Gema Politics-Meru & Rift Valley Talking Trash .

Leaders from central Rift Valley and the larger Meru have sent a chilling message to the rest Central Kenya. In what can only be best describe as Uhuru Kenyatta put it.”Ujinga usioeleweka” .Leaders who attended Molo MP Joseph Kiuna’s thanksgiving ceremony at the weekend said despite strongly backing their kin in Central during elections, they were always given a raw deal.

“Our voters have learnt not to follow their Central Province counterparts blindly and come 2012, we shall make a wise decision by unanimously deciding who to back so that no more displacement occurs in politically-instigated violence,” Mr. Kiuna said. Politicians from the larger Meru have joined the fray accusing Central Kenya leaders of short-changing them when “sharing the gazelle”.

Meru to go it alone:

Contributing in a local TV show this week, Mr. Mithika Linturi and assistant ministers Kilemi Mwiria and Japhet Kareke asked the Meru to unite and bargain with other communities outside the Gema bloc.A spokesman for the influential Njuri Ncheke council of elders claimed they had been “used as mud gumboots”.Mr Linturi said Gema “was as dead as a dodo.”

This is an indication that the centre is no longer at ease and things could fall apart.From what has been said, you get the impression that the discontent is informed by a perception that they were not rewarded for their contribution in the last election as well as a desire for greater integration.“We fight together but when it’s time to share the cake, we’re regarded as Rift Valley Kikuyu. We are treated as black-headed sheep. We don’t have a minister, ambassador, permanent secretary or parastatal head,” Mr Kiuna said.

Water and Irrigation assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri, and former MPs Koigi wa Wamwere (Subukia) and Paul Muite (Kabete) share Mr Kiuna’s concern.Mr Kiunjuri said the “Central Rift has completely been ignored by Mt Kenya,” adding that though they contributed about 30 per cent of PNU votes, the region received no government posts of note.“Kikuyus in the Central Rift have always been punching bags during elections as we witnessed in January but we were ignored,”“Our challenges and interests are determined by where we live and are shared by our neighbours,” he said, adding that a Kikuyu-Kalenjin alliance would boost reconciliation

My 2 Cents on the issue

1. If Rift Valley kikuyu ‘leaders’ think that it is safer for their constituents  to vote the way Kalenjin warriors tell them to vote or want them to vote .Then that is fine they can go right ahead .If you think you were attacked because  you voted with Central and not because of land and jeleousy  then  vote for  your Mr. Ruto and Arap Mibei .(some kind of twisted logic-we will vote with kalenjins so that they do not fight with us) I doubt with the dwindling resources in the rift that it will buy you peace.

2. The Meru people  can do whatever they want to do it’s their democratic right to do so. If they think they can get a better deal with Imanyara and Co then well and good. I have never seen a kyuk man or woman cry because the Meru community wants to exercise its democratic rights. Do what is best for you. Nobody has been holding a gun to your head to vote for a kikuyu all this years .Dont act like you are hostages you are free to do as you please.


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