Bio Wahu Mathenge

Wahu Mathenge

Wahu Mathenge (Rosemary Wahu Kagwi )

While she was a student at Precious Blood Secondary School, in Riruta, she wrote her first song called ‘Showers of Blessings’ (with a friend) as a tribute to God for the national academic success that the school enjoyed. The song is still part of the schools hymnal collection.She worked in the entertainment industry and used the money to pursue her university education at the University of Nairobi, studying for a Bachelors degree in Mathematics.Her first song ‘Niangalie’ drew the attention of renowned CBN presenter Victor Oladokhun, who aired it on his ‘Turning Point’ program. Her second song ‘Esha’ was a fusion of English Swahili and Kikuyu based on a traditional Kikuyu folk song, and inspired by the late Brenda Fassie. She also came out with ‘Liar’, ‘Kibowow’ and ‘Sitishiki’. She launched an album, Liar, in 2004.In 2004, she married longtime boyfriend David Mathenge (popularly known as Nameless) who was also on the Ogopa DJ’s label. They have one child, a daughter who was born in 2006. Wahu also acted in a leading role in the popular television show, Tazama on KTN.
In 2007 She released some singles including Mambo bado, Running low, The little things you do, and Sweet love.
*Sweet Love has been Wahu’s biggest song. It has received two nominations — the British Music of Black Origin Awards and Kora Awards.


4 thoughts on “Bio Wahu Mathenge

  1. Thank you Muigwithania for your post on Wahu and Stella mwangi. We need to appreciate our kikuyu women more . For a very long time our women have been insulted and vilified but nobody ever gives them respect and props that they deserve.They are the backbone of our community and we should always hold them in high regard. Wahu did all of us proud(I thank her parents,family and God for giving us a gem) Wahu and others continue to show that Kikuyu women dont need to marry for money or chase money as some shameful stereotypes against our sister would have many think. We are so so proud .I agree wahu is a an African and Kikuyu Queen.

    Let us uplift our other queens

  2. She did us proud way to go Wahu .Does anyone know where i can get her album.Kenyan artists should have their music available on i tunes so that we can buy it

  3. wow good stuff. Wahu,Wangari Maathai,Martha Karua are trail blazers. Our daughters,sisters,mothers have what it takes. We should continue to feature this and other role models instead of the constant anti kikuyu stuff we read and hear .Our women are more than beauty they are brawn ,brains and creativity.

    Hongera Wahu. I like that you called her a Queen.We need to respect women more.Its good to see that you are promoting appreciation of Kikuyu women by Kikuyu men.

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