Shocking BBC interview of Kalenjin Church Burners and Jackson Kibor


32 thoughts on “Shocking BBC interview of Kalenjin Church Burners and Jackson Kibor

  1. The Agikuyu as a people, more than ever before, need to examine themselves and accept one fact: the Kalenjin and the Luo harbour an irrational grudge against us. We have done nothing to these people, but they have been attacking us, raping our women, killing unarmed and innocent people.
    Our only crime is to work hard while they infect each other with HIV-AIDS and to drink themselves to death. I come from the Rift Valley, and we bought land in 1984, after going through the Land Board as required by the law. Now we are being told by the likes of Ruto that Kenyatta gave the land to us free of charge.
    Since two consecutive governments have failed to protect the Agikuyu, the only logical thing is to arm ourselves to the teeth and wait quietly until these idiots make another mistake. It will be their last attempt.
    Lamenting will not help us.

  2. Karuu wa Thuo

    i would not make us see as innocent as you would like to believe. our regular folks are INNOCENT. but our kikuyu leaders are GUILTY.they are the ones who have caused a lot of damage to Kalenjin people and to Luos (remember 1969 shootings, devpt marginalization, police killings, political betrayals, etc).
    so lets not act as if we are so blameless. the leaders we chose to represent us have done damage to others.and we are only paying the price for electing leaders who have destryoed other people/tribes.
    Solution: be wary of choosing leaders who arrogantly go attacking or violently killing or conning others.

  3. Mwaniki, please be sensible!! What should happen to thugs if they threw stones at a President anywhere in the World? The presidential guard would shoot them!!! that is what happened in Kisumu in 1969. ..and that is what would happen anywhere..even in the US today. Who marginalised who? are you forgeting that Moi ruled for 24 years? Was Moi a kikuyu? When i get a loan from the bank and buy a matatu and my colleague from the lake victoria gets a similar loan and marries a third wife, who is marginalising who? Why should i be blamed if he ends up in financial mess while I prosper? What is political betrayal? I wish you could explain it in simple words..

  4. Mwaniki i never thought I’d hear a sensible kyuke talk like

    you-unless you’re not .Thuo i

    s right.Our enemies hatred is

    too deep for us to protect ourselves with political deals.We

    can only do it the hard way.We need to arm ourselves the

    American way.Nothing else will work.

  5. Btw,mod.why did you remove the bbc interview?People

    deserve to see the animals we’re confronting and the

    existential threat Kyukes face from their inhuman deeds.

    I eagerly await your reasons.

    After the link was up for a few months(Our link was to the BBC site) the BBC removed the interview from their website -luckily someone had copied parts of it to youtube . I am sure we all know what the position of the BBC and the British government are and who they support.Their attempt to hide the truth and the interview didnt work – Admin

  6. Yes, the British will NEVER forgive the Agikuyu for kicking their arse. The bitter thing is that our own leaders, people whom we are paying to be in office, keep on going to London for advice.
    About what I stated before, I was not kidding and I am willing to repeat it again. As long as we are dealing with stupid and violent people, we have every right to be ready should the need arise. If people had not retaliated in January, the Kalenjin would have continued burning houses, raping women and killing unarmed children and the elderly.
    Their cowardly acts justify the use of force.
    You cannot talk peace with a chest-thumbing fool. Their leaders have come out openly about to show that their beastly acts were pre-meditated, funded and organized.

  7. I have heard that the agreement between ODM and Britain was to displace the Agikuyu to give way to a re-colonization. Are these claims founded? Somebody, shed light.
    I don’t need Mwaniki’s response. I think his real name is Ruto or Ngilu or Gumo…
    And I have no time for the likes of those.

  8. Thuo and mod.we need a secure cyber forum where we can

    work out an action plan to defend ourselves.Not a talking

    shop for lamentations and grievances-thats a waste of time

    but a place where we can plan and formulate the

    establishment of such a plant ,

    something we should have done a long time ago.If

    Ethiopians can do it;we should have done it 20 years ago!!! I

    reiterate:waiting for peacxe talkls with hyenas is throwing

    ourselves down the cliff a second time;only force can return

    what was and will always be rightfully ours.

  9. you guyz wacheni something went wrong from Kenyatta to Moi.Infact Obako is not to blame for this land s**t.We have seen alot about Kibakis leadership which no other leader has done in terms of development.Lets not be tribal but all this chaos is all about FEDERALISM(MAJIMBO).And if this is the type of federalism Kenyans want they are very wrong because the Kyuks can survive comfortably in Central Province.What we need is to address this land grievances problem.But I also have another querry.Why is that this land clashes always start in an election year.And 60%of land in Rift Valley and Coast province is owned by the real foreigners(Arabs Italians Multinationals).Why Kyuks and Kisiis.Another Querry Moi screwed the country for 24 years.Thats a combination of what Kenyatta and Kibaki have ruled(24 years 10months)with real economic progress.Why are Kyuks victimised.I guess its jealousy

  10. What we need as kenyans in the 21st century is not what tribe did what and why. The people who want to lead this country should convince us thro word and did that they are able to protect the weak irrespective of their tribe. There is no tribe that is invicible but when we start to fight the minority tribes in our regions we are only endangering the lives of our tribesmates who are a minority in other community’s areas. So my brothers and sisters lets know that in every challenge we face there are choices we can opt for and in every choice we take there are cosequences. Stop this debate that is only about someone & a people. Let put the whole country first.

  11. Is Makogembo suggesting that we do not have a right to discuss our own history and culture? Does he by any means believe that we are going to forget what happened in Eldoret and Molo? Which minorities did the Agikuyu ever attack? Central Province is full of people from all over Africa. They own property, run businesses, live the way they want. We have never stopped them from doing whatever they wanted.
    Now, the likes of Makogembo (a very bad name indeed), guided by Ruto and Ngilu and Balala, have decided that the Agikuyu are not Kenyans. Yet it is our fathers who shed their blood to liberate Kenya from the yoke of colonialism, when the likes of Makogembo were sitting on their arses.
    We will not stop. We will move on. And we will succeed.
    Obstacles like Makogembo cannot stop us on our tracks.

  12. Rightly said.
    It’s hard to believe that Kenyans can stoop so low as to be led by petty individuals like Ruto.
    But wait a minute, there is more…Why would someone be so hellbent on causing unrest if prosecuted?Simple, he’s got something to “‘hide”.Or is it sheer jealousy for the wealthy Kyuks?
    Whatever your motivations Ruto, you will soon account for them, either in the Hague or locally, bust most likely at the former. And I think I will attend the court proceedings.

  13. Dear friends whatever happened should not be forgotten.the church should b turned into a museum or a memorium place to attract people from all over the world to come n see the evil dids that occured(holocaust) this massaccer should remain in our minds and shame 4 the evil doers forever,so in the future no one will intend to repeat the barberic acts never again.i`ll b ready to join the opening ceremony of the musuem in kiambaa Eldoret n break a moment of silence to the beloved ones we lost n since it is a catholic church pope should b present n pray for the bad omen.

  14. Makogembo Joseph, i have not joined this debate because i have nothing else to do, no. I have been forced to by the fact that i my people were killed and slaughtered by some lazy and inept f****rs, and because of that we cannot afford to move on with our lives as if nothing happened. An eye for an eye…..
    I think Thuo is right. Can you guyz imagine what would have happened if Kibaki had lost the elections??mayhem. I know one thing though, let them try again, this time they got us off guard,next time will be a different story.What wrong did we do?
    I am so bitter, and right now i hear that a funeral service for the Kiambaa victims will be held before the end of the year, am only wishing for one thing, that the ODM “leaders” including that Raila dude keep off. It will be an insult for them to show up.They should let us bury our people.


  15. Is there a memorial planned for the Kiambaa victims?

    if so could someone please advise on the date and venue.

    This is a very important part of history as a people and we should not forget. we will not forget.

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  18. Are you guys listening to yourselves???There is no doubt in my mind that this right here is a recipe for disaster.i totally agree with everyone that what happened was grave and possibly not be forgiven and undoubtedly never to be forgotten but for us to suggest another war?????????Why do we have to let our looser leaders to control us????so what if Kibaki or ,moi or whichever other punk for a leader fucked up??does that mean that i have to blindly (armed to teh teeth) follow suit??you will do so…years later our kids will be repeating the same mistakes nd pointing fingers at teach other saying “you the luhya or kambas or whatever TONGUE killed my father!!!!”
    where was moi when Kiambaa was up in flames??where was ruto or Kibaki??did he not keep mum??did they not keep talking rubbish??where are our brothers and suisters??stillin tyhe camps and others six feet under!!!!!!
    Come on people………let us not the end of it..Ruto, Kibaki and Raila excahnge niceties over tea, biscuits and maybe a round of giolf at the Windsor….do not be fooled!!

  19. Emmy, arming yourself for the purposes of self-defense is not tantamount to starting a war. It means excercising your inelianable right to protect yourself and your family next time someone starts a war.

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  21. I have stumbled on this. I noticed that the topic is about the sorry state Kenya found itself in after purportedly stolen election. I may not buy your notion of others being against the kikuyu, but agree with you when it comes to focused utilization of what nature provides. At this point in time, I beseech all Kenyans to desist from thinking tribal, but allow free intermingling with themselves and world at large. If we allowed that, we would be keepers of each other in the times of natural calamities like drought hence famine. Resources in Kenya are abounding that if we evenly allowed ourselves to share, the petty politics would things of the past. With basic biology, we realize that if we talk tribal, our offspring will inbreed leading to poor future generations. If plants practice mainly cross pollination, who are we to inbreed?? Let us integrate as Kenyans of different ethnic groups before we think of going to America, Britain, china etc.

  22. Why do kikuyu women grudgingly opt for men outside their own kikuyu community??!! preferring anyone with material wealth n especially the lake side guys? As a kikuyu man, I am honestly not proud of our womenfolk!! One thing for sure, and I am saying this from personal experience and a lifetime of observation, these womenfolk will never ever allow or attempt to mould a man to be a man and particularly in the house!! they in fact endeavour to do the opposite!! treating sons as momas boys will never help them!! It is impossible to show some balls in public (which is clearly evident at present amongst kyuk men) if all the time when they are in their homestead, their tail is always between their legs!!One must learn from an early age how to be in command and especially through observing their parents behaviour. I really do think that the way kikuyu men are brought up tells a lot about their legendary cowardly behaviour as tribes men. I have had conversations with lots of kikuyu women and to tell you the truth, they really do despise kikuyu men, yet they are the ones who bore them, what kind of insanity could this be!
    Most kikuyu men (99%)tend to shun the taking of leadership on community issues not because they don’t want, but because it is not in them to do it, and which can rightly be attributed to an acute lack of courage (belief in self as a man)!! or are they ashamed of their multi tribe heritage? taking responsibility is something that should be inculcated in a child by the father whilst the child is still growing up, but if the father “amezubaaa” most married kikuyu men end up later in life, then, no wonder the entire kikuyu men are the way they are.

    Do our kikuyu womenfolk really deserve the praise they usually get as “clever women”?? I don’t think so, for why are they completely unable to mould men to be men, is as simple as that! A REAL WOMAN NOT ONLY KNOWS HOW TO RECOGNIZE A REAL MAN, BUT ALSO HOW TO REAR & BRING UP A REAL MAN[SON] NOT A MOMASBOY!!!! In my humble opinion, the present day kikuyu women are the worst thing that can ever happen to a man!! They are the ones who have failed the community with their never ending adulterous behaviour and lust for money and thinking that they are clever!! All they think of is how to control their man to conform to their whims by any means necessary!!(they are famed for visiting wagangas at night sometimes going as far as Tanzania) The good book does say it quite clearly that, a clever woman builds her house but the stupid one tears it down with her own hands.

    For me, all the blame lies with the kikuyu women, period!!

    By Blog Administrator

    I was about to delete your comment seeing as it has nothing to do with this post but since I am a kikuyu man whose sister is married to a man from western Kenya.I will entertain your comment and rid the ignorance that has been making the rounds.

    Fact Check

    1. Kikuyu women do not ‘grudgingly’ marry men from other communities .They marry men from other communities out of free will and choice.There is nothing grudgingly about it .

    2.Kikuyu women marrying Men from other communities is not a new concept it has been happening for sometime(please read our history section)You will find out Gikuyu and Mumbi had nine daughters.They were all married by ‘foreign’ men.Kikuyus have married off their daughters and married the daughters of Borana’s, the Maasai.Kamba’s etc for hundreds of years-its nothing new and nobody gets exited about it in the Kikuyu community

    3.The number of Kikuyu women marrying men from other communities is not as high as some should like us to think.In my estimate it is more common in urban areas but only accounts for less than 3% of the total Kikuyu women population.

    4.Kikuyu customs are very clear when it comes a married woman.When a Kikuyu woman is married she becomes a member of the community she is married into.That said her family still loves her and respects her choice .She has an option to name her children after her Kikuyu family but it is not a requirement nor does it reduce her social standing within her family or the kikuyu community .

    5.As for Kikuyu Men and how they are brought up.That is neither here no there .Just look at yourself.We as a community are like every other community or family.Parenting as you might know in Kenya today is not a community affair.I am sure your parents did the best they could in raising you to have such courage to comment and generalize as you have done lol(if you are indeed a kikuyu)

    6.I cant speak for the Kikuyu Women who are of the view that Kikuyu Men ‘wamezuuba’ Everyone is looking for something and geographical location does not determine where good men are found.The ones who cant deal with a zuubaed one are ‘clever women’.which brings me to your point about our clever women.If indeed you agree that kikuyu men have failed then I assume you will accept that our women marrying good men from other cultures is a clever thing to do .Dont you??

    7.If our women married for wealth as you claim,They wouldn’t have to go outside the community to marry money.Even if that were true I would think that part of the country would be the last place our women would head to.

    And finally just for the record .One can clearly tell that your comments despite the veiled attempts to appear honest , that you are not a Kikuyu as you claim .I can tell you are a man who likes Kikuyu women for their beauty, brains and industry (and i don’t blame you)but you seem to have a problem reconciling yourself to the fact that you are not a Kikuyu.(no matter how many kikuyu women you have or intend to have)-its one of those ‘I will marry a Mzungu to feel good about myself and to be accepted but it doesn’t work).

    Kikuyu women are beautiful,smart and industrious like I said before .I support them in whatever makes them happy .It doesn’t take away from my being a Kikuyu man when a kikuyu woman marries a man from another community.Masculinity and self worth is not conferred by women on men or vice versa in our culture.(or any other progressive culture for that matter hence the Mzungu problem some of you also face )So I am all for Kikuyu women doing what makes them happy.

    My tip for you is instead of talking smack about Kikuyu men,or kikuyus in general you should be happy at the very least that we have raised and supported good women, who are making good wives and mothers for other communities.If indeed (and i doubt it)you are a Kikuyu man I feel more comfortable than I have ever felt ,that some of our Kikuyu sisters are marrying Men from other regions and not sticking to the confused few like you simply because they are Kikuyu.We need to keep the gene pool free of stupidity!!

    Muigwithania Administrator

  23. I saw a kiprotich guy is telling kikuyus to be prepare to build more memorials but he should remember you live by the sword you die by the sword and nothing that will stop us from existing and prospering we are ambitious as a community and we will continue to prosper

  24. Also you guys are talking about kikuyu women marrying men from other tribes it was the case before because we have been living thinking that there is no tribalisim but now everyones eyes are open we are a tribal coutry people are soon going to stop that bussiness because if you marry a man and he takes you away from nairobi to live in God knows where who is going to accept that thats going to be the end of that marriage people are waking up.

    People should marry who they want to marry .It doesn’t take away from your Ethnic group.As long as you marry with open eyes ,people should accept love crosses all boundaries .Preference for someone with a similar culture helps but We should be open to everyone .Luo, Digo Yoruba German,Tahitian.God created you a Kikuyu!! Nobody can change that .Be the best Kikuyu Wife or Husband you can be !Even if its not to a Kikuyu like you

    Joe- ADMIN

  25. its obvious accept or deny it Kenya belongs to kenyans and not certain tribes.lets shun away from generalizin issues.a mistake committed by a person does not at any point represent the entire any given point there are innocent people.mark you everybody shud carry his/her own cross.lets not help them

  26. I just want to go there,
    Go there,
    where ?
    Here, there, everywhere !
    where i built my home !
    where i planted !
    where i sowed !
    where i eat !
    where i slept !
    where i belong !
    I just want to go there,
    Go there,
    where ?
    Here, there, everywhere,
    I just want to go home

  27. Sorry, I’m joining the party late here but I hate to see my Kenyan people seething with so much hate for one another – quite primitively, I might add. I am a Luo, grew up with Kambaa, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Luhya, Taita, Swahili, Kisii and Meru friends; all of whose languages (albeit partially) I learnt to speak in the process. Infact, I speak very good Kikuyu, you’d have a hard time believing I’m not a Kikuyu. I’ve dated Kalenjin, Kambaa, white girls etc and now engaged to a beautiful Kikuyu woman (who’s only dated Luo men) and I have never looked at any of them through the proverbial “tribal lenses”. If we, the younger generation in particular, don’t rise above these cheap tribal payasadas that I’m reading here, we will perish as a people! Absolutely. We have to come together and overcome this shallow view of each other – we are all better than that. Haha, as for the men that find Kikuyu women (or any woman for that matter) as being ‘uncontrollable”, get a grip! Please. A man worth his salt should be able to harmonize any woman he aspires to make his own. If you don’t have the mental capacity to tame your woman, pole sana. Tupendane na tuangalie mbele pamoja – we have a great nation to build.

  28. Truely having confessed all this,Uhuru dares take us to the slaughter once more coz he was not affected………i say NO

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