South Africa will soon be just another African country,They want to elect criminals thinking they are different(A special breed of Africans) . ANC ,I am sorry  is not special neither is South Africa .In kenya we had KANU that was unshakeable.Zimbabwe had ZANU. But look at Kenya and Zimbawe today ! You are 10 years away  from where we are today .History repeating itself. 

SOUTH Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal last night reversed a decision to dismiss the corruption charges against Jacob Zuma, leader of the ruling African National Congress, clouding his prospects for this year’s presidential election.The ruling clears the way for Mr Zuma to once again face prosecution, but the ANC said he remained the party’s presidential candidate in the poll, expected as early as April.

The decision – taken just two days after Mr Zuma launched the ANC’s election manifesto – complicates the party’s campaign as it faces a new political challenge from a breakaway party created in the fallout of the Zuma case, which has roiled South African politics for years.Judge Louis Harms, the court’s deputy president, handed down a scathing verdict, overturning a lower court ruling that had tossed out the charges against Mr Zuma.The earlier ruling had implied that former president Thabo Mbeki meddled in the case.”Political meddling was not an issue that had to be determined,” Justice Harms said as he read out the verdict at a nationally televised hearing.”Nevertheless, a substantial part of his judgment dealt with this question, and in the course of this discussion it changed the rules of the game. It took his eyes off the ball.”

The earlier ruling by judge Chris Nicholson failed “to distinguish between allegation, fact and suspicion”, Justice Harms said, saying the lower court had made “gratuitous findings”.Judge Nicholson had thrown out the charges on a technicality, saying that the prosecutors had a constitutional obligation to speak to Mr Zuma before proceeding with the case.However, Justice Harms said the prosecutors had not violated Mr Zuma’s rights in taking the case forward.

“Mr Zuma relies on self-created expectations based on his own perceptions of the law and the facts, which have always been in dispute,” the judge said.The National Prosecuting Authority said it would seek a date for Mr Zuma to stand trial.Spokesman Tlali Tlali said the existing charges would stand — corruption, fraud, money laundering and racketeering relating to a multi-billion-rand government arms deal in the late 1990s.

“Mr Zuma is regarded as a charged person,” Mr Tlali said.

The ANC had used Judge Nicholson’s findings to sack Mr Mbeki, sparking a split within the former liberation movement that successfully spearheaded the struggle against apartheid.Senior ANC members frustrated by Mr Mbeki’s sacking have launched their own party, called the Congress of the People, which is gearing up to challenge in the elections.Political analyst Dirk Kotze said the latest judgment would loom over the election campaign, especially if prosecutors decided to move quickly with the case against Mr Zuma.”There are definitely going to be political considerations, and a decision to prosecute will have big political ramifications,” Dr Kotze said.

Mr Zuma had faced charges ranging from money laundering to racketeering in a long-running corruption investigation dating back to 2001, during which the accusations were dropped and then revived.The main allegation was that Mr Zuma took bribes for protecting French arms giant Thales inan investigation into a controversial multi-million-dollar weapons deal.The arms deal has caused controversy since the decision to purchase the expensive military equipment, and several high-ranking South African politicians have been accused of using the deal to enrich themselves.


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