kiambaa- RIP

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light. 



6 thoughts on “kiambaa- RIP

  1. “No people in history have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies” -Dean Acheson(1893 –1971) RIP Kiambaa Chuch Victims

  2. May the victims of the Kiambaa tragedy rest in peace. Its unfortunate that ethnic jingoists can go as far as demanding that these victims be buried in a public cemetery, preferably in their “ancestral homes.” Why should someone be buried in a place he/she has never visited?

    That said, Kibaki and Co thoroughly messed up what should have been an occasion to bring communities together. There was no prior publicity concerning the funeral. The organizers should have tried to reach out to local leaders, elders and youths in order to make the even participatory. Instead, local MPs got SMSes at the last minute. Why the hurry with the funerals? Another week or so for publicity and sending out PROPER invitations would have made a big difference. This is how Kibaki’s incompetence is dividing Kenyans.

  3. Nairobi chronicle–Hurry the funerals????????? this people died more than a year ago!!!!Funerals are not weddings,besides its a public event what invitations do people want .No matter what pnu intentions were ODM should have taken the high road and shown kenyans they were ready to lead. Kibaki is incompetent yes nobody can argue against that and odm are tribalist of the highest order

  4. I still beleive Kibaki wasted a great opportunity for bringing communities together. His speech at the function certainly did not do much to help. My point is this: we all know the history of the area especially in the past 17 years. Its obvious that nobody wants to accept responsibility for all the bloodshed. However, an important place to start is in reconciling local people through genuine peace efforts and not what Kibaki has just done. The president should act like the father of the nation and do what is necessary for peace without waiting for ODM.

  5. I do not see how the funereal, a one-off event, can serve the purpose of reconciliation. I also dont understand why people are complaining that the Kalenjin neighbors did not attend the ceremony. This is a difficult time all round, and feelings of sorrow, guilt, and shame abound.

    The Kenyan government, churches, and other concerned parties need to have a concerted, deliberate, well thought-out and continous approach to reconciliation. What are they waiting for?! A one-off burial ceremony is an inadequate platform for reconcialiation—it stokes the fire rather than dissipate it. I figure that is what the Kalenjin neighbors are saying.

    My heartfelt condolences to the kin of the victims, whose souls to rest in peace, I pray.

  6. Hadassah i think the backlash is more of the harsh realizations that this people really dont want peace. I always wonder how people could rebuild in a place like kiambaa but that is the kyuk spirit of never say die . Most of those complaining are those who wanted to accept that notion that all is well. I think most kikuyus now realise that we will alway be the target .Like someone said we have to live like jews now. We wont move but we wont bembeleza our enemies any more

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