Davos: Why Is Africa Talking Democracy and Not Economy

The World Economic Forum, the annual gathering of government and corporate leaders in the Alpine ski resort in Davos, Switzerland, runs through to Sunday, Feb. 1 2009.World leaders look for hope amid the gloom of an economic slowdown as they turn their attention to a long-stalled global trade deal, increasingly seen as a necessary bulwark against the rising threat of protectionism. Every year  (Africans) travel to  Davos to  talk democracy !!!!   Do Africans eat and live on democracy?

The Arab world and most of Asia is at Davos talking economy.They are not democratic!! So why is it that we Africans are always  talking democracy at Davos. Africans dont need democracy we need free and fair trade. Our leaders are just  stupid they keep falling for this democracy talk(its just another road block to keep us from free trade)

I would rather live like an Arab with no democracy and food on my table than as an African with democracy and no food on the table .

Wake up Africa.What we need is free and fair trade not aid or democracy.


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