Secret Amnesty for Poll Suspects. “And we all lived happily ever after in a glorious Kenya”

Odm supporter

Odm supporter

Adopted from a Capital Fm Exclusive-08/10/08

Corroborated by interviews with some Rift Valley MP’s who have even begun taking a tally of those released so far.

“A number of the youth that we had asked for have been released and are now back home. We are still taking stock of whether there are still more who are likely to be in police custody,” said Isaac Ruto of Chepalungu.
The suspects were arrested for offences ranging from arson attacks, malicious damage to property, and incitement, among others.It is said that they did not appear in court to face any of the counts they were arrested for.

kIambaa Church Victims

kIambaa Church Victims

Then just why were they arrested and where were they being held prior to their release?

When we put that question to Police Spokesman Kiraithe, he changed tack and even denied that the said suspects were ever in custody.

“Our position remains that we really did not have any young men in our police cells and therefore, we cannot be releasing any young men we do not have,” he stated, adding that the matter was being dealt with by the Commission of Inquiry into Post Election Violence (CIPEV).

Happy Valley we all love each other

Happy Valley :we all love each other

Isaac Ruto made remarks that tied into Kiraithe’s version: “We do not know exactly whether there was a general release because when we ask them (the youth) most of them do not exactly know whether they are expected to go back or not. And they do not seem to be having any papers showing they have been released on bond or whichever arrangement.”

Though he could not state the exact number of those so far released, Ruto is categorical that the youth who have been set free are more than the ones missing.


One thought on “Secret Amnesty for Poll Suspects. “And we all lived happily ever after in a glorious Kenya”

  1. Are gender activists more is needed!
    I have closely followed gender activists presentations on rape cases to the commissions that have been appointed to investigate post election violence. I have my own fears regarding their presentations. First, If they really wanted action taken against the rapists, they need to accurately document every incident of rape, the place it took place, the age and tribe of women involved. My fear is that they are hiding under the guise a vague term many women as if the case would have been simpler or less serious if only one woman or child was involved. Second, they are failing to state the political economy dynamic of the rapes. They need to come up strongly and state that the women were raped because of whom they represented or symbolised. Kikuyu women and girls were raped because they represented Kibaki the villian. The rapists were exercising their democratic rights a thing that ODM has repeated many times while calling for amensty. Thus, the rapist were raping on behalf of someone one. So the women were sacrificed at the alter of democracy and grand coalition. Unless, this political economy dynamic is clearly put in pespective, the women will never be healed. Neither, should the women be urged to go and testify infront of these commissions which are a mockery of any sitting seeking to redress a faul situation. Afterall, we have seen what goes on during the presentations.
    Healing takes many form. But it is unlikely to begin with a public hearing. Moreover healing might never take place afterall. It begins by brave acceptance and listening to the calm voice of forgiveness. If we cannot collect the ashes of Kiambaa church to testify to atrocities why are we continuining to wound the raped women by making blank general statements.
    Kenyatta appeased freedom fighters by always making reference to the fact that wiyathi ndwaheanirwo na gathani. Let Kibaki do the same and say that woman were violated and girls lost their virginity for him to become a president under the grand coalition. Raila should also apologise to the women because of the sins committed by his untrained soldiers. We have seen the pope and other leaders apologising for those in their folks who have committed crimes.
    However, since this is not likely to happen, the rape survivors may be could turn to Maria Goretti the patron saint of raped women for solace.

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