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  2. It is not difficult to see why the Europeans, espcially the British hate the Kikuyu. Remember that together with the Embu and the Meru, the three communities are the ones who fought the most ferociously against colonialism atrocities. That is why last year’s polls had already been declared rigged even before they were conducted! This was with the help of well oiled propaganda (through a lot money by buying out the media houses as well as some journalists). This had the input of the American government and other Euoropean countries such as Britain.

    I don’t know whether any one else is bothered that Johann Kriegler and his commission could not find evidence of rigging at the KICC for a solid six months of investigations and yet go ahead to crucify the ECK commissioners for mistakes done by the Commission’s employees, political parties, politicians and the voters. Isn’t it the politicians who forced the ECK to ise the black book even after it had rejected its use in the polls. So, who exactly is to blame here? And consider this with the fact that only one subregion had more than 95% voter turn out in the whole of Kenya – the Luo Nyanza region!
    I believe that as Kikuyu Community Members, we should rise against this vilification of the community under directions from some certain foregn powers against our enterprising spirit by using underhand tactics to destroy us.
    And if you do not believe it, consider the case of Molo. The returning officer announced partial results (he admitted it before the Kriegler Commission) which were quickly taken by the EU observers and KTN and when the complete results were announced they went ahead to reject them saying that votes had been added to Kibaki. Why would they do that when we all know that they had a lot of expertise and money at their disposal to conduct thorough investigations before announcing the inflammatory remarks. And what was the result of this ‘anomaly’? Death to members of our community and other communities who were percieved to be PNU sympathisers. Why should we remain quiet with all this information? We will only act when it is our time to die?
    I suggest that we involve ourselves fully in the political process in this country instead of sitting and watching others throw a lot mud to us and our leaders. Of course we shouldn’t protect corrupt leaders but we should demand proof of allegations against one of our own.
    Finally it is time to build bridges with other communities who are genuinely interested in unity for prosperity to our great nation- Kenya.
    And Kriggler, though hard pressed to condemn the ECK and say that rigging took place at the KICC (by the people paying him, the EU of course), was pushed by his conscience and refused flatly. God bless him.

  3. Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and four MPs from Central Province now say that political leaders who claimed that last year’s presidential elections were rigged at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre should apologise to the country.Mr Kenyatta and the leaders who included Cabinet Minister Esther Murugi said since the Kriegler report did not show any evidence of rigging, those behind the insinuation which led to the killing of at least 1,200 people and displacement of thousands of others owe Kenyans an apology.

    Speaking at Kangari market in Murang’a South district after officiating at a ceremony to mark Njiiris High School’s Golden Jubilee, Mr Kenyatta said; “Why were people killed and their property destroyed? Those behind the false claims which caused the shedding of innocent blood have to answer this question before Kenyans and God.”

    Mr Kenyatta said it was unfortunate that “people calling themselves leaders lied to the world that the election was stolen” adding that they should accept liability for the pain and loss the country suffered as a resort of these “irresponsible claims.”

    The Kriegler team dismissed allegations that the rigging of the presidential results took place at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

    Justice Kriegler said: “The allegations of rigging at the KICC…IREC finds that contrary to widespread rumour, speculation and supposition, upon proper scrutiny of the evidence, this allegation cannot be sustained”

    The Commission said determining a winner of the presidential election was not possible.

    The report says that although there was room for “disagreement as to whether there was rigging of the presidential results announced by ECK, the process was perverted at the polling stage and the recorded and reported results are so inaccurate as to render any reasonably accurate, reliable and convincing conclusion impossible”

    Mr Kenyatta’s sentiments were echoed by other PNU MPs present including Gender and Children Affairs Minister Esther Mathenge, Jamlek Kamau (Kigumo) and Elias Mbau (Maragua) who said those behind the rigging claims should be held accountable.

    Mr Kamau had kicked off the debate when he said the ODM leadership should be called to account for the post-election violence following the Independent Review Commission’s verdict which ruled out any deliberate rigging of the presidential poll.

    Ms Mathenge prevailed on Mr. Kenyatta to spearhead a campaign to demand an apology particularly to the thousands of Kenyans still languishing in camps for the internally displaced.

    “If some one calls you a thief and it is found out later that nothing has been stolen, it is only fair and just for the accuser to recant the claim,” she said.


    So what legitimacy do we have to claim “our side won”?

    And who ignored the IPPG recommendations and appointed partisan, incompetent and in-experienced ECK commissioners with 2 months to elections?

    There lies our answer. This BS of ati “we won” an election whose official investigative report concludes was a “SHAM” is what isolates us from the rest of Kenya.

    For me, I’m wondering why the past Govt (NARC) organized SHAM elections which led to such post-election disaster.

    If we dont learn from history, as Kriegler mentioned, we are bound to repeat it. I refuse to be cattle herded into thinking that we are now winners (or losers) of a SHAM election.

  5. I don’t think anyone is saying that PNU won.The report is very clear that the results are in doubt because the election was too close to call and because of systemic issues . But the Kriegler report is very specific that a key fact pushed by ODM was a lie. There was no rigging at KICC.

    Nobody is saying PNU won all that is being said is that Odm/Some media outlets like KTN through claims that rigging happened at KICC pushed the country over the brink. People died

    when the Waki Report is published shall we also say that since both sides were involved in violence that we should let it go? No! Everybody should be accountable for their acts. If ECK is to be held accountable for its part then those who said there was massive rigging at KICC should also be held accountable!!!

  6. The ODM representatives in the Kriegler Commission on Saturday came out to explain why they were opposed to some of the findings contained in the report.

    However, the two representatives told the press, separately, that they were satisfied by the outcome of the inquiry and the report produced.According to Mr Francis Aywa, they were opposed to the commission’s finding that the election was not rigged.

    “We were of the view that though it was clear that there were mistakes leading to flawed results we did not have enough evidence to rule out anything else,” Mr Aywa said in a telephone interview to the press.

  7. The Kriegler report clearly says allegations of fraud in the election are unfounded. Instead the Kriegler report indicates that there was widespread and systematic incompetence throughout the electoral system with a series of errors that made it impossible to determine the true outcome.

    so odm liedi dont see how you can spin out of this

  8. There is one fact that we cannot afford as a country to run away from, which i think Kriegler underlined, that the system has failed the country. My understanding of the system is the whole electoral system, both the legal and the structure of the ECK. Had it been above board, i am convinced quite a number of potentially explosive hiccups that fueled the conflicta earlier in the year would have been averted.
    This therefore means that instead of jostling which of the factions won, let us embrace the unity we have today and in the same spirit work towards putting in place an effective system that in essence will safeguard the democratic rights of all Kenyans. Unless and until we have our democratic rights respeted, we cannot expect to have long-term peace in the country. By having such a system with competent people running it, is one means to an end. Not that i am saying that is all that needs to be done, rather it is one approach. Comprehensive constitutional and legal reforms needs be done if at all the historical injustices are to be remedied. And last but not least, Kenyans need to change their mind settings because even with all the highlighted reforms, ultimately, the key factor will be the mwananchi if at all success is to be achieved. Let us embrace one another, appreciate diversity as a plus and live with one another in harmony. I am not sure tribal afflictions will ever put food in our table nor pay our bills. We have very few tribes to draw ourselves into tribal cocoons. As yourselves, what if there were no tribes as they do now, what would you be fighting over, colour? height?

  9. Kageni excellent commentary however having seen this grand coalition at work i doubt any comprehensive reforms will be done . The political capital this government has is being squandered daily.

    One of the key recommendations made by Kriegler on ensuring democracy through one man one vote is that electoral boundaries should be redrawn. According to him that was one of the major issues that is perverting democracy in Kenya. Yet even today odm is against justice and democracy for other kenyans. They want a parliamentary system that favors Odm with the boundaries as they are.

    How can we keep talking about Unity in this country when the planners of ethnic cleansing roam the country free and seat in the cabinet . when women and children continue to live in tents ignored by those in Nairobi

    Yes tribal affiliations do not put food on my table or pay my bills but neither does Kenya or the grand coalition. Kenya has never paid our bills or put food on our table.

  10. Kriegler Report: Politicians must see the bigger picture
    By MACHARIA GAITHO (email the author)
    Posted Monday, September 22 2008 at 19:36

    *The rest of the post can be viewed on the Nation Media page *

    Mr TruthwillsetUSfree,

    We know what Mr. Macharia Gaitho said in his article.However on this blog we are more interested in your views and ideas . Not regurgitated opinions from the media. kenyans continue to visit this blog and other blogs for an alternative perspective not to read the same old mainstream opinions that are not improving their lives or getting them to think for themselves.

    Please feel free to post your own opinion.We promote critical thinking on this blog and accept views that differ from ours.

    Blog Admin

  11. I don’t think that anybody is saying that PNU won the elections simply because all of us are not competent enough to say that. However what Kriegler said is quite significant – that there was no evidence of rigging at the KICC in last year’s elections. The bone of contention with the ODM is that KIbaki’s votes were magnified at the KICC. This was also the claim of many observers, including the EU, AU and some of the domestic onservers. What is most painful is that this led to loss of life and a huge step bckwards in the growth of our economy.

    I think that it is only fair that some of this people be called to account to explain further their allegations. Suffice is to say that some of the observers were driven by other hidden interests apart from free and fair elections. Think of the claim by the EU that Kibaki garnered 50,000 votes against Odinga’s 19000 votes in Molo and their vehement refusal to accept the final and full results from the returning officer only for the officer to testify that he had only announced partial results, which the observers quickly took up. I refuse to believe that EU observers were neutral and fair observers!

    It is interesting to note that Kriegler and the members of his commission blamed everybody- voters, ECK, GOvt., Political Parties, the Civil Societies – almost everybody. Yet all we are hearing from certain quarters is that Kivuitu and his team must go. Isn’t this sacrificing a few for the sins of many?

    And while at it, I think that it is paramount for us as Kenyans to check the monoploy and terrorism of some of the self righteous media houses. Some of them perpetuated and fuelled the rumours that the election had been rigged. One of the major dailies devoted all the editorial opinions on why Kibaki had lost – and stolen – the elections. They didn’t care that people were dying as a result. In fact one daily had a whole commentary on how Kibaki had only won in 2 of the 8 provinces, a blatant lie, unless the commentator was a member of the eletoial commission. Official results from the ECK showed that he indeed won in 4 of the 8 provinces. He went on to say that Kibaki couldn’t have won given that PNU had less members of parliament then ODM ignoring that population of the constituencies and the PNU affiliate parties. Kriegler castigated some of the observers for this kind of observation. We must resist some of the tyranny of the media.

    Finally, we as a community must not allow ourselves to be put down and acquire low self esteem. God created us and gave us Kenya to live in. We must be proud of ourselves and believe in ourselves. And we are not greedy, thieves and selfish. God bless Kenya and not only the Kikuyu, but also all the other Kenyan communities!

  12. ODM worn the election,kibaki rigged the election assisted by kalonzo.Gema hates other people in this country and they are saying they fought for the independent and no other person caan not lead this country this the highest madness i have ever seen from enlightened people.what i know all the person in this country played a role in this struggle and have a place i n this country.infact the gema people are the ones to be blame to have first in place let this colonials in.if they were brave enough they could reject them the moment they step their foot in this country from the coast.

    they living in the in the past untill the mungiki has come in.

    we want majimbo so that all the kikuyus who are in rift valley and other places in this country go back to thier home in central provicince and us go back home.because they r feeling they are controlling the economy this country.

    you say you are brave on making money yet foolish in that you spit on the plate you are eating abuse the people who live in those rental hses we educate your kids,we feed you.i think this the time majimbo comes in and see who is going to suffer.

    ECK are Kibaki’s men.he appointed this people without consulting the parliament.kriegler he fears to tell the truthy because if he says ODM worn we are going to back where we were in jan en feb.he has done good job and if you can read between then line you will see who worn the election.

  13. I will continue airing my views on this column since I believe it is encouraging expression and opinions that are balanced. Keep up the good work of allowing the people to express themselves. Some of us have tried sending comments to the mainstream media houses but as you will observe they only publish the political views of people who are paying the media houses and the editors.

    Indeed it is being said that some of the media houses laid off people belonging to certain communities since the referendum of 2005 so that they could have the chance of popularising some certain political parties and at the same time descreetly but sharply criticise others and by giving them veiled bad publicity. And it has also emerged or rather it is rumoured that some of them were on the payroll of some certain western foreign powers. God have mercy on us Kenyans! Even some of the media houses which are sustained by the sales they make on us are at the forefront betraying us as the nation of Kenya. Why would some media houses report erronoeus and biased infromation after a bribe by western powers who we very well know that they represent the interests of their respective countries and that should their interests conflict with Kenya’s interest they will push for the former’s?

    Yesterday the diplomats were exerting pressure on Samuel Kivuitu and the other commissioners to resign and threatening them with visas withdrawal. Are they acting on Kenya’s interests? Why are they hasty to see the recommedations of Kriegler implemented immediately? Do they have something to hide? Why haven’t they shown the same zeal in Remitting funds as requested by the coalition government to help resettle the IDPs? And why are they not pushing for the punishment of people who were involved in tribal clashes?

    And look! some of the editors in mainstrteam print media are already defending them by saying that they ‘helped in bringing pece to Kenya and resettling people affected by the violence’
    Is the editor implying the help they offered (if any) gives them the rights to interfere with what is clearly (or should be) a Kenyan process? Is Kenya ours or theirs? I thought it was a one off affair when they stotmed the Justice Minister’s office demanding to know the progress of the new constitution? Now I can see that they want to usurp the roles of Kenyans, with the help of the Kenyan Mainstream media houses, to chart the course of our history. Their actions are condescending. It is my opinion that we should not allow that. And we are ready to demonstrate against them.

    I think that if they are forcing the ECK to resign, the politicians should do so first. They are the ones who forced the ECK to use the blackbook so that even the dead voters could ‘vote’ and some voters could vote as amny as five times! That is why some tribal regions had over 95% voter turn out!

    I want to ask us to debate this issue thoroughly in a clean way. What shouldwe do as Kenyans? And let us remember that their interests are not our own interests. They have been involved in slave trade before and they can do it again. Let us be proud as Kenyans and reclaim our sovereignity.

  14. Kriegler did not want kenyans to kill each other again.The fact of the matter is ODM won the election and since this two principals have already formed a coalition government then its better we move on till 2012 then we see how PNU with then new slogan-wiper will beat ODM.Kalonzo and Uhuru for sure will be the leaders of opposition(OFCOURSE THE 2012 ELECTION WILL BE WITHOUT ECK KIVUITU etc)


    ODM did not win any election.The Kriegler report was very clear in its findings-Revisionist history practiced by odm and its supporters is lame-The report says the election was disputed -too close to call

  15. One of the best things about websites such as this is that they give a snap shot of emotions and opinions at a moment in time; emotions and opinions that may have changed alot in subsequent months or years.

    Elections in Kenya have become an arena for the big five or six ‘tribes’ to practice ethno-tribal hatred. The shifting alliances between tribal chieftains with sworn enemies of 2007/2008 becoming bossom buddies in 2009 are proof of this.

    A nation of 35 million, with over 42 tribes, should not be held hostage to the agenda of a few tribes regardless of the fact that they are a majority of the population. PNU or ODM; it doesnt matter who won, who is in power or any of that. What matters most is that the large tribes have bullied the smaller ones into submission and totally dominate the national agenda, and only to their benefit.

    As a goan; where is my place in Kenya? My family moved here in the 19th Century. I have only Kenyan blood running through my veins, this is as much my home as it is Kibaki’s or Raila’s. Why then should goans, hindus, mijikendas, somalis etc not have a stake in this nation equal to that of the GEM, Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba or Luhya? Should the smaller tribes form their own nation in some quiet corner of this land and get on with the business of being an emerging democratic state and leave the rest of you to bicker about the most petty of things?

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  17. Pinto your place in Kenya is where it has always been.You have to take ownership of your Kenya. Don’t wait for anyone to give it to you .It is yours.Kikuyus don’t ask where is our place we are taking it .I suggest Goans,Hindus Somalis and Mijinkendas as you ask should do the same .Small tribes should not go to a quiet corner anywhere!! Kenya is yours just as it is ours .Do wait !! Take charge of your destiny.We are !what are you waiting for? 35 Million Kenyans there is room for us all take your place dont expect others to step down for you.Step up and take what is yours

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  21. It was the most painful and bitterest moment to remember in this great nation. Citizens fell prey to machinations of the so called leaders, and avaricious politicians. They misled their communities and those who were deceived that they would start enjoying manna from heaven. Yet it is very clear we shall live on our sweat. We were balknaised through cheer incitement and twisted philosophies that certain segments of Kenya’s society enjoy and partake the national cake at the expense and exclusion of others. this is barefaced lies. the same politicians demeaned certain communities, attached lables to the communities hence removing humanity and through this ethnic bashing we dropped basic human feelings which led to mericiless attacks to certain communities after they were attacking sangari,thieves and people who have benefitted at their expense. hence they set the stage for genocide; God loves this nation. but as citizens we must grow up. we were left butchering our supportive neigbours with whom we share the scrambles from the big man’s dining table. we attacked and killed the same people with whom we share the leftovers. what a shame. the people we claim to be fighting for dine and wine in the best hospitality facilities in the country and abroad and their chidlren intermarry if not school in the same high cost educational institutions localy and abroad. we destroyed our livelihoods which we have toiled for since birth. our foreign masters sneaked through the back door and connived with 21st century collaborators and bootlickers to sell our motherland for 30 silver coins like Judas. they are ready to mortgage our motherland just to sit on the throne even for a day regardless of the cost and future of the nation and its citizens. may God give us love and wisdom, but we must put God first not our tribes, ‘our leaders’, not the blinding love for money and wealth for which we are ready to sell our brothers and motherland. Mutongoria Njamba-Looking Forward to the Future

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