Harmonized Kenyan Draft Constitution PDF(November)

Update May 6th 2010 :

The Final Kenyan Referendum Draft Constitution PDF

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10 thoughts on “Harmonized Kenyan Draft Constitution PDF(November)

  1. i am not very much happy the way the politicians of kenya are doing currently on constitution making to remove the khadis court please as a muslim youth we never allowed iam know in the united state on leadership project before we do anythink let the constitution makers think about this

    The problem with involving everyone in constitution making particularly in a misinformed country like Kenya is that we will end up with a constitution that disenfranchises certain groups, which may lead to certain problems down the line .I am a Christian living in Kenya and I believe in Jesus Christ.Let every Muslim know that most Christians have nothing against Khadis courts. We have had the courts since independence and have no objection to them continuing to be in the Kenyan constitution. Christians need to know that Khadis courts are voluntary even for Muslims and do not in anyway affect individuals who are not Muslims just as customary Kikuyu/Luo/Luhya law is applied by the constitution .

    I fear that we will enact a constitution that destroys us all.When we refuse to enforce one man one vote,strike off Khadis courts ,we are creating the environment for disaster . We should not get a new constitution just for the sake of getting a new constitution.We should take our time and get it right!!


  2. 1.The constitution should lay down the punishment to be given to corrupt officials for example 20years in jail and their property be free zed.
    2.The arrested person should be taken to court within 24 hours but not 48 hours,why do you want to give police power to torture Kenyans?
    3.Kenya has not yet realized democracy hence prime minister should not be given all those power,why are you rewarding the loser with power let the elected President rule the country and the loser to be led by Kenyan choice for better Kenya.?how about bureaucracy?
    4.Where is the finance to pay devolved government,please do give Kenyans practical constitution.

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  4. I hate triblistic kenyan leeaders who don’t want kenyans to get a new
    costitution.In the harmonised draft,thereis a pace it says someone can not be
    charged for crimes done during the postelecton while in office!and you think
    kenyans are hapy with such publishing.mind you harmonisers!

  5. the overwhelming christian majority in kenya thought soberly and never heeded the calls of some power hungry politicians and voted for the long awaited constitution thus avoiding aposible religious hatred.kenyans have to complete the long race by ensuring afull implementation of the same

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