The Lost Tribes of Isreal-House Of Mumbi?

Genetic tests on the Lemba people of southern Africa show convincing evidence the Bantu-speaking tribes may be of Jewish ancestry.A team of geneticists have discovered that Lemba men carry a DNA sequence that is distinctive to the cohanim, a hereditary set of Jewish priests. The priests are different from rabbis, and perform certain ritual roles. The Lemba, who practice circumcision, keep one day a week holy and avoid eating pork or pig-like animals, have long asserted they are of Jewish heritage.The discovery of the common DNA sequences stemmed from research being done into the Jewish tradition that priests are the descendants of Aaron, the elder brother of Moses.

Lost Tribes

Lost Tribes

An analysis of the male Y chromosome found in 1997 that a particular pattern of DNA changes was much more common among cohanim priests than among lay Jews. A population geneticist at Oxford University in England, took that discovery one step further.“In studying the priesthood, we happened into this tool for distinguishing Jewish from non-Jewish populations.”  Unlike in other chromosomes, the genetic material of the Y chromosome remains more or less unchanged from generation to generation, making it a useful tool in discovering heritage, the newspaper reported.

The geneticist found a particular set of genetic mutations that was strongly associated with the priestly caste, not so common among lay Jews and very rare in non-Jewish populations. He then tested DNA samples collected from the Lemba.Research showed that the proportion of Lemba men carrying the genetic signature of the priests were similar to those found among the major Jewish populations, strongly supporting the Lemba tradition of Jewish ancestry.And the DNA sequences were particularly common among Lemba men who belong to the Buba clan, the senior of their 12 groups. The Lemba, from South Africa and Zimbabwe, believe they were led out of Judea by a man named Buba.

Approximately 2,500 years ago, a group of Jews left Judea and settled in Yemen. The tribe was led by the house of Buba and we are told that this move was to facilitate trade. In Yemen they settled in a place and built a city called Senna . They were then known as the BaSenna (the people from Senna).When conditions became unfavorable and they could no longer call Yemen home.

The House of Hamisi took over the leadership and led the people across into Africa.Once in Africa, the tribe split into 2 sections: One group settled in Ethiopia and the other group went further south along the East Coast. They settled in what today is known as Kenya and built Senna 2. Here they prospered and increased in numbers.The travel bug bit once again and they were on the move. one group went  down south  while the other and settled in Kenya. Their descendants are still residing in these countries up to today and are generally known as Ba Mwenye

Ethiopian jews

Ethiopian jews

The remaining group, under the leadership of the house of Bakali, moved on and settled in Mozambique. Here they built Senna 3. Even today, the BaSenna are found in Mozambique.After many years, part of the tribe, now under the leadership of Seremane moved further south to settle in Chiramba in what is known today as Zimbabwe. They were known as the Ba-Lemba. Our people still live there up to today. Some of the tribe moved south again and eventually settled in South Africa .Lemba males posses the Priestly Cohanim gene on their Y chromosome do Kikuyu men have the same chromosome?

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13 thoughts on “The Lost Tribes of Isreal-House Of Mumbi?

  1. I am very hesitant to credit this sort of ethnocentric “research”, after the horrors that such nonsense wrought on the Rwanda/Burundi population barely ten years ago. Very elucidate and supposedly scientifically researched work lasting a century both by the Germans and Belgians – murderous cutthroats they have always been, developed the murderous events we have witnessed in these two countries of a people who for centuries had shared a common history, language, culture and expectation. I may suggest that we should instead focus on what are the commonalities of the people of Kenya, and discard all reflective nostalgic thinking which will further alienate us from each other and possible entrench this now developing Masada complex in the Gikuyu people. Please also pray for our country, Kenya.

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  3. I am intigued by this Jews connection debate. Based on my secondary research, Kenyans could indeed through DNA be related to Jews,Ethiopians, Egyptians, Arabs and of course very much african in origin. The story that Kikuyu ancestors borrowed husbands from the sambuu could explain their ethiopian, semetic connection. As for the 14% jews blood in Kenyan Banrus, intermarriage in East Africa contribued to this thus making valid the DNA findings. It is a known fact that the Masas, Tutsis, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Indegenous rift valley tribes and most or all African pastoralists practice believes related to semetic traditions from an african perspective. Old history books which were more factually correct describe the Rift Valley communities as Nilo-Hamatic or Para-nilotic.

    The good thing is all kenyans have almost similiar DNA make up. It could be interesting to read further DNA esearch on Africa and the rest of the world. All global communities you will discover are closely related. Hoever, the Jews have millions of blood and assumed relatives in Africa through Aaron albeit black.

  4. I agree with DNA research it might shed some light.The 10 sons who married Gikuyu’s daughters might have been 10 sons of Sheba . more research is needed

  5. I’m fascinated by this and am planning a trip to east africa in February…. Can this jewish new yorker meet the lemba?

  6. A long trip through Ethiopia, Kenya then Zimbabwe would be in order Alice…I am sure the Lemba would be most welcoming.

  7. Awesome! I have learned many important facts.And, I feel happy that all is not lost! I also bow to those who have kept their religion alive for such a long time! They stayed true!

  8. There have been MANY genetic studies on both mitochondrial dna and Y-chromosomes that have included Kikuyus. NONE have shown any close connection to Jewish groups in Ethiopia, Israel or anywhere for that matter. Africans need to stop seeking validation through connections to Israel and be proud of their African identity. Ultimately the Semetic and Afrasian peoples are children of Africans……the Africans in North Ethiopia and Eritrea who migrated to the Arabian peninsula, NOT the Bantu, Nilotic, Cushitic and indigenous San and Gumba that mixed to create the Agikuyu.

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  10. Some very light skinned Kikuyu look Semitic.I would like to trace my genes. If Jewish men really visited mt Kenya secretly, and taught the natives how to pray to Mwene Nyaga, then they might have left some genes around there

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