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  1. I don’t understand why this reports(Waki & Kriegler) don’t name names.Sure it recommends that some people face a tribunal or the ICJ but who are this people and why have they not been named- PNU &ODM

  2. In order to assuage political egos, the report places blame on police for doing their job while perpetrators’ identities are kept secret. And we think Kenya is out of the woods? Forget it!!

  3. On newspaper reported “Kenya was on Wednesday offered a last chance to liberate itself from the slavery of politically-instigated barbarity when the Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence chaired by Mr Justice Philip Waki presented” (sic) but once again kenyans are already being taken for a ride . Can you imagine a report on rwanda that did not name organizers of violence lol (very sic) this report is going nowhere the top criminals will get away . Charging policemen and broke militants wont help with anything.

  4. “With equal measure, Justice Waki warned that should the effort to establish the Special Tribunal be subverted, the list of suspects would be forwarded to the Special Prosecutor at The Hague.”

    “In his 500-page report handed over to President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga at Harambee House, Nairobi, Waki recommended that the entity be given jurisdiction over criminal cases against persons bearing greatest responsibility for serious crimes, particularly against humanity and related to the 2007 post-election violence.”

    “With this, those accused of having perpetrated the violence will have nowhere to go, hide or run to.”

    Does anyone else see the irony in this 500-page report being handed over to Prime Minister Raila Odinga?

    Why should his followers pay for their crimes and not the man ultimately responsible?

  5. Wau, the report is almost to the point, only it does not name the parpetrators.

    But it is ok if they are not named now as their supporters from the two violent communities will result to violence once again when their ‘Kings’ are named because they are in that list.

  6. The launch of Waki report was a great milestone. But the question remains will the recomendation provided by Waki and his team be put in Action?

    I call apon our political leaders to take the report seriously and implement the recomendadtion put forward by the commission. particularly on our law enforcement agencies that really failed us.

  7. Yes. Name them all. Including Ruto (Kiambaa church burnings), Uhuru (Naivasha family burnt alive) and Kibaki (Unless he was not aware of the meeting at to plan revenge attacks at Statehouse – not likely)

  8. The Waki report seems to have highlighted most of the factors that led to the post election violence in Kenya. The only problem may come with its implementation.

    The names of top politicians, businessmen and government officials accused in the violence hold immense power and may be very difficult to prosecute them, leave alone reveal their names to the public any time in the future.

    This report will only end up like other reports which have never been implemented.

    You don’t expect the accused to be prosecutor and the jury.

    Kenyans are being taken for a ride for the upteenth time! Our tax payers money has been squandered for a report that may not have any effect.


  9. Kemboi, I have to agree with you .If the Kreigler report was handed over and the ECK is still in control how in the world do people expect Kibaki to go against the “people in statehouse” who planned the naivasha self defence attacks or Raila to watch as Ruto is dragged to the hague.

    I know for sure some people rumored to be on the central province list are untouchable .Not even Kibaki can dare move against them .Otherwise we will see Kenya sink

  10. Waki’s report is a job well done. But we all know that it is sensitive, therefore not something one can go shouting the sensitive aspects of the report from the hill tops. Waki did not just come up with findings of what had transpired but looked at the genesis, developments and results. We should therefore see Waki’s departure from the traditional naming of offenders in public and instead choosing to hand over the names to the right authorities as an effective strategic move to deal with problem. Otherwise, what would anyone of us do if we were told ‘officially’ who the big wigs behind the nightmares were? Just to know? Agree? Disagree? Argue?

    See, the Justice appears to understand that the leaders might not have the political will to have his team’s recommendations implemented. He has therefore provided an alternative. We need therefore to give Waki’s strategy a chance as some of the proposals are unprecedented in this counytry.

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  12. “Rather than take the high road of ascertaining the cause of the problem and therefore provide concrete basis for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Waki chose an easy short cut, thus wasting taxpayers money”

  13. A lot has been said and done. Incidentally some of the arguments you people are posting here are good but you are all misled. See what needs to happen is not to expose these people in public whoever they are, or go on about yappin dis and dat. It all boil s down to one concept. The abuse of the country’s constitution? You people seem to forget that, the document says it all as to what mandates should be followed when it comes to commissions of inquiry.

    The President himself knows and it is a shame to say that such a man we had respect and put our hopes in could come out in public and preach forgiveness of the utmost degree to us! There is nothing to forgive, as he has admitted there are perpetrators people dont u see? Only if we put these people on trial and they are convicted to watever degrees of punishment will people start respecting the law of the land. Because the top brass of the country are abusing people, funds, and office plus the law and getting away with it. We should a sKenyans try to educate ourselves more on our rights as they protect us from such people, who have the same rights.

    We should not make an example out of them but rather take this as the stepping stone towards a more transparent society wher people behave as the constitution says ” No one is above the law”. People you should really educate yourselves and people out there taht way as a people we learn to be stronger and people in power will then have to conform to the right methods or we take them out, for we put them there and we can take them out. I am coming back to that country to bring change, and I will no matter who stands in my way I will ensure that things change, leaders conform to do what we put them in power for not to abuse us. Our people, my people your people are tired. Leaders be careful a youthful generation is on the rise and you have to dance to our music or go retire for us to restore our country’s heritage. Kenyans know that God blessed you with me and i will do what I have to to bring back that country form the perpetrators to work for you and I.

    Mungu atubariki. You can find me on mpowino@yahoo.com. Drop me an e-mail and we can forum if u are for change, invite other people your friends family change starts from us and then we can spread the gospel to others and so on. Thanks.

  14. There is really not much to talk about. Justice Waki and Kofi Annan gave the government 45 days to form a tribunal .If the government fails the envelope of the accused will be handed over to The Hague. Those named will be charged with crimes against humanity.

    Kibaki and Raila have no escape .William Ruto can hold 12 million press conferences trying to defend his constitutional rights but it will not help . Justice must be done and will be done. Besides other people named on the PNU side don’t seem to fear why some in ODM so afraid. Could it be the PNU self-defense argument might get them acquitted?

    I think allowing this case to escalate to The Hague will be worse for Ruto and Co but better for Kenya

  15. The Waki report seem to have laid blame on almost every body who actively plays a role in this country. It seems the implementation stage will be for a few not mentioned. My question: Who will spearhead the implementation?

    Its not like they have a choice ! if the ICC takes over the case Even kibaki and Raila will be in a fix .Once you are branded an international criminal it is very hard to escape.(unless you do a kony)I am sure once people calm down they will accept the tribunal-45 days are ticking.Trying to mix up this issue with the constitution wont work

  16. ‘My peolpe perish for lack of knowledge ‘says who? When will kenya see the light of the day,with all these!How can i steal something then i comeup with a commission to investigate those who did mob jusice to me.There are sacred cows grazing in the shade!To cut along story short,let this report will gather dust in the shelves coz you cannot be the accused and the judge at the same time!
    l beg to leave!!!
    When will Kenya get independence for all???

  17. The waki roport should be implemented,because it contains what happened during the so called post-election violence. Those mentioned in the report,to be taken to international court of justic (icj).

  18. The Waki Commission was a product of the Serena Talks’ Agenda Four and its terms were inter alia: “To investigate the facts and surrounding circumstances related to acts of violence that followed the 2007 Presidential Election… and to recommend measures of a legal, political or administrative nature, including measures with regard to bringing to justice those persons responsible for criminal acts.”To this end, the Waki team did a courageous job in making some bold recommendations.

    It proposes the setting up of a tribunal to investigate those adversely linked to abetting the violence. In the absence of this and after the lapse of six months, it further proposes, the names of those implicated should be handed over to the International Crimes Court in The Hague for desirable prosecution.As Justice Philip Waki, the commission chairman, sensibly explained in the report’s hand-over ceremony, this recommendation is borne out of appreciation of the teams’ technical and time constraints.

    Adjudging culpability or innocence of suspects is bound to be a complex and protracted undertaking especially where influential personalities are involved and the raft of possible crimes, expansive.

    Simply put, the commission lacked the requisite mandate, personnel and time to reasonably attempt this.

    A tribunal as proposed, however, should provide for this. In any case, the mandate of the Waki team was to investigate the chaos and to recommend appropriate action. Its ambit did not extend to prosecuting suspects.

    It is therefore wrong, dishonest and ill motivated to accuse the team of doing a shoddy job. If it has left a natural lacuna between investigations and prosecutions, it helpfully proposes practical-sounding means to bridging the same.
    On this note, therefore, the envelope containing the list of the alleged six Cabinet Ministers suspects among others makes sense.The Waki team said there was credible evidence to strongly suggest involvement of the names now under the custody of Dr Kofi Annan. It does not say they are guilty yet.

    Indeed, the proposed tribunal would ideally give them a chance to redeem their honour, if any. Besides, such a tool would provide opportunities for the bearing of the persons involved and the extent of their engagement.The report was clear that exposing perpetrators of human suffering to the legal consequences of their actions is cardinal to taming the culture of impunity. I agree.Such a process would be the natural preamble to seeking reconciliation through forgiveness. Of necessity, amnesty must be preceded by an unequivocal verdict of guilt.

    An acceptance of the same, or if you wish, a confession, is also an attendant perquisite.You cannot talk of forgiveness and reconciliation without the antagonistic parties owning up to deeds that manufactured the differences in the first place.
    Opponents of the Waki Commission’s findings are bolting the gate after the horse has fled.They would have been wiser ensuring it was never established in the first place if they really wished to keep details of the planning and the execution of the mayhem unknown.They should have then tried to cajole an arrangement that gave them a soft landing just in case. But it is too late to put a lid on emerging information of how the shocking macabre was authored.

  19. Both the Waki and Kriegler report are just but attempts to blame both sides for the violence that rocked the country at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Notice that it doesn’t mention anything about the violence that happened in parts of Nyanza province and the coast. Indeed it becomes very hard to imagine that in a place where there was widespread violence during the referendum could have been ignored. Two of the presidential candidates did not set foot in Nyanza province because of the threat of violence that perpetually hang over anybody holding a diverse view. And a startling thing is that while Ukwala was looted, Nakumatt wasn’t looted. It emerged that Nakumatt was one of the fianaciers of ODM and there was therefore somebody who was directing the violence. The two supermarkets are only a few metres apart. The Waki report is indeed a carefully concealed tool for threatening both sides of the political divide who may be interested in the truth of what happened.

    Unsubstantiated hearsay, innuendo and Pro Government political analysis is no longer accepted on this blog. Comments made on this blog must meet a reasonable burden of proof. Any analysis being offered must be backed up with facts and must be objective. Kikuyu Nationalism will not be used as an avenue of defense for any parties named in the Waki report (Kikuyu or Not). This blog has in the past made know its dislike for the coalition government and some of its members. We are against any attempts by some to try and rally communities to their defense on this issue (this includes the kikuyu community)

    The rest Of Mr. Irungu Karanja’s post does not meet any of our standard and can be obtained from him – sammieirungu@yahoo.com.

    Blog Admin

    *We appreciate all blog comments but from henceforth blog comments should be brief and to the point.

    The Waki report needs to be investigated before implemented. The issue should not be the implementation of the report but a preview of the social economic damage it might cause if implemented as proposed by the commission. The Waki report is too dictatorial forgetting the humanity aspect of any report that concerns people and personalities. I am not parting with the perpetrators of violence but I would respect a report that is all accommodating and respecting other institutions and personalities. I would respect a report that gives space for the accused to be interrogated to find out if the compilation and accusations are true. If Waki required time he could have asked for more time.
    By fact that some people were mentioned in the report does not unless or otherwise pass hash verdicts on the same individuals.

    The Waki Commission was mandated to collect evidence not pass judgement. It recommended that certain people be arraigned in court- It did not say they are guilty that is why they are going to court .The courts will decide if the evidence is enough.- blog admin.

    Waki as a lawyer should have used the professional ethics in safeguarding the identities and save the country from drifting to where it was in January. I’m recording my surprise against some Kenyans and religio_ political leaders for being too haste in saying the Waki report should be implemented without considering gab and damage the implementation might cost Kenyans. Some people are using the partial Waki report to criminalize others to achieving their political apexes.

    People should stop thinking of the damage now.If this report is not implemented the long run damage will be even worse .It is because we have a habit of postponing issues that we are here today . The violence has been on the increase all this years.The next time it will be worse if we dont deal with it now.The next time kenyans fight nobody will be able to stop us-someone said insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.You cant keep refusing to solve problems because of the present danger it might cause.Postponing only allows that danger to grow.

    I have a question to Waki, how and why can we mistrust our institutions and rush to Hague?
    Let Kenyans ignore the Waki report and embark on what can build Kenya from the shape it incurred after the post election violence. If it is being taken to Hague, let all Kenyans be taken there because everybody I feel was involved including the president and the prime minister.Waki wants to please the world at the expense of the reputation of some innocent Kenyans. Waki should know that we need each other for personal and collective growth. It is time out to live and operate on speculations gathered and written in a book THE WAKI REPORT just to kill the ambition of others without cause.

    IIgnoring the waki report is not an option for Kenya.How long do you think people will continue to buy into the double standards and injustice.

  21. The reaction of kenyans after odm rejected the waki report speak for themselves

    Comments submitted to the daily Nation today

    Submitted by bafagih
    Posted October 30, 2008 08:03 PM

    Presently ODM states “Kenya’s institutions had not collapsed to warrant such a trial and neither had the Government failed to investigate the suspects”. I wonder how time changes didn’t they argue during the election’s saga that they did not go to courts to file any injunctions because they have no faith in Kenay’s justice system? You be the Judge!

    Submitted by vgathii
    Posted October 30, 2008 07:46 PM

    what a clear sign of how we africans abide to the rule of law and justice. These are the individuals that we are relying to spearhead our country to good governance and transparency. You will never get my vote for what you have clearly done and may the government not spend any more money on silly reports any more.

    Submitted by riziki_dena
    Posted October 30, 2008 07:46 PM

    How can they reject the entire Waki report?? That is ridiculous and just goes to show how guilty our leaders are to the extent that no one will take responsibility for the worst calamity to ever hit Kenya!

    Submitted by keke
    Posted October 30, 2008 07:37 PM

    Why am I not surprised! I thought ODM claimed to champion the plight of the common man… but hey! the MP comes first!

    Submitted by Makwenji
    Posted October 30, 2008 07:35 PM

    The guilty are afraid!

    Submitted by thewatcher
    Posted October 30, 2008 07:30 PM

    Well done ODM! Looking out for themselves as usual and not the country or the victims of the PEV. See you in the Hague bwana

    Submitted by osundwa1
    Posted October 30, 2008 07:23 PM

    Who is fooling who? Why do we have all these contradictions yet in both teams there are professionals in law and constitutional matters? For how long will the elected people in power continue fooling voters? For How long shall we remain underdeveloped because of thes kind of jokes! As long as as our elected leaders are not ready to stop this backwardness behaviour, the issue of development, dear Kenyans, is only a song in offices, ralies, streets, meetings and a mere dream in statehouse! Mutinyi Wanzala Wycliffe

    Submitted by kodero
    Posted October 30, 2008 06:56 PM

    Hurraaah! Now parliament can go ahead and pass legislation that government pays compensation to victims of the post-election violence. And guess who will pay for it? No reward for the correct answer!

    Submitted by kariste72
    Posted October 30, 2008 06:41 PM

    It is the ‘animal farm’ all over; all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. When all the pigs gang up against all the small animals where do they run to? How can anyone blame all the small animals when they take up arms and take to the streets to demand some form of justice? What are these errors and constitutional contradictions referred to but not revealed? Can someone clearly tell us what is wrong with the Waki report?

    Submitted by gathoni
    Posted October 30, 2008 06:35 PM

    What are our “leaders” about?? MP tax issue was rejected now this..

    Submitted by nmjoe
    Posted October 30, 2008 06:02 PM

    Is this the same ODM that insisted they didn’t trust Kenyan courts last December?Kenya will never change .we form commissions ,pay commissioners lots of money then do nothing with the reports.Meanwhile the ordinary mwananchi continues to suffer.-Why should the law apply for the poor and not the rich

    Submitted by paulo1981
    Posted October 30, 2008 05:55 PM

    It is high time Mr. Raila ceases his radical and blind opinions that reflects poor sense of human conscious and leadership wit. As a party let them deny the report but as individudals, let them each bear the consequences of their acts/ words/ thoughts!

    Submitted by paul arithi
    Posted October 30, 2008 05:40 PM

    This is a sad day for Kenya! The common man has been sacrificed once more to protect the careers of politicians. The notion that implementing the Waki report will open ethnic wounds does not hold water. Kenyans forgave the 1992 and 1997 tribal clashes and the ethnic wounds never healed. 2007 Post election violence attests this. Why should we sacrifice innocent Kenyans lives for nothing time and again. Wasting public funds. PNU and ODM- the writing is on the wall!!! 2012

    Submitted by mawuololo
    Posted October 30, 2008 05:28 PM

    very funny indeed! How fast they are in catching and persecuting the small fish but the big fish escape scotfree! ODM, PNU zote ni sawa… My 2012 vote will go Martha Karua or any other credible other female candidate. If we don’t watch out these men will run down this country-they steal, arm and incite people to kill each other in order to protect their ill-gotten wealth and we must stop this by voting a woman leader!

  22. When leaders rush from Nairobi to their villages and tell voters how they will not accept this and that, what do they want the voters to do? Leaders were supposed to relay to the voters the solutions to the problems facing the nation. Have roles reversed?

    The way the noise on the Waki report is going indicates we have hit another path to disaster in 2012. Through public rallies and discordant statements, the citizens are already being prepared that systems have collapsed in Nairobi, that their sons or daughters are being targeted. Nobody is saying it in such clear terms, but the message in the rallies and parties is that the leaders are preparing their voters to be ready for any eventuality and that they are on their own. That is the Kenyan version of looking for a solution to the problems that befell us this year.

    Because we are doing the same things we did in the last six years, the results will be the same. If the trend continues, the fire that will burn in Kenya next time will be hard to extinguish.

  23. The notion that implementing the Waki report will open ethnic wounds does not hold water. Kenyans forgave the 1992 and 1997 tribal clashes and the ethnic wounds never healed. 2007 Post election violence attests this. ..

  24. What is wrong with some of the ODM leaders? I am soo terribly disapointed buy Ababu, Ruto and the rest of their camp from Rift Valley. Why dint you start complaining immediately the commission was set up? Because you dint know the Hague would be involved in dealing with you people. You thought it would be like any other commission and that you guys would get away with it as usual. Worse still, you expect Raila to stand up and side with you guys? For crying out loud he is the Prime Minister of this country and nature expects him to be on the forefront in fighting to implement the Waki report. You know,whoever said the guilty ones are always afraid was so right.. Why are these people soo worried yet nobody has said their names are on that list? Will this country ever get liberated? Justice must be found and all you guys must go down,like it or not!!

  25. To all those implicated in the Waki report, if you truly believe that you have been falsely targeted then the Hague will eventually exonerate you.However, if you are guilty, repent now because your fate is really really uncool.Remember the fate of that Bosnian madman, Charles Taylor(Liberia) etc?This is 21st Century and you cannot go around treating innocent peasants lives as being cheap.
    Kenyans are very forgiving and if you truly repent now, chances are they will forgive you despite the pain, anguish and embarrassment you caused.
    God bless the Hague.

  26. I think it would be unfair if Raila Odinga and William Ntimama were to be left out of the Waki report. These two politicians have been the root cause of tribal tension in the country. Do you remember the famous Raila hate speech?.. and . We also want to know about the thousands who perished in the attempted coup of 1st August 1982, a brainchild of Raila Odinga. What about the killings in Kibera in Dec 2007/08? Who told the tenants not to pay house rent? This is actually what provoked violence and death in Kibera slums. Raila should be in the list.

    This blog has never supported Raila Odinga and never will

  27. Editor,
    You are being unfair to stop Irungu Karanja’s contribution of 27/10/08 yet you have allowed Jim to post adverse statements on the PRESIDENT and Uhuru and Ruto in his contribution of 17/10/08. Please be fair to all. You can start by removing Jim’s allegations because he has not provided the proof. Unless this is done you may end up as part of the Raila cult that has swept reason from out major Kenyan newspapers today.

    We have gone through Jim’s comments and as such we continue to stand by his supposition.The full content of the Waki Report and the undisclosed envelope does include members from both PNU and ODM.The public report does point to the highest levels of government and does indeed mention a meeting in State House.The families of those burnt in Naivasha also need justice

  28. Dear Blog Admin
    Thank you for your response to my concerns. I am shocked that you have no respect for the President of the Republic of Kenya and you have said so in your own words “We also have lost faith, confidence, and respect for (President) Mwai Kibaki.” I wonder who the “we” refers to as you are not an established public institution! You have also said that you do not support Raila Odinga ,yet you act advocate for him (…no court can convict him … ).Sir, am a firm believer in the Republic and its vaues. I also believe in obedience to the law. If your blog has no respect for the President and you are talking about removing the established order from power, then i do not belong here. I do not want to participate in criminal intent!
    If you think the government has not done enough for IDPs.. then what have you as a blog or as an individual done to assist those unfortunate people? I wish you could donate $1000 of your personal finances to help them.

  29. Philip Nderitu started well but lost it in his rejoinder.
    Perhaps what the common mwananchi should ewalize that though kenyan politics are tribals the beneficiaries are chosen few. show me how the verage Kikuyu has benefited more from Kibaki than a maasai. They all wallow in pauper.

    The Waki report should be fully implemented to nib the culture of impunity in the bud. All the warlords whether in PNU or ODM should paraded in court (Local or Hague) and judement passed like yesterday.

    I can bet my last meagre coin that on full implementation of this report the warlords will not get very seriuosly backers. No one is keen to see his name put in another envelop & chartered to Haque.

  30. I have read through most of the posts on this blog, where as I agree and disagree to some of blogsters, of particular concern however is how the owner of the blog purport to answer some of the things raised in the posts.

    While he has a right to do so, I think this blog will be better if he allowed people to freely post and say whatever they want rather than muzzling the bloggers in the name of admin.

    From your responses to some of the posts, I can clearly see where you are standing on the Waki report, which you are entitled to any way. I want to stand on the middle when it comes to this report, I am taking this stand because I believe Waki should have done more than he did and yet I also want to see justice done to those who suffered from the violence.

    I want to remind people that if it was not for the election, the problem that we went through could not have occured in the first place. So what happened?


    Mr Cheptumo ,

    The Election fiasco was dealt with by the Kriegler Commission. Its recommendations are in the public domain. The report has been tabled in the cabinet and recommendation on structural problems relayed to parliament for further work .The Waki Report though connected to the election cannot be reduced to the ‘stolen’ or ‘won’ elections debate . Murder is murder,rape is rape. Criminals must pay for crimes on both sides.

    Mr cheptumo we need justice and peace not just peace .No justification or excuses can be used to pervert that need . May I remind you that killing kikuyus in the Rift Valley did not start with the disputed 2007 elections.In 1992 and 1997 Kalenjin politicians were behind the killing and raping of kikuyu men, women and children . Or are you saying the 92 and 97 elections were also stolen hence the violence then too .Wake up this is the last chance for justice and peace .If this people are not brought to justice People will seek justice for themselves outside the system.We have reached a breaking point and we cant keep running away from the problem

  31. To Renolds Cheptumo
    Let me assume you are an ordinary kenyan like me. I am sure you had nothing to do with the murder of innocent kenyans. Please see yourself as an upright man and let Ruto & other gangsters face the music. It is the politicians who have divided kenyans by preaching hatred and tribalism. I wish we could get an Indian or a white Kenyan (say Leakey) to lead us out of the tribal hatred that the so called leaders have put us in.

  32. On the Waki Report:

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an independent, permanent court that tries persons accused of the most serious crimes of international concern, including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The ICC is based on a treaty, joined by 108 countries of which Kenya is one of them signed in 2005 – think.

    Furthermore, in all of its activities, the ICC observes the highest standards of fairness and due process.

    The ICC is a court of last resort which is where we are at. It will not act if a case is investigated or prosecuted by a national judicial system unless the national proceedings are not genuine, for example if formal proceedings were undertaken solely to shield a person from criminal responsibility. In addition, the ICC only tries those accused of the gravest crimes.

    Kenyans Why Why are we so bugged by the ICC????

    Concerned! or should it be Guilty as Charged.

  33. Its quite unfortunate to learn how my own brothers and sisters are arguing about Waki report. Have you forgotten the lives lost in 1992,1997and 2007.Who can compensate those lives and who can pay those who lost their items.if we want to completely aproot hatred during election periods let every one prove his innocence by facing the ICC.

  34. The recommdations of the waki report Is towards the common mwananchi,therefore those who should be talking about are the victims of the post election violence whose relatives or parents or brothers or sisters were either killed,lamed raped or even injured not those who were celebrating while the kenyans were being killed. to my opinion, each bit and piece should be implimented for the future welfare of the common mwananchi.

  35. Kenyan leaders, arise see that this report’s reccommendations are implemented with full force. Remember that failure to this Kenya will be the changing the bandage daily, instead of of treating the would once and for all. A pride Kenyan.

  36. I wish a christian in Kenya would speak up and tell the truth about Raila Odinga, Barack Obama and Dick Morris. Tell the truth and US citizens will stand behind Kenya and help protect her

  37. Holly dick morris and raila odinga are old news the united states doesn’t care about kenya or the kenyan christians who have died so far.while women and children were burnt in a church americans and your british friends stood by and watched. We don’t need america to protect us the most high God will protect us . You people only cry againt odinga because you want to discredit obama. You don’t care for us and we don’t need you.we know who our true friends are and london and washington have never been for us

  38. muturi

    Thats not true, there are many like me that do care! I am not Washington or London, just a every day person
    I sobbed when I heard what was going on over there. I have a very close friend who was born in Kenya and I love her very much. She urged me to write this request here is all. You must understand that like you, most of us are powerless do anything to stop the terrible things that happen to all of us. Most of us a good hearted Christians and we try hard every day to do the right thing. We do not want to discredit him, only to know the truth.I am not so concerned about Obama as I am Dick Morris and what he was doing there. I am Cherokee so I understand how you feel about others trying to bully you around such as London did to your country. You should also know that we are only getting little bits of information about Odinga and what happened over there. Please know that I want to be your friend and I hope that you will say a prayer for me as I will you. Thank you for being kind and answering my blog comment

  39. Holly I am sure many people share and appreciate your concern. But I have to agree with Muturi. The British government & Bush administration Supported Raila at the height of the violence. The Republican state department (so called Christian right and their supporters) watched and supported as women and children died.

    Today the American ambassador a George Bush Man is still running around with Raila Odinga, while women and children displaced in the violence continue living out in the cold. The kiambaa church victims have not yet been buried to this day almost one year later!!! We are well past America cares stage.

    We are too informed to be fooled by such propaganda. If you really care for us talk about the facts. Yes Dick Morris and Obama supported Raila but so did the queen of England, the British government and the Republican administration.

  40. To break culture of impunity, experienced in kenya since time in memorial more so in R. vally, waki report should be implemented to the fullest to stop those who think they own R.vally. Its the high time they understand the meaning of a title deed and those who have them in R. vally own them legally.

  41. Who is the Ambassador? I do not care what party that a person attaches themselves to. No one is above the law!
    Whta is going on there that the murdered souls are not even buried yet??!! Thats just a heartless as it gets. Bush will be come in two months. Most of the cabinet choices are from the Bill Clinton Admin and I have to say that is comforting. WE had a good reputation in the world for the most part back then. WE have out cries from citizens here. Just in my town alone, you would see signs everywhere about Darfur. Most of the American people want to help those that cannot fight for themselves but the problem that presents is that it makes us look like we are nosy and want to step in others affairs. The heart is in the right place though.
    Is Raila planning to run again? I have seen some posts from frighten folks there that it might happen.
    Anyway, not wanting to meddle in your affairs.
    I love to travel and i have a friend that has been there a couple of times as he is a popular singer there. His name is Don Williams. He has many tapes of his trip to Africa and it is so beautiful Maybe someday Holly will be able to visit your beauiful continent
    Pease and Prayers

  42. What option does a community have when it is confronted by irrational and grossly impoverished enemies? Especially if the latter phenomenon is being attributed to the community’s actions/in-actions?
    Any rational thinking Kenyan should be focusing on 2012 and beyond.
    The country should swiftly enact laws to avoid the incidents that followed last year’s elections. What is raila’s view on banning hate speech, now? Such should be banned with immediate effect.
    Kenyans should also be wary of politicians who criss-cross parties and do anything to ascend to power, including inciting violence.Such people should have no place in government and I hope the Hague kicks in to keep them out of a civilized world.
    I hate to say this, but I have no hope Kenya will implement the Waki report. Hitler believed he was invisible, so did Charles Taylor and Milesovic(Serbian).

  43. Waris People have learnt from the past .Yesterday there was an article that western kenya is suffering as property prices plangue due to people refusing to reinvest there . Kenya has become balkanized .Justice i know will be done .It might not be they way we want but it will be done .

  44. What a pity? It’s unfortunate that some nice people have investments there. But the worst blow goes to the ‘indigenous’ communities.For instance the businesses that were torched in Kisumu would have the plight of the locals worsened…locals originally employed by the Kyuks are now unemployed and the effect is like a chain reaction.
    I would be interested to know how bad Kisumu is doing economically.Don’t get me wrong because I genuinely feel sorry them.
    And oh!…all those who incited the people to ‘protest’ should dig deep into their pockets to help their ‘loyalists’.

  45. commission’s in kenya is the order of the day, several have been formed but implementation is where the proplem lie,s .to my opinion the best way solve this proplems is set anew constitution that can strengthen institutons and delegate power an d resources fairly. we kenyans forget easily you give much to attention waki report in state of asking your self who are at the top , its the pple we were figting 4. its the time to wake up gang up together as kenyans go for your rigthts together as ther way they did at nyayo on 1212 dec 2008

  46. Its not fair that up to now nothing has been done to see the implementation of the Waki report reccommendations. Those who think Kenya belongs to them they are wrong. One day they will be in another world of spirits. And their own spirits will revenge on behalf of kenyans. So why can they sacrifice to do atleast one good thing for Kenyans before they die, even if it means to go to Haque and be locked for ever to clense this country from the evil spirits they have spelt all over the country. I am hopeful, that one day Kenya will have their own leaders whom they will be proud to call them ‘our leaders’. Malipo ni hapa hapa-you better change!

  47. I find it most sad that the Waki report’s implementation is now falling behind the curtains of distractions such as the proposed media bill, the Qatari Tana River deal and the saga of MP’s paying taxes. I think the government is intentionally trying to get Kenyans to forget about the report. It’s disgusting. What many of us might not realise that if the Waki report does go to The Hague, it’s not only will the fat cats fall, but so will the chiefs of villages, businessmen in towns…It will trickle down to everyone. ‘when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers’. Even relatives and colleagues, friends, shall be grasped by the jaws of justice. Will we still stand fervently by our calls for justice when it is our brother, sister, father, son, who faces prosecution?

  48. All we need in kenya is revolution.we need a total change of our politicians .we should blood of leaders who have never been mps b4.

    all our current mps, judges all are corrupt and they will never ever deal with aki at all

  49. Though not a prophet, I refer you to the comment I made in 30th Oct 2008. Analyze my comments and judge me following the trend of political events in Kenya. The Waki report is good but we Kenyans including the two top Kenyans leaders are bad. ‘The Hegue’ option will only tear Kenyans far and a part. Let us trust what our men and women can do to restore justice. Help can come from within and not from without. Any married Kenyan can agree with me that the ‘outside’ help helps little in any family marital battles. I’m surprised that Kenyans can assume the help that can be given by God in restoring justice. I trust in the Heavenly Hegue with Jesus as the Judge, which will slowly but surely eliminate the perpetrators of violence. A few have already gone and others will follow. Kenyans, be patient and see how God will eliminate all of them one at a time.

  50. After reading that report am astonished at the glaring details and shocking revelations of victims of the violence. It’s apparent that a good crop of the current leaders actively participated in the planning, funding and execution of the killings and skirmish; but will they ever see the inside of a cell? what about the rapists, murderers, thiefs who were used to inflict the pain and are well known by their victims? They will never be brought to justice courtsey of our corrupt judicial system.
    Only God can save Kenyans..

  51. I dont seem to understand some of the comments posted:you seem to imply that those killed in naivasha deserved to because PNU was acting in self defence?For your information people especially from the luhya and luo communuties were killed in Limuru, Kiambu, Nyeri and thika I personally know of two employees on Bata who were killed in limuru I dont know where self defence comes in on this one.
    As long as one communuty thinks that theyand rheir leaders have a right to kill people(muungiki)and defending their action yhat it is due to lack of jobs for their youths then I am sorry to write this but as long as you feel nothing for non kikuyus killed, then I feel nothing even for those who were burnt alive in KIambaa.
    And by the way why do people from the mount kenya region coplain when police kill Mungiki adherents and thugs but rejoice when they shoot at unarmed protesters in Western?

  52. Nobody should take the life of another Human being . Kiambaa, Naivasha,Mungiki, police,politicians.We are all the same .We should not justify death by saying elections were rigged,or that Luos did this and that. We should value Human life period.

    People in Western and Nyanza should have life and have it to the full. People in Central should have life to the full also.We many not agree on other issues but we all need to value each other .

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  55. i strongly agree that these tribunals should put foward the names of those involved in the violence if not so, this impunity will be repeated and who suffers?the common mwananchi ofcourse.

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  58. I have never seen a report that starts with table of contents and no info about the writers and the time it was written. How do I reference this shit. It means the guys were not serious at all.

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