty of Greece; a mere student of ancient classical Africa, Kemet/Tameri.

    We have our classical heritage just waiting to be tapped-so that we can expand our minds and wealth as Africans.

    Otherwise we will be stuck at the lowest common denominator: POVERTY AS A NATION and waiting for the white man or arabs heaven while we butcher each other sensesless.

    With 1-5% of rulers pretending to blame the others’ “tribe” as they live their false myopical and filthy-lucre filled lives at our expense.

    Let us have the courage to FACE FACTS as they are. Kenyans are not by nature enemies inspite of what has happened. We just lack leadership.


  56. Nyeusi ni Mungu, Felix Frankfurter who was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.I think said it best “I came into the world a Jew, and although I did not live my life entirely as a Jew, I think it is fitting that I should leave as a Jew. I don’t want to turn my back on a great and noble heritage.”We came into the world as Kikuyu, and although We did not live our lives entirely as Kikuyu, It is only fitting that We should leave as Kikuyu. We don’t want to turn our backs on a great and noble heritage.God created Kikuyus ,The British made Kenyans ,Africans made Pan Africanism .We will die, what God created us .The Agikuyu

  57. You are a little confusing. One minute you claim jewish heritage. You also state that the Kikuyu are a versatile people adopting and absorbing positive traits from other peoples. Including absorbing their genes. For eg, You state that quite a number of Kikuyu have masaai blood including Kenyatta. So when you talk about living and dying Agikuyu,I get flumoxed a wee bit: Are you saying that Ngai’s creation Agikuyu is a pure bloodline never to be “tainted” by foreigners (see kenyata/saitoti etc) or are you talkng about a distinct socio-cultural entity so constructed in the mists of atiquity and woven together via myths, tradition and language?I suggest the latter is self-evident of any contigous community which the murderous British called tribe in Africa and reserved the more dignified adjective “nation” to themselves and fellow murderous caucasians.Query: By leavng & dying Agikuyu are you suggesting an eternal static position? You have already alluded to the dynamis of the Agikuyu. You can not have your cake and eat it simultaneously.
    Then your mention, in one contemptously breath that “Africans” came up with Pan Africanism in the same breath that the Brits came up with the geographical expression today known a Kenya

    This is simply put outrageous!

    First, Agikuyu are Africans.Right? Perhaps I may need to prove that to you.Also, the Pan African Ideal contributed towards Kenya’s “independence”. I am sure you know that. Read Facing Mount Kenya again.
    Let us think BIG AFRICANS!!

    There is nothing confusing about this post .I suggest you stop over intellectualizing the debate.(Where did you get the notion of blood purity)Everything has been laid bare and it is what it is ! On Pan African ism. Yes Africans came up with Pan African ism.And yes Kikuyu’s are Africans. In fact for all the talk about being Pan African Kikuyu movements such as The KCA played their part & in fact helped build the Pan African Movement.We don’t need lip service from anyone on Pan Africanism. What is is your objection to our being done with Kenya. Being Kenyan is not an qualification for being a Pan Africanist is it ?

    Again don’t over intellectualize the post . It is what it is. Our Being Kikuyu as you eloquently put it is an eternal static position. It will never change .Even when we have an African state .We will still be Kikuyus

  58. Ngai the God of the Agikuyu belongs to all as he is described as the creator of all.as to the questions of gikuyu people being Jews ..that is debatable but what is known is that the last Gikuyu prophet [Mugo wa Kibiru}who lived in the 18th century predicted the return of the Agikuyu to their traditions after a period of being lost i othee peoples cultures and religion,so i think we are not the lost jews only we are lost…..

  59. and to muiguithania 2.0 Gikuyu and Mumbi didnot have 9 daughters…In the agikuyu way of life it was taboo to count live creature{whether human or animal}as it would bring bad luck.so the last one was counted by a name[muiyuru},SO Gikuyus daughters were kenda muiyuru meaning 10 in todays numbers…more later

    Wainaina , Thank you for pointing that out for those who did not know .I think Wamũyũ, Gikuyu’s tenth daughter has already gotten an honorable mention on this blog . Please read our Concept of Tribe Page

  60. Over intellectualizing? This is an unwarranted sneer on your part without any shred of an evidence of an ivory tower complex in my presentations and concerned queries.

    See, I appreciate the need to promote fervour for a cultural entity. However, inferences of a “purity mentality” can be drawn from what you say like your “brits made Kenya, Africans made Pan Africanism and God Created Agikuyu”

    Let us be honest here. There is nothing wrong with learning from others.

    The fact is (as you now agree with less ambiguity) that there is no such thing as a Kikuyu pure bloodline. Same to English, Luo or even the so-called jews of Europe and their progeny who masquerade as “sons of David” in Israel today.The same people Africans so admire without knowing that they are the spawn of a people who financed a large chunk of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade: The selling of Black Africans like a butcher sells meat.

    But I digress…but with deliberate fury!….

    Humanity is a mongrelized race and cultures are from antiquity, mere survival and political constructs with shared myth, tradition, language.Period.

    This is not empty intellectualism but facts that I dare suggest you are aware of.

    I am not belittling the Agikuyu socio-cultural construct but what I disagree with is your proclivities towards an idealized “splendid isolation” of “your people”.

    This is the stuff of “intellectualism” or a priori thinking: thought/ideas independent of experience! This is typical in western thought processes-trying to fashion ideas out of thin air. An example is the neo-liberal free maket fundamentalists from Chicago.Their “well thought out rational IDEAS” have pluned the whole world into the greatest depression ever.

    I hope African Intellectuals will learn from it this time and stop following Roman ideas blindly. Stop being of inferior intellect unecessarily.

    Even looking up at this page alone one quickly concludes that the Agikuyu, since their emergence and migrations into “Kenya” have never ever been truly alone but have made a series of compromises with other peoples.

    This experience is similar with most composite cultures that the mzungu contemptously called “tribes” with all its savage-child-minded-primeval-people meaning.

    You now state your dream clearly and without drama by asking me why I begruge the DISSOLUTION of the Agikuyu from I presume Kenya. You mean seccession?

    I will leave it to you to explain these ideas of separation further because I am stunned beyond belief!

    Then again, all is not lost because now you chose to remind me that the KCA were Pan African Kikuyus working with other Africans to bring down the hated Union Jack then flying around nonchantly in our country.

    Earlier you had lectured me on Pan Africanism being a mere creation of”Africans”.

    Let us be for real.

    I disagree with your assertion on the “static Agikuyu” Model.

    Surely you do not honestly believe that the Agikuyu of today are the same in thought & deed as those of even a 100ys ago-leave alone a few centuries back? In good & bad?

    I am sure I misunderstood this completely. Right?

    Here is the thing: Pan African ideals will cure we Africans in the Motherland and diaspora from the internal contradictions that afflict our souls.

    In classical African thought systems, the concept of duality was developed at high levels. The foreign invaders who crawled in to Africa, never really got to understand this way of thinking.

    Today modern science has provided us proof that reality is a duality:

    Eg, Light has wave-like and particle-like properties. Simultaeously!Yet separately. When you look for the light as waves you will see them. When you look for light particles/photons you will find them.

    When there is darkness, there must be light somewhere!

    I am saying that African thought-classical African thought is superior and once we get back to it and adapt it to 21 century we see the PRAGMATIC ASPECTS of being say a Kikuyu and AN AFRICAN as ONE & THE SAME.

    Not mere cheap lip servicing like many of our so-called leaders do.

    When Europe/the West/the white man saturates our mind with his made up notions that Greece was the first high civiliztion we must remember one or two things of vital importance to those of us Africans who crack our minds trying to get A UNIFYING NARRATIVE:

    -Greece learnt its best from Africans. We all know this. But we have been conditioned to stay apathetic to this fact. WE HAVE YET TO TAP INTO CLASSICAL AFRICAN CIVILZATON.

    -The northern Eurpeans (the actual “white guy”)were looked down upon by the ancient greeks as mere savage, primitive barbarians (and they were):

    The Ostrogoths, Goths, Saxons, and all those other proto-mzungus. Today the west parades Ancient Greece as sringing forth from their progenitors.Ridiculous.

    But they control the narrative. If we continue to let them!

    Their open secret is that they harnessed the myth of Greece being number one in thought to mobilize a Pan European ideal albeit with numeous hiccups, winners & losers.

    Today we Africans swot to understand Pytharus theorem named after a Greek who graduated in mathematics from Kemet, Africa after his Black Pyramid (multi-dimensional triangles) building Professors let him be.

    Today we worship a blonde, blue-eyed jesus and wonder why he coul not save us from ourselves us we butchered each other…..Nor the white Arab allah.

    What we are trying to say is that in Africa there were high ciilizations and small chieftains and yes even primtive savagery in ancient times. However, we have been conditioned to think that we never really had anything of societal organizational complexity.


    Let us THINK BIG, BE HUMBLE-it can be strategic to be humble. Let us give our African youth the BIG PICTURE instead of cocooning their minds with parochial myopia and smallness.

    And we Africans will have to agree to subsume our little corners into the bigger picture.

    Isolation complex leads to degenerate thoughts in the youth.

    Let them grow and fruit with high ideals of AFRICAN UNITY!


    Think about it.


  61. 1.I don’t want to be harsh but I don’t know how many times one has to clarify a position for some people to understand what the blog administrator position is-on the jewish question (i suggest you read all the posts replies).

    2. Any outstanding issues that anyone may have with Jewish people can be settled elsewhere and not on this blog.
    Mungu ni muesi,

    Yes the Agikuyu, since their emergence into “Kenya” have made a series of compromises with other peoples.(agreed)And that does not mean that a free ‘independent’ (semi/total)Agikuyu will not continue to make compromises with others in a post Kenya Era. When nations become distinct it does not mean that they are isolated and unwilling to compromise does it ?(No it means they compromise and associate on their own terms- and that is what you are failing to tell readers)We simply need to go back to that position. Kikuyu culture has always believed in good neighborliness and free association and it always will, even when it is independent .

    -What part of Kikuyu Nationalism is misunderstood i wonder?( I for one do not dance around the issue) -We can go it alone.For thousands of years our people functioned as a civilized nation interacting and associating with others.There is no reason a modern version of that can not be recreated.

    – No Kikuyu I know of has a problem with the realizations being a Kikuyu and an African is possible.Some of us have just developed a problem with Kenya.Kikuyu’s can contribute to the global village and indeed Africa without necessary being Kenyan.Going back to the question is being Kenyan a prerequisite to being an Pan Africanist ?

    -There is nothing small about our heritage and the posibilities it holds , We simply refuse to be confined into an un natural state created by the west that is now in the process of becoming a failed state .

    Suggested Reading

    a) Concept of Tribe. https://kikuyunationalism.wordpress.com/ethno-symbolism/
    b) Why the Ideology.https://kikuyunationalism.wordpress.com/home/

  62. ___——————————-_____________________________________________________________

    The Blog Admin reserves the right to remove any materials that may potentially violate or derail discussion on said post

    Blog Admin



    The Jewish thing took on a life of its own despite my attempts to remind everyone that it was simply a comparison of sorts.It however brought about an interesting debate which was good .I am sure you picked up a thing or two about our culture or at the very least the mindset of some young Kikuyus in Kenya today .As for your other comments one can only empathize with the way you feel and for the record the article doesn’t claim that Kikuyus were given free land it simply states the perception. The writer is a foreign correspondent who was writing at the height of post election violence.-Blog Admin

  64. Thaai thathaiya Ngai thaai.It is imperative that as heirs to the great inheritance that is Gikuyu cultural identity we maintain not just verbal unity but a keen sense of kinship.My elders tell me that in days of yore,only one alarm,called “nguri ya itua nda” was raised whenever would be attackers were sighted in the vicinity of any Gikuyu village.The effect of this alarm was astounding; in a matter of minutes,warriors from all surrounding ridges would assemble,armed and ready, at the “king’ang’a” and the attackers would get what was due to them from this allied Gikuyu Defence Force,then known as “Ita ria Nyarurunga.”The thrust of my argument is this:

    1. We should not be afraid of being dismissed as”tribal” by assembling under the auspices of Gikuyu unity.This is what has contributed to us abandoning important events and ceremonies like the Ituika which would have vested the Gikuyu Nation with a fresh crop of leaders to guide us into a socio-political future that already looks uncertain.

    2.We should endevour to respect other communities and their ways of life.we should also explore ways to partner with them in fields of mutual interest and benefits.However we should not compromise our goals and values so as to obtain sympathy.

    3.We should,as a proud people,guard jealously our birthright.way of life and right to live.Never again should a child of Mumbi sleep in a tent while warriors stare,”Micie yuuraga ngo ciagwo makumbiini.”

    4.We should look into ways of ensuring that every one of us chips in when our collective existence is threatened and to fine those who abandon us in our hour of need.Konyu kegura ni koomirie ikwa.

    Thank you.

    I completely agree with what you are saying . I think your points articulate what this blog is all about . Respect of other communities and their way of life without compromise of who we are.Some would have us think that we should give up who we are in order to live in peace with others

    Blog Admin

  65. Thank you for the compliment.What continues to amaze me is the speed at which busy bodies attack,denounce and cry foul at any exclusive Pan- Gikuyu gathering,while nobody raises afinger when other groups /communities meet and issue genocidal threats to us.
    To wit,Mau Mau was only accepted as a legal entity in 2003,When recently a group of worshippers attempted to go to Mt.Kirinyaga to offer prayers and thiinjo to Ngai, they were turned back by armed police.
    The Kikuyu need not cower.We are not ashamed,afraid or apologetic for being Kikuyu.We have never attacked any community to take their land by force.We lost a whole generation in the 1950s fighting a superpower,not for our own selfish sake,but for the whole of the Kenyan nation-state.Is it too much to ask for mutual respect,for our right to own property in a country our forebears fought for?
    I beleive not.Once again I reiterate that we should respect other peoples’ rights,culture,way of life,religion(S) and self determination.But we shall not do this at gunpoint.To be continued……..

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  67. Hi,

    I would like to put the record straight about Kikuyus in the rift valley and how they ended up there. Wa mwauras assertion that the central kikuyu were not affected is all wrong and misplaced. Again there is a popular notion amongst young people in other tribes that kikuyus were brought to the riftvalley during Kenyattas time. This is completely wrong.

    Here are some few insights: According to recent research, Kikuyus may have occupied some parts of the riftvalley in the 17th century, specifically areas around Naivasha. Naivasha was then occupied by the purko Maasai who were predominantly pastrolists and never did any farming. At first there seem to have good relationship between the maasai and the Kikuyu and trade flourished alot between the two during peace time. The research done at the basin of Lake Naivasha showed that maize was being grown in this area by about 1690 AD and the most likely farmers were the Kikuyu.

    However, the situation changed and a series of serious famines hit the land between 1790 and 1845, setting off a huge Maasai civil war that lasted thro’ the period. It is probably this civil war that made the Kikuyu temporary leave tha area going to the north and to the east. At the same time, the hilly areas around Nyahururu were receiving migrants-and it is probably these kikuyu migrants from Naivasha and Nakuru that made thier debut there.

    Not all Kikuyu left-some inter-married with the Maasai and thier populations increased in the 1850s and 1860s. A very seroius but brief Maasai civil war in mid 1870s reduced the Maasai population by half and although the Kikuyu populations in the RV were affected, they went back to business soon after the war and their numbers increased.

    By about 1912, the Maasai population was slightly above 10, 000 including those outside RV. In a 1932 census, the Kikuyu population was just about 5,000 in Nakuru district alone!! If I am lying, visit the National archives.

    Efforts to remove the Kikuyu from the RV started in 1944. The colonial govt. then decided to remove the Kikuyu from RV to central because they were ‘poisoning’ other tribes politically-it was a period of political awakening in the country. Thousands of Kikuyus were shipped forcefully to a land they didnt know-CENTRAL. By 1946, there was a huge gap in labour creating a crisis in the RV and the settlers and the govt realised their mistake- that eviction was wrong-they recalled them back to their farms and that marked the beginning of movements of Kikuyus to the RV in bigger numbers.

    The number of people brought to the RV with Kenyattas influence are very few probably less than 1%. Most people that I know have bought land there during Moi’s time NOT kenyattas. Most of these people sold their possessions in central to buy land in RV, which was relatively cheaper. That means almost three-quarters of the kikuyu in the diaspora have active relatives in Central.

    When violence broke-out in jan 2008, most of these people went to relatives in central or relatively safer areas in RV. Almost every village in central had a share of this problem in one way or another. We were all affected and i could sit and watch TV due to stress. Many people were under stress even if our houses were not burnt. One doctor told me that he treated stress related cases 900% more than normal in jan to march 2008 in his clinic in Kiambu.

    Wa Mwaura, it is good you consult before you throw your jab-the central people tried to help as much as possible-as to how…please consult further.

  68. I think the debate has deviated from the historical perspective. The fact is a jewish entity still exists in neighbouring Ethiopia. Agikuyu have some cultural/religious traits similar/identical to ancient Israelites. Has anybody established DNA links with Falashas?

  69. To add to Ndichu’s well written article,let me say that by the time the Brits came,Agikuyu had a permanent military encampment at Kireita, in the present day Kinale forest.My research indicates that this was a forward operating base (F.O.B)for the conquest of Ewaso Kedong valley,Matasia,Ngong and Lari.Limuru had by then fallen to Ita Ria Nyarurunga,*(Gikuyu Combined Expeditionary Forces) led by Kinyanjui wa Gathirimu’s predecessor.

    One of the promises that Chief Olenana of the Masai got from the Brits in return for collaboration was that Cpt Lugards forces would help him resist Gikuyu expansion into what he considered his ancestral land.

    That’s why Fort Smith was built at Kabete.By 1930,There was a sizeable Gikuyu population in Olenguruone,Elburgon and Molo.Thats when settlers started demanding that the Gikuyu in these areas stop rearing cows and tending their farms on the pretext that their species were spreading diseases in the white-owned farms.

  70. This is a very interesting post because at least there is an intellectual debate going on about who the people really are. However i do not agree with the nation that as Kikuyu’s we need to seclude ourselves from anybody. We have a inalienable right to be in any part of Kenya working together with our brothers from other tribes.

    This is the only way Africa will develop. There are those who think that they they can kill others because they simply have the means but they should be prepared to die by their own swords. Violence doesnt help in the longrun.

    As Kikuyu’s we have serious issues of unemployment and social despondency that is leading our youth to join gangs that are creating a sicilian economy right throughout central kenya. Shooting every Kikuyu male does not help anything infact it just makes the situation worse. We should work to ensure that social and economic inequality is addressed in Kenya especially Central and Nairobi provinces where it is highest.

    Lastly from my own research Kikuyus are certainely a melting pot of nilotic (NYOKABI) and mostly Kushitic peoples. Indeed our music is played on a Pentatonic scale similar to Somali and especially Oromo music.

    Even written dialect makes use of annotations which signify pitch which is testament to the Kushiticness of the language.

    The Jewish connection is unclear and can only be very minimal and diluted over the centuries as the Kikuyu tribe swallowed smaller communities that had originated from elsewhere.

    The more interesting tribe is the Maasai (who were largely swallowed by the Kikuyu tribe) and have an actual biblical reference having decended from HAM and are therefore HAMITIC.

  71. In reply to John Karanja: perhaps you should listen to Tigrinya music (Eritrean or Tigre N. Ethiopia)and compare the beat with Kikuyu traditional music.

    Again out of historical interest, ever wondered why the Kikuyu and Japanese ‘shrub’ the same way? I came across some interesting haplogroup figures:
    ‘Japanese’ ‘AF346989’ ‘D’
    ‘Japanese2’ ‘AF346990’ ‘D’
    ‘Kikuyu’ ‘AF346992’ ‘L1’

  72. many ofthe bloggers are deifying the jews; either by downplaying the kikuyu-jew conection or elevating it. i’d wish to remind them that the beginimg n end is GOD. remember that YHWH had asked biblical moses that HE kill the then jews n HE raise moses another godly tribe. maybe the conection is not in the past but in future! what is the kikuyu ‘obsession’ with concept of mugumo tree that has no real begining but a giant existence, one wonders! its about the jews but about HE that made existence?

  73. Bla, bla, bla. Most of the comments that i have read, its quite obvious that most this people are just hatin on the kikuyus. Is it bad to have simlarities with Gods chosen people. First of all, their mode of worship was kind of the same.God in mt sinai for the jews and God in mt kenya for the kikuyus, jews being captured and there land taken away by the assyrian and also the kikuyu being captured and their land taken away by the colonialists. We also have the kikuys of daiaspora.

  74. I always wondered since i was young, why do the Kikuyus called other tribes duriri? can someone answer me that. Maybe thats why trigere this debate, its not evil to know your heritage.

  75. other tribes should also blog about who they are, it should be very interesting. Language and tribe gives you an identity.

  76. Perhaps they are even the jews were in the desert for 40 yrs as in our case we are in the IDPs camps bt our GOD reigns cheers!!!!!

  77. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….i refuse to comment. listen to you racist africans! shame on your traitor selves!!!

  78. lornah :
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….i refuse to comment. listen to you racist africans! shame on your traitor selves!!!

    Lorna “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities”. ~Jean Houston Perhaps you dont understand racism or even better still you can not follow an intelligent debate.But that is the world we live in where fools may have their laugh

  79. all you guys who are interested in solving the central kenya and indeed kenyan bantu mysterious origins,better read bernand leeman Queen of sheba and Salibi´s the bible came from west arabia.you will be shocked.

  80. If you put together the tiny carribean countries of antigua,belize,montserrat,trinidad and tobago,you have about 1million of people.Yet these countries have produced as many great minds as israel.So what is special about the jews?
    Some great carribeans:
    William arthur lewis:

  81. St lucia is a carribean island of less than 500000 people.But it has produced as many nobel prizes as Israel.

    St lucia nobel prizes:
    William Arthur Lewis
    Dereck Walcott

    Shmuel Agnon
    Robert Aumann

    Bear in mind that israel receives billions of dollars of subsidies from the USA every year,whereas st lucia is a tiny and poor black carribean island

  82. Acts 17:26 (New Living Translation)- From one man he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and he determined their boundaries.Nobody can determine the rise or fall of any people !Only God can

  83. I accidentally stumbled- well i wouldnt say accidentally – onto this blog having come from doing some research on the Luo community. I am 18 years old and please if you may, welcome correction wherever you may feel necessary for it is only by reasoning with one another that we become great. In this world there are two analogies if i may say (having gotten to this conclusion on my own, slight pun) the positive and ofcource the negative. It is true that as much as we may (me being a PROUD KIKUYU) liken ourselves to the Divinic dynasty through the Jewish bloodlines in Bible and through history, we live in a free and fair wolrd and society (or so i would like to think, lets say on the surface at least hehe) therefore it matters not your family lineage.

    Long gone are the times when ones measure of success lay heavily on the colour of ones skin, or the person one had for Kin. Because in this society as long as you work hard, work deligently, and pray to the almighty God, YOU ARE ASURED OF SUCCESS. Because there is a God. A God who rules the heavens and the earth. A God who is far above all fair and just that if you do not get your fair portion as to the measure of the works of your hands here on earth, Surely He will repay you seven fold when the gates of heaven open to receive you. It is no roumr that Kenya is a divided nation. All it takes is an election and the division draws forth to the surface like bile from a dying man. I pitty my country. That as other nations surge forward to greater heights and better developments,while we sit here and bicker over who is Jewish and who is not lol. This brings me to the Jew issue in question. Does it matter if Kikuyu are affilite to the Jews, does it hurt to the deepest depths to see Kikuyu affiliate themseves to the Jews (even if as previously said this article COPARES SIMILARITIES and DOES NOT EQUATE us to the jews).

    Does it turn you green inside with envy over the undeputable fact the all in all the Kikuyu run the economy? Does it? lol. It is funny how fear manifests itself in helplessness as you try to belittle something enlarged in your little minds, ohh escuse me minds as you feebly try to make it go away. I cant help but to laugh in utter pleasur lol. I am a Kikuyu. Reasonable , progressive and calm steadily awaiting the right moment to act upon and always preparing for the future. I may not have as much Pride as my Luo brothers or as much ferocity as my Kalenjin counterparts but i know who i am, and there is a reason for everythin. For the future is not written here on earth, but in the heavens.

    It is only through these hands that it manifests. Brothers From all tribes, nations, walks of life. Long gone are the days where a poeple sat hardlined on their belifs and customs because the white man took them away. He did it before with the gun, he is doing it now with the microphone. Let us accept one another and be proud of one another Jew or not Nilot or Bantu lest we have no ground to walk our feet and our hands are shackeld together once again.

    Isnt it ironic that man seeks out the smallest differences to distinguish himself from the rest while we are all the same. Race, religon, ethnicity ,culture but in the end ashes to ashes dust to dust we all rest in peace from whence we came from…together. Open your eyes and see you are no different from me it is all the white mans dust sprayed before our eyes that we may not see. He comes as a wolf in sheeps clothing to lend a helping hand and devour us all. Beware who you choose all my brothers 2012 T.C.. Lots if love vont 🙂

    Interesting view Vont.

    PS..Didnt get the part about Luo research. How was that relevant to the points you are making .I wonder why Luo anything has to be raised in an issue about Kikuyus. Could it be its a way some people use to build Luo Culture (piggyback on Kikuyu history,culture and achievements ).Everytime someone says kikuyu, someone says something about Luos even when its not relevant??? …………….Our destiny,past,progress and future is not tied to anything to do with Luos, (no disrespect to Luo’s- there is nothing special about Kikuyu/Luo relationships as opposed to Kikuyu/Other tribes ) So can we stick to kikuyu issues.

    PS 411 comments that say I am a kikuyu are usually not made by people who are kikuyus. Its just unkikuyu like .Kikuyus just state their names or speak as it its obvious they are what they are ….they dont normally say I am kikuyu ,But we have all sorts that visit this site including Kikuyus doing Luo research

  84. Am one of the co- authors of the book THE AGIKUYU. I ve just come across this feature and l would like to be contributing. Please be updating me.

    Please feel free to come back and contribute or even start a new discussion

  85. To add to the mystery of the origins of Agikuyu, readers should note there is a Gikuyu speaking enclave in northern Tanzania called the Sonjo or Batemi, population around 30,000.

  86. I have been noticing similarities between Kikuyus and Cushitic tribes such as Somali’s and Ethiopians, Even Arabs and Jews. However, I would like to point out a mistake which many people keep making.

    First of all, if you read the Bible, you will find that the Israelits who left Egypt during the time of Moses were actually people from different tribes and races. Hence the Israelites have never been a unique race

    the mugumo is a tree that does not sow its seed in the soil but on other trees growing exponentially to eventually suffocate its host. YET the mugumo is not a parasitic plant. From the point where its seed falls to germinate on another tree, the mugumo sends its roots to good mother earth in tradition with all other plants. each tiny root then draws nutrients from the earth n not from the host but grows into a stem. a system of roots then encompasses the host giving it a fatal grip. this roots then grow into stems above ground are the ones that give the mugumo its grotesque appearance.
    there are three things that might interest us, house of mumbi. one, this tree is the only plant non-parasitic to grow above the nutritious soil. this gives a whole new meaning to ‘coming from above’ or is the word ‘divine’. two, the mugumo does not at any of its stage live of its host but uses it as a prop while it stregthens feeble ‘stems’ not having grown from the earth. compare with the jewish exile into egypt, the young jewish nation had not gone into egypt for assistance but for the sheer trade of the wheat grain. thirdly, the tiny roots of the mugumo grow into large stems that stifle its host. somebody please remind why me moses’ agemates where killed in their infancy and i hope that it was not due to threat that they might ‘stifle’ their host.
    dear administrator, unlike my fellow tribesmen n women, i have not compared, likened or linked my ancestors with the jews. i have only asked with alot of concern why did they choose the mugumo as their source???why didnt they choose a more modest tree like the acacia or the oak or even try the sweet-potato vine?
    i wish not to make sense!

    Interesting take -I would like to hear more from others .I am an inquisitive mind also -Can someone elaborate …incidentally we also have a post on the mugumo


  88. In reply to John Karanja: perhaps you should listen to Tigrinya music (Eritrean or Tigre N. Ethiopia)and compare the beat with Kikuyu traditional music.

    Again out of historical interest, ever wondered why the Kikuyu and Japanese ’shrub’ the same way? I came across some interesting haplogroup figures:
    ‘Japanese’ ‘AF346989′ ‘D’
    ‘Japanese2′ ‘AF346990′ ‘D’
    ‘Kikuyu’ ‘AF346992′ ‘L1′
    Joel,thats extremely interesting! Could you please provide a link? Have just spent 2 hours looking to no avail.Also give more Tigre/Kikuyu words. I once saw a list of Japanese/Jewish similarities which makes sense.By the way all must remember the first Jews were actually Black Africans. Lets keep that in mind as this thread progresses

  89. National Geographic/History Channel had an interesting special covering the Lemba(black-Bantu Jews in Southern Africa)Migration from Yemen through East Africa to southern Africa over the weekend .Interesting stuff

  90. Yemen was part of the Axumite empire that covered E. Africa all the way to Mozambique. Myth has it that the Axumite Emperor Menelik the 1st (the son of King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba) was buried on top of his beloved Mt Kilimanjaro. Now you see all this Jewish connection with the Kikuyu, the Bemba etc.

  91. nice read but we want real and relevant material.most of the posts are self centred explosions of raw emotion smacking of bigotry and uniformed notions.if we have to develop a kenya all of us can be proud of, we must drop this attitude of seeing each other as inferior or superior.to me it does not matter your tribe but your right to be.whether kikuyus are jews or not is redundant.nothing special or good about it.this should not blind kikuyus to pretend to be any better than other kenyans. again let kikuyus not plagiarize meru history to justify their weird claims.we need intellectual honesty all the time.meru history is too diverse and complex that your are strongly advised not to misrepresent it as you will look too naive!

  92. Dear M’itunga,

    I think your comment is almost two years late(to comment on relevance)!Yes most of the comments are raw emotional expressions which is reasonable considering the time period !(see dates)(context is important in determining relevance).On inferiority and superiority We(I) suggest you read our Why Ethno Symbolism page to fully understand the concept of the site.Also please read Wangari Maathai’s book ‘The Challenge for Africa’ particularly Chapter 10.It addresses your particular view point and misconceptions that are the foundation of such views.

    On Culture:Meru’s are entitled to their own history but they are not entitled to call claims of Jewish ancestry(even though the Kikuyu jewish debate took on a life of its own) plagiarism.You can not claim that any African Bantu community that claims ties to jews is plagiarizing Meru myths ,just because Meru’s have a similar myth(get over yourself)!Meru’s have no patent on Ethiopian roots or on being Jewish just like the Mijikenda do not own a patent on coming from Shungwaya! To claim that a small minority of Kikuyus (& I am not one of them) who believe in a Jewish Connection are somehow trying to borrow from Meru culture stinks of arrogance & ignorance.But then again you are however entitled to your own opinion!


  93. first,kikuyus must be an amalgam of several ethnic communities, for instance nilotes, bantus and to a lesser extent cushites. The first kikuyus most had cushitic connections and may have been the Gumba, the second group and very important for the kikuyu cultural heritage were closely related to the kalenjin and their remnants may be the dorobo(athi). This nilotic kalenjin element had a religion related to the ancient egyptians including worship of Isis. The other element and most significant must be the bantu and source of the kikuyu language and is related to eastern bantus.There is a slight albeit powerful element which had its origins in Ethiopia and this is the element responsible for certain hebraic elements of the precolonial kikuyu culture. This hebraic element of the kikuyu is an enigma whose origins are shady. consider this that i had from an elderly kikuyu: the kikuyu originated from israelites who broke away the main group before crossing of the Red sea,note Falasha elders claimed a similar origin though not all. This is not to say the kikuyu are wholly hebraic in origin.

  94. Hello All,

    It is an interesting debate on the origins of the Kikuyu. It is quite clear to me that the name Kikuyu is a much more recent phenomenon. In Kikuyuland, the children are named for the father.

    Taking this point to its logical conclusion it must then mean that we would have a disproportionate number of Kiuks with the name Gikuyu, something that does not obtain.

    The other day, while reading the book, With a Prehistoric People by Scoresby Routledge, I discovered that it was quite possible that a separate language was spoken among ancient Kikuyus, may be a hearkening back to the time of the Kareng’a the originators of the Nine Clan system.

    The pattern of having nine clans is common to all African communities that can trace their origin to the Nile Valley.

    It is a pattern that you will find as far away as Nigeria among the Ijaw, the ethnic group of the current president Goodluck Jonathan.

    It has been claimed that one major strain in Kikuyuland is the Thagichu element. Linguistically the Mount Kenya communities are grouped together into what are called the Thagichu Bantus. It is also believed that the peoples who migrated to Kikuyuland were known as the Kabiru.

    Interestingly in Kikuyuland lots of people are known as Kabiru. Further research into the history of the Kabiru takes to a group of people who originated in the Mesopotamian Valley.

    Throughout history they were known by variants such as Apiru, or Habiru or the Khabiru. It is a name that was given to them after their forefather Ever, or Eber. It is the same origin of the name Iberia as in Spain in Europe … ¿ que pasa aqui?

    Now here is where it gets interesting. The Assyrians called them the Sa.gaz, which linguistically is quite cognate to Thagichu. We are talking about a name that was in use in 3,000 BCE or BC if you like.

    For example my name Weru, means an inhabiter of the plains, or the deserts etc. Would you imagine my surprise when I learnt that in Sumerian / Akkadian, the original language of the Assyrians / Babylonians, the word for plain or desert was SERU …?

    And perhaps on a lighter note even then they were known as workers, in different stations of society, and brigands when idle. Guess some things never change …

    So correctly speaking, Kikuyus combine lots of different origins, some of which are still traceable to this day.

  95. Interesting posting Bwana Weru, but correction: number of clans is ten, not nine. This confusion comes about due ‘non-count’ of number ten which is substituted with ‘kenda muiyuru’ – see below:
    1. Angari
    2. Agathigia (alt. Airimu)
    3. Anjiru
    4. Angui ( alt. Aithiegeni)
    5. Ethaga (alt. Akiru / Ambura)
    6. Aithirandu (alt. Angeci)
    7. Aicakamuyu
    8. Acera
    9. Agaciku
    (10 = kenda muiyuru): Ambui

  96. Oooh i had not chanced upon this.One think i know for sure is that the Kikuyus originally lived in Mesopotamia in the middle East or Sumeria.The Sumerian word Enki means God which perfectly confluences with the Kikuyu/Kamba word Ngai or Enkai of the Maasai.Enki later became Enock of the Bible.As for the Meru, they colonised ancient Europe giving them the word Judiciary. In Meru language, Njuri ncheke means special jury. If u remove n in Njuri you get jury which gave us jurisdiction, judiciary etc!
    The Maasai originated in Israel.Sinai is a Masai world meaning Mountain of sand. When they are provoked they talk about “our land in Oldonyo Sinai.
    Now the Kalenjin.Ever heard of Queen of Sheba.To mean Sheba is corrupted from Sabaot-a Kalenjin sub-tribe domiciled around Mt Elgon.Was the some relationship between Jews and Shaba,Sheba or Sabaot(Kalenjin)?

    Weldon oriop Kirui,KBC

  97. But who are the Jews people are talking about.Herodotus, the father of history was told by Egyptian priests during the 5th C BCE that all Jews or Isralites were all exterminated by pharoh Ramases.After butchering all Jews Ramases remarked,,”I did not even leave a Seed” meaning the Jews were killed. Those people claiming to be Jews are European Impositors wrecking peace in the middle east.
    The Jews of 4,000 years ago were all exterminated by Pharao Ramases. Herodutus in his book, Histories affirm this.

    Weldon oriop Kirui

  98. @Joel – Dear Joel, Thank you for sharing so much of what I thought was “unknown”, I have tried so many times to show Kikuyu that their heritage is “Israelitish” through Ethiopia but it was I was looked upon dubiously. The funny thing is I am not Kikuyu, I am not even kenyan but Hebrew-Caribbean. My wife is a very informed and proud Kikuyu lady.

    Anyway, when I was introduced to the Kikuyu culture I was shocked out of my senses to see how extremely close it is to biblical Hebrew/Israelite “Torah” life…I am so very interested to learn more from you. I will be sharing this with my wife straight away.


    P.S : Please get in touch , elsadok@yahoo.co.uk

  99. A follow-up. Thanks Joel for the correction. However, it should also be noted that it was considered a taboo for someone to number his children, especially to the number ten, hence the desire to go up to nine. Nine was considered ideal, which if you may co-relate with elsewhere was the number of the divine family in Egypt. Anyway, more on that later.

    The point I wanted to emphasize on this Kikuyu-Jewish debate is the whole issue of what it says in the Old Testament in Esther 8:17. At that time, someone had planned to eliminate the Jews en masse. However, the Jews were helped, and ended up killing their enemies. It happened that a number of other unrelated peoples started calling themselves Jews as well. It is possible that some of our fore-bearers ended up being culturally Jewish, even though genetically they were different. Taken from that angle it opens up lots of possibilities, which I will discuss in another posting.

    Now let us try and reconstruct the socio-culturo-economic set-up of the day. A lot of the action was happening in Mesopotamia. However, what is now the horn of Africa was linked to that trade bloc through Ethiopia. We need to understand that the ancients knew about Mombasa way before Christ. Ptolemy, the Greek geographer called it Tonike.

    It is therefore reasonable to believe that there was an inter-continental trade bloc that enabled huge volumes of trade. If in doubt, why is it that the Kikuyu word for gura to buy is quite cognate to the Greek word agora meaning market place? That the Greek word for 1,000 is kilia, quite close to ngiri (if you factor in our unique shrub)?

    And why is it that the Latin word vendo meaning sell is so close to the Kikuyu word endia?

    Typically, it would seem that a language adopts not in all spheres but only in very specific ways. It would seem that the early Kiuks or Kabirus had been in close contact with different Mediterranean peoples. And from them we borrowed lots of different concepts especially in the field of commerce.

    So the apparent commercial prowess of the Kikuyu may have been borrowed from the Ancients, in much the same way the Kalenjin were handed down their advanced guerilla tactics, or the way in which the people of the Great Lakes were able to form highly advanced centralized states. Keep in mind that we are trying to make head and tail of processes that took close to 5,000 years.

    The trouble comes in when these different strengths and weaknesses are harnessed for the wrong reasons, and when we cannot overcome the prejudices of our ancestors so as to embrace a much greater and higher plane of existence.

    Albert Einstein once said that ” A human being is a part of a whole, called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

    Easier said than done.

  100. The English word Empire could have been corrupted from Kalenjin/Kikuyu name Porori or poporiet meaning nation. Emporor should mean the leader of the nation in English and other Germanic(Teutonic) languages. Em in Kalenjin means county. hence em and porori were combined the white people to form Empire. this was when Africans were colonising Europe about 4000 to 5000 years ago. Even Pharao is to close to porori.
    The Kikuyu word hiti(hyena) was the same world the Ancient Egyptians used for hyena. But Kikuyus are also an amalgamation of many persons of foreign extraction. They include Kalenjin(Athis), Barabaeek of Tanzania, Gumba(Kalenjin). hence names like Ngumba, Mwathi, Mwangi(Nyongi an ageset of Kalenjin), Maina, Irongo( or Korongoro an ageset of Kalenjin.

  101. To Weru and Kirui,

    I believe going back to 5,000 years ceases to be a Kikuyu or even Kalenjin history. Let’s not forget all humanity originated from E.A. and you will find residual E.A words in practically all languages. We should confine ourselves to the last 1,000 years to understand who we really are and try to unravel the intriguing similarities of our ancient religious / caltural parctices vis-a-vis the Hebrews of the OT.

  102. Weldon, please keep in mind that ancient rulers especially in the Middle East had a habit of exaggerating their victories and minimizing or entirely erasing their failures. It is human nature I guess.

    How comes there is no record of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea outside of the book of Exodus, and the Jewish Antiquities written by Flavius Josephus? No self-respecting Egyptian Pharaoh would have included such embarrassing information. It would have been an insult to Amon-Ra.

    In contrast the affairs of the Kings of Israel were all included, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. If in doubt, think about David’s handling of the Bathsheba issue.

    So, the mere fact that the Egyptians claimed to have eliminated all the Jews does not ipso facto mean that they did.

    Always take anything the Egyptians, the Babylonians and the Assyrians wrote with a pinch of salt.

  103. Weru,
    with more research, you will be amazed by the accuracy of the bible stories. Indeed there was a crossing of the ‘Red Sea’ which in reality was the Reed Sea. There was a historical expulsion of monotheistic Egytians around 1200 BCE; the ten pleagues have been correlated to a severe volcanic eruption on an island in the Med. Sea, etc.

  104. To Joel,
    When Herodotus was in Egypt about 5th BCE, he was told that the aboriginal Egyptians originated deep in the south of Africa in a place called Ntrr which with the benefit of Kalenjin language could have been Tororo Hills in Mt. Elgon. this was about 18,000 years ealier.at that time Africans had developed writing(hieroglyphics). So Africans were in power for about 18,000 years till Persians, Greeks and others took over from them. But remember that Africans were also occupying Middle East.And that is why I said before Kikuyu deity Ngai confluences perfectly with Enki of Sumeria.
    Joel there is no history about 1000 years ago.

  105. What is even more interesting is that Kikuyus/ Kalenjins used to have songs in praise of Moses. After circumcising their girls the Kikuyus and Kalenjins used to sing a song called,” Had it been not for the sea of Musa, we would be dead” Kalenjins still sing the songs but Kikuyus have discarded since they no longer circumcise their girls.

  106. Herodutus affirms the fact that all Jews were wiped off the surface of the earth by Pharaoh Ramases.Those claiming to be chosen ones are impostors terrorisng people in the middle east. in any case the aboriginal Jews were of Africoid stock!

  107. @kIRUI:Interesting take though I doubt Herodutus was right. Jewish ancestry is well documented by the genome code.There is now new and exciting DNA evidence for common Jewish origin — not just among Cohanim, the Priestly Class, but among Jews scattered all over the globe. Genes dont lie. If Kikuyus,Lembas ,Axumites,Ashkenazi are Jews it should be in the DNA. DNA that is shared with those whom you are trying to insult.


  108. Hello Joel, let me begin by telling you that I completely believe the Bible record. So when I read what it says in the Bible, I take it as it is. What I probably would take with a pinch of salt, is the other records of the nations surrounding Israel.

    About history of over 1,000 years, it is important to understand it for two reasons. One it helps us understand the general brushstrokes of our origins. Then again, it helps us get out of the ethno-centric rut that sometimes works to our detriment.

    Personally, I find that I when I think at that depth, it gives me greater freedom to determine the course of my life, than if I was to stop at just facing Mount Kenya.

    Ever since I became conscious of the ethnic / racial / cultural / social divides that split humanity into intolerable and intolerant compartments, I have always sought to ask the big question, why?

    The thing is, I am prepared to prosecute that question to its logical ends, and I believe that I have. It has led to a greater understanding of my position in space and time.

  109. Hello Weru,

    I believe the Gikuyu nation as we know it today goes back to around the 10th – 12th century AD. Before that are what I call pro-Kikuyus who had Axumite connections and hence the Israelite links as gleaned from Kikuyu religious and cultural pactices. It would be interesting to know the Cohenic gene prevalence among the Kikuyu.

  110. Kikuyu are a Bantu group whose origins lie on the border of Nigeria/Cameroun. I do see a lot of similarities with Kikuyu and Igbo people who it si also claimed have Hebrew origins.

    What one has to realize atleast in regards to Igbos no one is claiming a white culture, the claim is to a group of black and brown Hebrews who existed in Africa and Yemen as well as Canaan.There is evidence that such groups existed in Africa, and many mixed with other African groups, it is no big deal, it is just our history. It does not make any tribe better than the other. Also the Kushite admixture could have taken place already in W.Africa. There are Kushite groups in W.Africa and we have all mixed with each other, the Thagicu seem to have the characteristics of a W.African tribe especially the fact that they brought iron smelting to the area. I can always tell Kikuyu music, it sounds like Igbo spoken with a funny accent.

    Bantu groups have contributed a lot in Africa’s progress, one could say almost more than any group, do not deny your Bantu heritage,it seems like in East Africa this has become a trend. In case one is wondering I am not Bantu but my mother is Igbo. Igbo are not considered Bantu but i believe they are one of the groups that contributed to the lineage of the Bantu. Like most Bantu groups the word umu, omu,umo, is used for child of , I think perhaps Igbos mixed with pygmies to form Bantu groups.

    Point is we are all related, and groups like Bantu, Cushites, Nilotes, have all mixed with each other all over Africa, and some of us are actually Semites, whilst others are mixed with Semites, this in no way takes us away from being pure black African people.

    Light is good it makes the seed grow
    Knowledge grows through hummility and patience
    The tree of knowledge has seeded truth rooted its self firmly
    The soil feeding fruit as it grows sweeter as it brightens with nutrition
    Eat the fruit
    Feed the animal within


  112. I just want to go there,
    Go there,
    where ?
    Here, there, everywhere !
    where i built my home !
    where i planted !
    where i sowed !
    where i eat !
    where i slept !
    where i belong !
    I just want to go there,
    Go there,
    where ?
    Here, there, everywhere,
    I just want to go home

  113. Absolutely not…The Kikuyu culture and traditions are very far from the Jewish traditions. Kikuyus are not Jews. The Jews maintin their customs and traditions to this day. This is not true

  114. Muigwithania 2.0

    “We came into the world as Kikuyu, and although We did not live our lives entirely as Kikuyu, It is only fitting that We should leave as Kikuyu. We don’t want to turn our backs on a great and noble heritage.God created Kikuyus ,The British made Kenyans ,Africans made Pan Africanism .We will die, what God created us .The Agikuyu”

    I like this very much

  115. Why does this post make me feel bad about myself? I’m Luo and the only thing I’m thinking right now is “Damn!! Kenya is owned by the Agikuyu community.” Or maybe it’s just that I choose to feel inferior- I don’t really care about that anyway. I think this kind of allusion to the Jews is way out of proportion. In other words…slow down, Jesus. You could be slipping into a superiority complex.

    Love, Turner.

    Hope you feel better about yourself-I think that is the difference between Kikuyus and others.Kikuyus know who they are at the very core of their beings.The rise of others doesnt reflect of their self worth.Why would you feel bad about a post that says nothing negative about your community and only talks about kikuyus-YOU Luos,Luhyas Maasais (etc) are all special your only problem is when Kikuyus feel special you feel inferior.Cant we all be special without others trying to drag each other down to feel special.You are special because God created you special not because you are superior to anyone.If luos do luo and do it well what kikuyus say or do wont matter . Have a special day

    Blog editor

  116. The word Jew was coined by Nebuchadnezzar’s troops as an abbreviation of the word “Judean.” A Jew or Judean is one who is a resident of Judea regardless of his religion, race, or nationality. Every resident of Palestine is a “Jew” whereas the so-called Jews living abroad are not Jews at all, neither by residence, nor by birth, nor by religion. The meaning of the word “Jew” in our Bible is not the same as the colloquial idiom. In the Bible the word “Jew” means a resident of the land of Judaea regardless of their tribe, race or religion just as an Australian or Englishman may in fact be a Chinese, Negro or an Eskimo, or perhaps a member of the tribe of Judah (Judahite). In Jesus’ time individual Jews may or may not have descended from Jacob, but they all recognized Pharisaism and not the Law of Moses. A Jew is properly a Judean. The point is that one who is called a “Jew” in the Bible is not necessarily a chosen man of God, a follower of Moses and the prophets, a member of the tribe of Judah, an Israelite, or even a Semite, but one who is a RESIDENT OF JUDEA. A Judean.

    The best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) Edition and the King James Authorized Edition. The Rheims (Douai) translation of the New Testament into English was first printed in 1582 but the word “Jew” did not appear in it. The King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English was begun in 1604 and first published in 1611. The word “Jew” did not appear in it either. The word “Jew” appeared in both these well known editions in their 18th century revised versions for the first times. When the word “Jew” was first introduced into the English language in the 18th century its one and only implication, inference and innuendo was “Judean.” However during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries a well-organized and well-financed international “pressure group” created a so-called “secondary meaning” for the word “Jew” among the English speaking peoples of the world. This so-called “secondary meaning” for the word “Jew” bears no relation whatsoever to the 18th century original connotation of the word “Jew.” It is a misrepresentation. These so called Jewish people are the descendants of Esau’s grandson Amalek, who, around 730-740 AD, were converted to the laws and statutes of Judaism, thus becoming Jews, but this group was not a descendant from the house of Israel either. Their flourishing empire which extended from the Black Sea to the Caspian, and from the Caucasus to the Volga, was located between two major superpowers, the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium (Christianity), and the followers of Muhammad (Islam). The Khazar empire, representing a third force, could only maintain its political and ideological independence if it neither accepted Christianity nor Islam, since they did not want to become subordinate to either the authority of the Roman Emperor, or the Caliph of Baghdad. For that reason, the Khazar king embraced the Jewish faith and ordered his subjects to do the same, which is how Judaism became the official state religion of the Khazars who now make up 90% of the so-called Jews of today. They were circumcised and started to use Jewish names. They also studied the Torah and Talmud, spoke and wrote in Hebrew, observed Hanukkah, Pesach and the Sabbath, and had synagogues and rabbis. So as a political ploy they all converted to Judaism during the Middle Ages. The Khazars have labelled themselves Zionists and “Jews” to deceive the world in furthering their own plans for global and political conquest. Historians are now recognizing that the majority of eastern so-called “Jews” are actually “Khazars” and have NO Semitic roots whatsoever! The Khazars are not the true descendants of the Israelites of the Torah.

    Today most people think of Jews as the people of Israel, but that is not correct. An ISRAELITE was one who had descended from Jacob. What’s my point? I think you are all trying to find out more about the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL and NOT the jews. The way to do it would be by DNA. By the way it is absolutely sad that we don’t know much about our history beyond 1800. You go anywhere else in the world even Ethiopia and find written information, monuments, dating to 1200 and even way back BC.

    By the way I highly recommend if you are interested in this subject to watch these videos:

    The Other Israel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJxdIXgMGAI
    The Insanity of Christian Zionism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNMFZZOOZLg

  117. Historians tries to disaprove everything that elodes there understanding, they want every thing to conform to the theory of Dawins. people may try to disapprove the mythes and beliefs of people but they should remember every thing has truth in it. God created man then the woman…and there come kikuyu people

  118. OOh, my dear Kikuyus, what’s wrong with you? we’ve git nothing to do with jews. We are just one of Kenyan wonderful tribes. Are ashamed of not being related to this white people? Cant you be proud of what you are?
    We are Kikuyus, Kenyans, black Africa the mother of all human beings, whites blacks yellow etc. The jews came from us.So, would you like to be taken to Israel? to fight against the Palestine which is “…promised land” an ever ending war lands? be thankful to God for wharever tribe you come from. As a Kikuyu have you forgotten this..Ngaî nî aheire Gîkûyû bûrûri mwega ûtagaga irio kana maî kana gîthaka, wega no Gîkûyû gîcokagîrie Ngai ngatho hîndî ciothe.

  119. My father & my uncles once told me & narrated how the kikuyus migrated from ethiopia to kenya,but having their homeland in israel,thats also reason why ethiopia was never colonized & kenya too fought off the colonialists thru the kikuyu tribe with the help of ethiopia thru haile sellassie who regarded kenyatta has his blood brother now you see the connection….!!!haille sellassie was a descendent of king david……

  120. ISRAEL is derived from three deities namely Isis, Ra and El. hence Israel means Isis-Ra -El, the later being Semicti God.

  121. I have read the posts here with great interest because I am a student of history with particular emphasis on African history. I believe Africans have a glorious history which awaits the discerning scholars to unravel if only they cleared the mists and cobwebs of contemporary history which has largely been written by Caucasians eager to rationalize western imperialism, exploitation and repression visited on the rest of the world’s peoples over the past 400 years or so.
    Let me start by decrying the triviality with which some of the correspondents have treated the issue of the historical origins of the Agikuyu people with those advancing the ridiculous theory of the Semitic connection and those contemptuously deriding them both derogating from the pursuit of a rational discourse aimed at establishing a historical antecedent.
    I confess that I am only a 2nd generation Mugikuyu, My great grandfather, Muya, was a Mwathi which I understand to be an Aborigine who was in occupation of the land pursuing a hunter-gather existence at the time the main body of the Gikuyu hordes arrived. He was savvy enough to realize that his survival depended on integrating with the new-comers. Hence he was ‘born by goat’ into the clan of Anjiru of the Murimi sub clan and soon had his son, my grandfather Mwithiga, married off to a Gikuyu maiden of the Anjiru clan and Mbiruiru sub-clan.H

  122. I only though our ancestor came from western Africa I have heard that mt Kenya has lots of biblical things including hailselasie empire mt kenya the holy mountain

  123. I have cracked the mystery behind the Kikuyu being Jews. If you are interested post an Email: african.pridelands@gmail.com and i will send you a coppy of my personal research, that God comanded me to right. I is probably the greatest discoveries ever uncovered.

  124. Now I can see why General Mathenge who had gone to Ethipia to look for help during the Maumau movement as Maumau faught for freedom surely these guy had a reason to go to ethiopia

  125. One thing very interisting is that the ancient israelis were black,and that is why the other brothers of Joseph coulndt recognise him when they came to Egypt,because the ancient Egyptians were also black,so we are supposed to find our roots from the Hebrew/israelites and not the Fake Jews occupying Israel.the key is this,find out the curses that God cursed the Israelis for not obeying him,they are all on the black person,slavery,desease farmine,we were even cursed that we will forget our language ,our culture,and we will be hated by the world, just read deutronomy,if you know your history then you will know where you are coming from,bt the White man made sure that the black man has no history.we are still in exile as per the prophecy and the curses,no need to hate each other.many of us now know the truth, its not about being a kikuyu now,its not about the white man and Arabs,God used them to give us the curses.we are under the curse ,that is why its very hard to find the connection to Israelites,we are to be lost and not to be identified,so this is just Gods grace,and it should humble you.iam a kikuyu born and raised in Mombasa,so i dont speak kikuyu,bt i have always had this interest of reserching about Israel.not knowing i was going back to my roots.its very scary and very humbling. SHALOM!

  126. Maynjokim: historic facts are in order here; at the time of Joseph, Lower Egypt was occupied by semetic invaders who had adopted Egytian language, culture and religion, therefore Joseph was assimilated and looked identical to the Egyptians. If you are looking for Gikuyu/Jewish connection, the obviuos route is through the Axumite empire of ancient Ethiopia.

  127. Thank u joel,ive been reading about the Axumite Empire as you told me,and though its still not very clear at least i got to understand aliitle bit of it, bt i need more of historic facts,though am a hebrew messianic by faith its very interesting to know i could be a descendant of one of the lost tribes of israel.this is very close to my heart!SHALOM!

  128. Maynjokim: I have researched Gikuyu /Jewish connection extensively: my theory:- around 11th century AD the Jewish rulers of Axum (ancient Ethiopia) under Queen Jediot were expelled by the new christian rulers; she with her band of followers fled south, probalby settling around Nyambene hills (close to Karima Tura if you recall the Kikuyu folk tales), there followed an infusion of bantu migration from the south resulting in proto-Kikuyus: further migration up the Tana to Ithanga forming the early Kikuyus and the final settlement at Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga around 15-16th century to form the present day Kikuyus.
    The Jewish band of expellees followed a well troden path of the Axumite traders whose territory extended all the way to Mozambique (Ofir). There is a legend that Menelik the 1st was burried atop his beloved mount Kilimanjaro, or it could have been Mt Kenya.

  129. Shalom joel,thank u so so much for the information,now is it safe to say kikuyus are amixture of jews descendants and the bantus? My mother came from Kirinyaga and my Dad came Muranga,and my home up country is Muranga.i was born in Mombasa so i dont even speak kikuyu bt i am Kikuyu and am proud.bt more proud to know i could be jewish or Yahud.Shalom hahahahaha now this is where it gets interesting,am married to aMan who is half British half luo.and i have two daughters,i named my daughters after my mother and my elder sister.coz my mum used to say even if you are married to a non kikuyu,your children should have kikuyu names.because they are kikuyus,and this is what is happening in jewish familys,as long as one parent is jewish,the children are jewish.are thes practises connected?

  130. Maynjokim: there is no reason why you do not speak Kikuyu which is your true heritage, other languages are acquired. One could say Kikuyus have a distant jewish lineage via the Falashas but they are not Jews though we have many common cultural-traditional practices. Note one qualifies to be a Jew if mother is jewish. The House of Mumbi has unique cultural practices which we should nurture and sustain; this is what defines a community. There is nothing like a pure race or community, after all human race originated from east Africa despite the wide racial and linguistic differences existing today. Shalom

  131. Shalom joel,thank u so much and be blessed,what i remember,all my parents spoke kikuyu,my father came to Mombasa as a young man,during the time of the mau mau,bt he was born and raised in Muranga,my mother also was born and raised in Kirinyaga,bt they found each other in Mombasa, am the sixth child out of eight,when our parents spoke to us in kikuyu , we answered back in kiswahili,bt they spoke in kikuyu to each other,so i still dont know why,may be its because of so much mingling with the coast people,anyway,i dont blame them,coz life was hard and they did their best,bt my parents used to tell us old kikuyu stories,it was fun,may HahShem rest their souls in eternal peace.we dont go to Muranga anymore,coz last time my sister was there with her daughter they were raped at night and everything in my dads shop was stolen,so its over six years,nobody goes there.bt its still our home,and am a kikuyu.be blessed ,it is shabat,so SHABAT SHALOM!

  132. Maynjokim: this being a public blog, you may contact me on and I will guide you in re-discovering your roots.

    I will be brief . A Jew is one who lived up to the precepts of the Laws ,Statues and Commandments of the Living God ,the God of Israel. He is defined as one who lived in the Fullness i.e The Jewry I had read in an earlier comment where it was said that the word Jew was coined in the 19th Century and I disagreed.Though such explanation may be given ,we dismissed it ,since,according to the Holy Bible ,The Scriptures of Truth and in the Book of Ecclesiastes Chap 1:9 it is written ” The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is ‘NO NEW THING UNDER THE SUN ‘ .” There is nothing new under the sun Just think about this for a moment ,the Igbo language is much older that the child sound ,the English dialect And whether you accept it or not it is even older that that they called Hebrew today Unlike English which has no literal meanings Igbo words have literal meanings . In the Ohafia the central Igbo tongue, the word ‘Jew ‘would be Ajawe or Ajawu which literally mean as stated earlier ” Living in the Fullness” Judah also pronounced Yahouda , Yuda, Huda in the central Igbo tongue , it is Ajawudede or Ayaudede which literally mean JAH/ YAH is Supreme ,Sacrifice is Supreme even The Dust is Supreme.

    All is dust. All came from the Dust And ALL SHALL RETURN TO THE DUST to be judge by the DUST . The DUST is SUPREME !! Let us not boast in tribes and nationality .though there should be no offence in loving and feeling proud of who you belong to as a people, but and when we boast ,let us boast together BOAST IN HIM WHO BROUGHT ALL OF US HOPE FOR SALVATION. LET US BOAST IN THE NAME JESUS.[ Note in Igbo it is Aja eze usu or Ayaezeusu ]
    Hear the word of the Lord you Igbos/Hebrews and Gentiles JOHN 14:15 “IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS

    Show your love !!!

    Eze = King .Royal ,Supreme
    Usu = Troops or Soldiers

    Hence the name jesus derived from the Igbo, Ajaezeusu which literally mean King Sacrifice for Soldiers / Troops.Or Royal Sacrifice for Soldiers or Troops . Please understand , He was literal and He lived up to His Name,

  134. Willing to learn more about the history and teachings of the Agikuyu both for my sake and my daughter..She is 3. Keep up the good work guys. Merry Xmas and a prosperous future to all Kenyans.

  135. I never get tired of searching for the truth,i am a Messianic,and we call the messiah by his true name ….YAHSHUAH.meaning,God’s Salvation,whoever translated the bible just told us what to believe,bt are u sure it is the truth?you will be amazed as how much information was hidden,’seek and you will find’,knock and the door shall be opened unto you,Shalom!

  136. The igbo are descendants of the Hebrews,ihave heard them praying ,i was amazed,they call out the true titles of the Most high,they tell of very old stories of how they came to Africa,they speak hebrew bt very differently .though its their Mother tongue i tell,its hebrew.

  137. Study concerning “Jewish DNA”:


    Key: Ashkenazim (Ash), Roman Jews (Rom), North African Jews (Naf), Near Eastern Jews (Nea), Yemenite Jews (Yem), Ethiopian Jews, Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese (Leb), Druze (Dru), Saudi Arabians (Sar), non-Jewish Russians (Rus), British (Bri), Germans (Ger), Austrians (Aus), Italians (Ita), Spanish (Spa), Greeks (Gre), Turks (Tur) Tunisians (Tun), Egyptians (Egy), Ethiopians (Eth); Gambians (Gam), Biaka (Bia), Bagandans (Bag), San (San), Zulu (Zul), and Lemba (Lem). *Triangle represents “recognised” Jewish groups.

  138. There have been various studies concerning “Jewish DNA” over the past twelve years, notably those by Elaiwa et al. 2011 and Atzmon-Ostrer et al. 2010, and all the results very much concur with the “original” ones presented here (Hammer et al. 2000):
    Sub-Saharan African, North African, and European populations formed three distinct clusters.
    The Ashkenazi (“A member of the branch of European Jews, historically Yiddish-speaking, who settled in central and northern Europe”), Roman, North African, Near Eastern, Kurdish, and Yemenite Jewish populations formed a fairly compact cluster between the North African and European groups.
    This Jewish cluster was interspersed with the Palestinian and Syrian populations, whereas the other Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations (Saudi Arabians, Lebanese, and Druze) closely surrounded it.
    The Ethiopian Jews were placed close to the non-Jewish Ethiopians.
    The Lemba were located roughly halfway between the sub-Saharan African and Jewish clusters.
    Unfortunately the Kikuyu, to my knowledge, have not been included in any of the studies to date. However, what is significant in my opinion is that Judaism is a religion: therefore anyone can choose to become Jewish just as they can choose to become Christian or Muslim etc., regardless of their DNA.
    The Lemba, despite their relative proximity in terms of DNA to other groups of Jews, have not (unfairly in my opinion) been accorded the same level of recognition as Ethiopian Jews who do not show the same genetic relatedness. This is because Ethiopian Jews have been considered to be closer to other groups of Jews in terms of their beliefs and customs.
    Therefore, a Kikuyu who is a Christian in terms of belief is obviously not a Jew, regardless of her DNA. Even so, I agree it would be very interesting to have research carried out to see if the Kikuyu show some level of DNA relatedness as do the Lemba, not least because it would give an additional insight into the origins of the Kikuyu.
    There are without doubt similarities in terms of customs and, as all humans originate from East Africa and not from the Middle East, we could just as well imagine that the Jews got some of these customs from the Kikuyu and not the reverse… As a Jew, culturally speaking, myself, I would be proud to consider myself in some way a descendant of the Kikuyu! shabat shalom, Dan

  139. Welcome to Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum site.

    This site is an aperture in a slowly sailing vessel towards the unknown past, known in history as pre-history. In traversing that expansive past moment hoping to encounter chaos of ignorance before coming to the breaking point, one realizes our present discoveries are not new but a rediscovery of an already discovered phenomena. The breaking point corresponds with the appearance of man on the face of the earth. In studying his new environment, primogenitor realized there were patterns of natural laws that remained constant without changing in time and condition. These laws, mastered in a pristine way through naked eye observation gave man two pertinent components that were recipe of civilization; God and culture.

    The concept of deity was admissible through man’s weakness in comprehending the natural laws but was rescued by culture, the intelligence that was developed by his environment. The interplay of nature and culture commenced when man appeared in the scene. From then, discoveries were made spontaneously and intermittently while others were lost or covered in the long history of man. But with certainty, societies kept and preserved the most vital information for their own use and their prosperity. The community was not ready to open up to people of different stock hence sentiments expressed by Fredrick Hegel in 1880’s “Africa was not a historical continent; it shows neither change nor development”, and the black people he said “As we see them today so they have always been”. A similar opinion was captured by Sir Richard Francis Burton in his adventures in Africa about the Negro thus “He seems to belong to one of these childish races which never rising to the men’s estate, fall like worn out links from great chain of animated nature” and his religion “a vague and nameless awe”

    It is no wonder the two men and others who belong to their school of thought missed the point because they opinionated within a policy frame work based on racism, Christian denominational mentality and disfranchisement. Considering time and place in the scramble of Africa, their opinion was very much sought by the empire builders to justify colonialism in the take all situation. But on the other hand we have rare and unique stock of the English breed in Dr Louis Seymour Bazel Leakey who was born among the Gikuyu people. He lived among them as one of them and earned himself a Gikuyu name Karuigi, the eagle for his sharp wittedness and agility. He was a kikuyu in white English skin. The kikuyu in him compiled three volumes “The Southern Kikuyu” at the height of British colonization of Kenya. The three volumes speak for themselves.

    In the last 500 years prejudice and malice have been conspicuously engrained in all major treatises coming from Europe on the subject of African native. The opinion that man give, is a reflection of his inner thought or our complexity. It does not result from one’s authoritative position in any of the fields of learning because education is a component that widens the scope of the mind but has no role in shaping ones feelings. On the part of Africans the diverse and extreme unpredictable climatic conditions have influenced her philosophy. African philosophy has given him solace in creating a resilient society. The African philosophy has taught the natives not to over react over prejudice and malice because like famine and other calamities will wither away by themselves. Human civilization right from first time long time ago, at every point is determined by the ability to sustain tensions and control their release. The extravagant assertion of Adolf Hitler narrowed and concluded Fredrich Hegel and Richard Burton’s mission. This time round as would have been expected to take place in Africa it took place in Europe, the Hegel and Burton’s back yard. Europe fell back to the Second World War 1939-1945, to pay the price. That is history.

    Today in our global village no nation will thrive on colonial mentality or Western tailored democracy; a patronized entity corrupted by indiscriminate use, and expect to hold together in 21st century. The mode of thinking is no longer controlled by patronage, but has become issue based, where every citizen has a right of participation. In as much as some world opinion makers prefer the status quo, a true new world order is in the offing.

    In the prevailing global resilience, Africa for the second time will exploit the existing peace rull and contribute to the 21st global intelligentsia. She has the capacity, so long as she is left free by the old colonial shackles and western tailored democracy. As she did in the second millennium BC, she will do it again in the 3rd millennium AD.

    What is contained in this website is a positive direction in a small way towards realization of that goal.

    The Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum is calling for collaborations with universities and research centers in areas of research.

    Samuel Kamitha – Director General

    You are welcome!

  140. I think you guys are the most weird and most foolish humanoid in the whole creation. This will only mean you’ll fantasize and day dreaming for a while. One thing even if it were true, Kenyans have mixed to the point where by no one group can say they are originally themselves i.e some Kikuyus would be purely Ogiek (by the way they are related to Somalian some how) some would be purely masaai, and some will have traits of Luhya and Kalenjin and thats a fact. Some Luhyas will have traits if not purely masaai (history says that) traits of Luo and Kalenjin (eg saboti/saboat, tiriki/terek and suba/basuba)… so lets not play with peoples minds. Along the way kenyans mixed blood, doesn’t matter if it was Arab or something but majorly we are more related than we are of other race. I’ll tell you Kenyan who leave abroad can not be differentiated be it kikuyu or luhya our tint slightly varies but we cannot be confused because we share ancestors we like it or not. i lived in South Africa and they are Bantus like us but very light in complexion, this is mainly due to the San people who are our ogiek brothers. The same happens to East African who have mixed with there aboriginal predecessor and come up with East African features. By the way the Xhosa in S.A. also have a similar myth and detest the Zulu but to me they are all the same they are just simply shitting themselves…

  141. There have been various studies concerning “Jewish DNA” over the past twelve years, notably those by Elaiwa et al. 2011 and Atzmon-Ostrer et al. 2010, and all the results very much concur with the “original” ones presented here (Hammer et al. 2000):
    Sub-Saharan African, North African, and European populations formed three distinct clusters.
    The Ashkenazi (“A member of the branch of European Jews, historically Yiddish-speaking, who settled in central and northern Europe”), Roman, North African, Near Eastern, Kurdish, and Yemenite Jewish populations formed a fairly compact cluster between the North African and European groups.
    This Jewish cluster was interspersed with the Palestinian and Syrian populations, whereas the other Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations (Saudi Arabians, Lebanese, and Druze) closely surrounded it.
    The Ethiopian Jews were placed close to the non-Jewish Ethiopians.
    The Lemba were located roughly halfway between the sub-Saharan African and Jewish clusters.
    Unfortunately the Kikuyu, to my knowledge, have not been included in any of the studies to date. However, what is significant in my opinion is that Judaism is a religion: therefore anyone can choose to become Jewish just as they can choose to become Christian or Muslim etc., regardless of their DNA.
    The Lemba, despite their relative proximity in terms of DNA to other groups of Jews, have not (unfairly in my opinion) been accorded the same level of recognition as Ethiopian Jews who do not show the same genetic relatedness. This is because Ethiopian Jews have been considered to be closer to other groups of Jews in terms of their beliefs and customs.
    Therefore, a Kikuyu who is a Christian in terms of belief is obviously not a Jew, regardless of her DNA. Even so, I agree it would be very interesting to have research carried out to see if the Kikuyu show some level of DNA relatedness as do the Lemba, not least because it would give an additional insight into the origins of the Kikuyu.
    There are without doubt similarities in terms of customs and, as all humans originate from East Africa and not from the Middle East, we could just as well imagine that the Jews got some of these customs from the Kikuyu and not the reverse… As a Jew, culturally speaking, myself, I would be proud to consider myself in some way a descendant of the Kikuyu! shabat shalom, Dan

    Thank you Dan

  142. We dont even need to go further,,,, Matthew 27:6 read the Gikuyu Bible loudly and it will answer all the questions raised

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  145. Jesus was not just a Jew descendant.He was essentially God in man’s flesh.the Jews are just kinda lucky coz God chose to appear to man as one of their own,mostly I guess coz of Abraham’s close relationship with God at a time when most other nations believed in many gods. After all, if God was to be born on Earth as a man, He had to be born from one of the World’s numerous tribes or languages.

    Am a Kikuyu, but am not sure how we are related to the Jews.But I know one thing for sure:All humanity is directly related.That’s why any human race can freely inter marry and breed with any other human race, and our offspring is always fertile.A mule is the offspring of a horse and a an (ass).But its infertile.That kind of thing does not with human races. That is more than enough proof that our differences are merely skin deep.
    Anyway, just my two cents(as our white brothers are wont to say).

  146. The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty. most of what you have written is falsehood, dishonest wishful thinking. Where is the evidence of Jewish amongst the Kikuyu? Your DNA is more Maasai, Nyamwezi, Sukuma, Taita and Chagga. Show me one Kikuyu with Jewish blood? Your traditions, your language, your culture all these are opposite of Hebrew traditions.A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.. Why do you peddle falsehood. Look how you have watered down the story of Mau Mau to rubbish. “The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.” so the saying goes. “God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.” that is what William Shakespeare, can say of you guys. Please grow up. THE TRUTH IS THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY LOST TRIBE OF iSRAEL. Read your Bibles thoroughly well and you will know the truth; and the truth shall set you freet

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