Salim Lone Retires-Good riddance to bad rubbish

Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish.
Enough said………….


9 thoughts on “Salim Lone Retires-Good riddance to bad rubbish

  1. Salim Lone is an outstanding professional from Kenya and the highest ever ranked Kenyan within the United Nations. Salim Lone is a kenyan born of Asian descent but who has paid his patriotitc dues to Kenya from time immemorial.Salim Lone was one of the founders of the Mwangaza Movemement, NCEC Katiba reviews and the FORD movement. For this he was irregularly detained and exiled outside kenya with Matiba and Rubia.Salim Lone’s resume and story and work is above reproach.We understand that he does not come from your “community”

  2. Salim Lone played a crucial part in implementing Odm propaganda that the 2007 elections were fraudulent . As head of ODM communication inconjunction with Kass FM ,they played a major role and bare responsibility for the lives lost

  3. Salim Lone poisoned the minds of members of the international media and the international community stationed in Kenya,” against Kenyan and PNU.

  4. Its wrong to dismiss someone because of his political inclination because they differ with yours. I am Kikuyu but i can identify an excellent professional when i see one.He has been an outstanding professional and have performed excellently in managing Raila’s Public Relations. This has shielded the politician from embarrassment and costly blunders which Alfred Mutua has not done for Kibaki.I admire Lone and salute his dedicated service to this nation. if u feel he was behind the post-election violence show us the evidence.

    I just came by this blog by chance.Its a brilliant idea. however Am appalled that there are some tribalistic posts. i assume u are educated and young n therefore very disappointed that u still have such medivial ideas. wake up and grow above tribe.I am not sure i will be returning here

    I guess Kikuyu’s like Mr. .Jackson would also have us think that Joseph Goebbels Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi’s shouldn’t be dismissed by history either. After all despite political inclination he was an excellent & professional PR guy.Goebbels did an excellent job shielding Hitler from embarrassing costly blunders. For that we have to admire his professionalism .I bet many Germans also saluted him for his service to the fatherland. So much for that kind of logical thinking Mr. Jackson Ndungu.

    As for your other comments about the blog.

    1. We are working on toning down the tribalism. Any suggestions you might have are welcome. We accept constructive criticism. Please point out specific posts or comments and we will work on them.

    2. Please visit our Concept of Tribe Page it answers your “wake up and grow above tribe” comment.

    3. As for our Medieval age ideas, you will find our postmodern explanation on your ‘Modern thoughts’ on our Why -Ideology Page.

    -Blog Admin
    Have a thinking day-we encourage thinking on this blog

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