Grand Coalition(of Evil) Government Will Be Burried First

There is confusion in Rift Valley  over how to deal with bodies piled in the town of Eldoret’s morgue for more than a year.

The deceased died in a church burnt down by a mob during ethnic violence after elections in December 2007.Thirty-seven bodies were to have been buried on Wednesday but after the first 10 were interred they had to be dug up amid furious protests from relatives.Families want their loved ones laid to rest on ancestral lands but some bodies remain unidentified a year on. Eldoret, in the Rift Valley, was hardest hit by the clashes following the disputed presidential election, which left 1,500 people dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.The BBC’s Wanyama Chebusiri in Eldoret says furious families, some wailing with grief, demonstrated at Kiplombe cemetery on the outskirts of the town on Wednesday.

Tense stand-off

After a tense hour-long stand-off with armed police, the authorities agreed to disinter the bodies and take them back to the morgue.

We got the shock of our lives this morning when we came to discover that bodies have been removed from the hospital mortuary
Grieving relative in Eldoret

Our correspondent says some relatives are still awaiting DNA test results to positively identify their loves ones.

Families have said the victims should be buried in a mass grave beside the church if they cannot be identified.

Local community groups have objected and said the victims should be laid to rest on their own ancestral lands.

But up to 10,000 internally displaced people remain in Eldoret, a year on from the post-election bloodshed, and many fear being attacked if they go home.One of the grieving protesters at the graveyard told the BBC no official had made contact to inform them of the planned burials.”We got the shock of our lives this morning when we came to discover that bodies have been removed from the hospital mortuary,” he said.

The victims were among people from President Mwai Kibaki’s Kikuyu ethnic group who were seeking shelter in Kiambaa Pentecostal church when the building was torched by a mob.

Shocking BBC interview of Kalenjin Church Burners and Jackson Kibor


4 thoughts on “Grand Coalition(of Evil) Government Will Be Burried First

  1. People like Ruto continue to seat in office while people they killed are dumped in holes without their families knowing .A government by criminals accommodating other criminals .

    very sad and evil

  2. This is simply unacceptable! What kind of devilish people do this? For crying out loud, these were human beings with families! What was so difficult about calling the family members to a meeting then explaining why bodies cannot be kept indefinetely?

    I am beginning to think that Kenya has been taken over by demonic forces.

  3. Kibaki should carry all the blame on what the IDPs are passing through.this is because of his don`t care spirit which he himself and his cronnies well planned to steal and rob Kenyans of their victory.Yhis time I call all Kenyans to only bend on God who can save us PS 107:20.God will only save us us not the secret envelope,nor the New ECK and not even the constitution.

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