Kikuyu Judendienstordnung-Neo Colonial Home Guards

* Written after reading David Makali’s article in a Kenyan Daily “The kikuyu problem We must Address” and Mutahi Ngunyi’s “Why the House of Mumbi Must Climb Down

Kikuyus by name only remind me of the Jewish Ghetto Police in Nazi Europe.(Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei-Judendienstordnung), also known as the Jewish Order Service that was also active in most of the Nazi concentration camps. Members of the Judendienstordnung did not have official uniforms often wearing just an identifying armband (Kikuyus by name only).They were used by the Germans primarily for securing the deportation of other Jews to the concentration camps.Germany is greater than being Jewish was their rallying call .

It may be hard to imagine that there were Jewish Police during the Shoah (Holocaust)after all it was often the German and Polish Police who victimized the Jews.

Early in the Reich, there were Jewish supporters of the Reich just as in any other groups. As the Reich grew stronger, and as the Civil Rights Restrictions of 1933-35 were enacted, most Jews were forbidden to hold all public offices,a solution aimed at  addressing historical injustices( sound familiar ). One exclusion however was in the camps and ghettos . While the Ghettos such as Warsaw, Lodz, and Krakow were guarded by the Nazis, they often had their own police forces comprised of Jewish officers for ‘peace-building’. This did not guarantee perfect treatment of the people under their care however, but one has to remember that the populations in the ghettos were starving, mostly poor, faced with disease and often brimming over: Warsaw ghetto at one time may have had over 500,000 in the space fit for a tenth of that. The Jewish police there faced the same problems other jews would face in the same circumstances.But they held strong to Germany over Jewish heritage.

Today in Kenya we have our own ‘peace builders’  who chant that  being Kenyan is greater than our ethnic identity.(Kikuyus by name only) .Our very own  Judendienstrdnung, the Maina Kiai’s,Macharia Gaitho’s John Githongo, Binyavanga Wainaina,  Mutahi Ngunyis.An interesting lot,Supported by Obama bought and paid for by British tax payers.

For starters  they only see the wrong  their community does and never what others have done.They see stolen elections and attacks in Naivasha but fail to see the pre election violence and demonizing campaigns against their own.They see the Naivasha violence in a context of ethnic tranquility and national harmony reigning ,blind to the Kiambaa violence and mass genocide against their people . Human rights to them only apply to other ethnic groups. They call for democracy by kilometer rather than one man one vote why? because  the concept of democracy they claim to fight for really doesnt matter .‘These neo-colonial home guards say “We have to have a Non-Kikuyu leader for Kenya”.Their vast left wing conspiracy says corruption is only corruption when Kamau does it .When others do it ,it is not corruption. Ethnic militias like Mungiki are heaven sent when they worship at the altar of ODM principalities,that their human right are more important than those they have killed in Kirinyaga.

I guess when  a new Kenya dawns and all the anti Kikuyus have their way ,the Kiai’s and Githongo’s hope they will be overseeing us behind the barbed wire.They  just don’t realize that their fate will only be like ours.

Joe Ndungu

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