The Future

By Mary Ndungu

Wamuraya and Waiyaki
Wamuraya an unsang heroin.
You will go unnoticed

You are a woman of Great intentions
A woman of Divine intentions
Wamuraya you have set an example
You offered land for a community school in a prime area
Others were starting private schools!

The school is serving Njiarwa and will serve Njiarwa na Njiarwa
A testimony that mboco no igwe thi andu menyurane!
Your spirit is linked to PDIs

Let’s follow Wamuraya
Let us re establish the umbilical cord with PDIs
Help them to relive their Divine mission
Do like Wamuraya did

Waiyaki can you lead us!
The rest: Kaihwa na gucukuru will follow
Wa ten! Wa ten!
Wa giciko! Wa Giciko!
Wa mutungi! Wa mutungi!
Wa Rwiga! Wa Rwiga!
Wa Ihiga! Wa Ihiga!
Wa Lori! Wa Lori!
To restore the umbrical cord
So that people can cease to be managi!


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