Martha Karua

Martha Karua

When Martha Karua announced in late 2007 that she would be one of the debutantes for the 2012 presidential polls, most of us ignored her.Enter 2008, she has repeatedly reiterated this and proceeded to underpin it with concrete political action. She is now interim chair of NARC-K, the PNU partner boasting the highest number of members in the tenth Parliament. When she therefore asserts that she is no longer interested in PNU unity and wishes to strengthen her party in preparation for 2012, only non-serious political strategists can afford to take her lightly.

Ms Karua is the embodiment of political suave. No one quite understands how she appeared on the political scene. She stands on no historical political legacy akin to Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Musalia Mudavadi or Mr Raila Odinga, nor was she chaperoned into politics by any national or regional kingpins as was Mr Kalonzo Musyoka. Neither was she born into financial plenty to help her “buy” her way into parliament as many others have had to. And, in the many years she has served from the backbench of parliament and later the front bench as cabinet minister, she has not been embroiled in financial improprieties.

Her tenure as cabinet minister has also been colourful. Those in the Water ministry will tell you that she left a legacy that endures. She is credited with a reform model that has now become a benchmark for reforms in other sectors. And, she was strong and no-nonsense when she served there. Those in the Justice ministry will have stories to tell about her tireless style. She works indefatigably. That’s good for policy formulation and driving.

Raw courage

Her raw courage amazes. Recall when she stoically walked out in broad daylight, cameras zooming,  on former president Moi in Kerugoya stadium, that she had been denied a chance to address her people?
Why then would anyone be surprised that she, today, can easily stand her ground against President Kibaki on this small matter of PNU unity? That’s Martha for us.That’s why I think it would be political folly to disregard her current drive for presidential office. Here’s a Kenyan with an unblemished record of public service, occupies a key cabinet office, is leader of a growing political party, has courage and a doubtless clarity of mind.
Clearly, she has come from afar to occupy ground earlier reserved for only the likes of Mr Uhuru and Mr Saitoti in taking the mantle from President Kibaki.

9 thoughts on “Martha Karua

  1. Martha Karua is struggling hard not to be swallowed up by the House of Pharaoh. For nearly two decades she has sat at Pharaoh’s feet as a political neophyte.

    Sometimes, she has been her master’s voice, saying for him the wrong things he could not say. For this, she has wined and dined at his table. But Karua has also been learning. She has learnt about the Pharaoh and his ways.

    She has since gone into rebellion mode. She will not dissolve her political party to join the Pharaoh’s, nor will she blindly follow any more.

  2. If martha was president last year ,i and my community wouldn’t be refugees in there own country.Where is the international community while thousands of people languish as IDPs.As a victim psychologically,i send you martha with one message:Let the plight of kikuyus like that of JEWS and Palestinians be known internationally, don’t allow police to play politics with the perpetrators,please help create a national forum to fast track suffering of my people and create an effective feed back mechanism.Are Kikuyu lesser citizen in kenya?The west led by American and the British took side in funning chaos,can they be reprimanded?Venezuela,cuba and others have done so why not kenya.Why haven’t the government compelled the the said envoys and NGOs who openly took side in propaganda campaign to appear before the WAKI commission?Wishing you well in your 2012 focus and God bless you.

  3. Check out the new site at:
    Please guys lets all at least give her a chance and see what she can do.The site looks like it will turn into something good. These guys even took the time to convert Krieglers report from pdf to something you can read right there on the site.

    I think for most members of the public(and this blog) don’t mind Martha Karua running for president .We understand its her democratic right to do so .Where it becomes tricky is when she attacks Uhuru Kenyatta .She should move on with her agenda instead of attacking Uhuru . The people have a soft spot for Uhuru. Karua would do much better selling her ideas instead of putting him down. The more she attacks him. The more the people love him. I think its time we hear what Martha is all about and not about those she claims are trying to stop her .

    PS. And when is Karua going to visit with IDPs.

  4. Martha will make a good leader since she has no business of being a concessional leader. The kenya we want needs a legal mind to manage the historical mess created over the years. The economic gains in the region require a forthright mind in drawing contracts without the bias of big businesses associated with the current crop of leaders.

  5. Who really owns
    I have a suspicion that Martha Karua may be in for a pretty rough ride or she is a pretty

    bright person in protecting her online identity.
    But judging from the fact that the above domain was created last year, while the previously

    launched ones are pretty new, I am betting that the Uhuru crowd may actually own this domain

    I know for a fact that uhuru himself is in trouble with and may be

    Whoever owns the sites, it is now obvious that internet wars will be very much in the Kenyan

    political scene come 2012!
    This I gotta see!

  6. I greatly admire Martha for the courage she has so far shown. I believe she has the qualities Kenya needs for a president. She will take issues head on and NEVER seem to sit on a fence, she will answer critics with clear and specific well choosen words that none will sustain redundant debates that only belittle a leader. Her performance records is immaculate.

    I want to hear more from her on her agenda for various groups of Kenyans like the youth, labour force, women folk, men and the elderly. Please Martha tell us your agenda for pragmatic research that should easily turn round our beloved country.

    Martha Karua has done a wonderful job. I m glad she is now selling herself and not attacking Uhuru. So far she has done a great job. People want strong leaders not like Kibaki who is indecisive all the time with no steel or backbone. Karua is a strong leader we want to see more and hear more !

  7. Martha was better off in cabinet than out.Truth be told,Kibaki will out come 2012…Martha has left us at the Mercy of hyenas in cabinet who will now take advantage of her absence to rob,steal,murder, rape and pillage.

  8. Kudos mama Kenya,you have done a wonderful job.your prowess in politics has INSPIRED the Kenyan woman who is even deep far in the Turkana region,so let nothing stop you for the top seat.i think its the right time you should be in touch with what is affecting the poor people of Kenya.state house is the limit mama

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