Mau Forest

Nairobi — It was billed as a simple fundraising event for squatters evicted from the Mau Forest, but the loaded political speeches pointed to a new political grouping united by a common antipathy towards Prime Minister Raila Odinga.Key participants were Agriculture minister William Ruto and the chief guest, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, reflecting a regrouping of the Kanu leadership brought to the fore ahead of the 2002 elections.Another key Kanu leader of the time, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, was expected to put in an appearance but sent his apologies, a donation of Sh100,000 and words of support.The three make up the so-called 3Ks, the mooted Kalenjin-Kikuyu-Kamba alliance seen by its promoters as the best way to stop Mr Odinga in his tracks come 2012.Mr Ruto, an ODM deputy leader, has been openly at odds with his party boss over the Mau evictions and a host of other issues ranging from public service appointments to proposals that key perpetrators of the post-election violence be tried, whether by a local tribunal or the International Criminal Court.

On Wednesday evening, the Eldoret North MP demonstrated his political clout by assembling 10 ministers and more than 50 MPs from across the political divide to launch broadsides at Mr Odinga.The powerful line-up at the Panafric Hotel raised Sh5 million, but the speeches made it apparent that the agenda was not so much the plight of the Mau evictees but the opportunity to hit out at Mr Odinga, who was variously labelled as dictatorial, dishonest and trouble-maker unfit to lead the country.A day before the event, it was rumoured that Mr Odinga had held a meeting with President Kibaki and asked him to prevail on Mr Musyoka and Mr Kenyatta not to attend as this would indicate a divided government. The latter’s entry was greeted by loud cheers.

Perhaps owing to the heat generated by the events of Wednesday night, ODM’s National Executive Council meeting destined for yesterday was called off at the eleventh hour. The timing was bad and it was reportedly feared the Raila-Ruto cracks would have exploded at the meeting, where party functionaries were to discuss the draft constitutionODM’s secretariat later explained move was due to requests by Muslim faithful who wanted to travel to their rural homes to join family during today’s Idd-ul-Hajj celebrations.Most speakers heaped praise on the triple “K” (Kalenjin, Kikuyu and Kamba) political alliance.Hard positions were taken at the function presided over by Uhuru.And as if to confirm he had been subjected to pressure from high office to skip the function touted as a means to painting Government negatively, the DPM reminded his audience that anybody opposed the harambee spirit was insincere and selfish.

Uhuru conceded he had been under pressure to skip the function “because majority of our people (Kikuyu) were uprooted from their homes during post-election violence and are yet to be resettled”.But even as the leaders rooted for the triple ‘K’ alliance, some MPs from Central castigated Uhuru for attending the fundraiser.Mr Mbau claimed Uhuru was attempting to enter into an alliance with the Kalenjin and Kamba without the blessing of Central Kenya people.”Uhuru should know that while Ruto commands the Rift Valley Province and Kalonzo the Kamba, he has no following in Central,” said Mbau.He said Uhuru had failed in uniting his people and yet “he is purporting to be their de facto leader”.

One can only Hope that Uhuru was at the Harambee in his personal capacity and not as the de facto leader of Central Kenya .The people love him but they hate presumption.Not Yet Uhuru!!!

Justin Mwangi


6 thoughts on “Mau Forest

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta needs to fire his political advisors .I doubt anyone will vote for this KK alliance or anything that brings ruto and uhuru together!The political class still has not understood the wounds of Kiambaa.The violence in the Rift valley in 2007/2008 was a major turning point! Uhuru risks messing up his future big time associating with those involved .Kalenjin/Kikuyu dynamics changed.It is not shocking to hear politicians and ordinary folk branding Uhuru a traitor. Uhuru needs to walk carefully not just in Muranga but in the greater kiambu.KK alliance will not be tolerated in any form or fashion,Uhuru needs to get down to the grassroots where the people are.

  2. Is there a bigger picture than this?
    Uhuru might be on the right track, especially if he uses this as an opportunity to seek to begin to heal the rift between Kikuyu and Kalenjin.

  3. @Hadassah. Its possible but Uhuru has a poor track record when it comes to his first (political impulse)decisions.He shouldn’t always jump quickly .A good leader sometimes takes time to consult and think things through test the mood on the ground.He shouldn’t assume because he is Uhuru Kenyatta he can do as he pleases.It stinks of entitlement even to his supporters.

    The rift between the Kalenjin and Kikuyu is so wide it wont be healed that easily.When people have watched loved ones killed by people they grew up with, its almost impossible for political shenanigans and boardroom alliances to heal.The kikuyu/Kalengin rift cant be healed or bridged by politics.We crossed that bridge in 2007.We have to find real solutions.Remember even if odm had won they would still have attacked kikuyus.It wasnt political……….

  4. Oh dear. We are all so FAR apart on this! What can bring people closer? Note that not ALL Kelnjin were involved–many are victims too. Fear and threat can make people do things they would otherwise not do. But you are right, the politics must change, it must be a politics that genuinely and overtly seeks reconciliation rather than a concentration of power. Instead of castigating Uhuru, you would persuade him to your viewpoint? He is visible and a known quantity too–the entitlement angle is unproductive.

  5. Hadassah It seems like we are indeed apart .That said politics is not an exact science like math.So being apart on issues is acceptable.Uhuru is a known quantity infact I think he hasnt tapped the full potential of his popularity .He could easily rival his fathers popularity and indeed surpass it .He just needs to fine tune is style of doing things. He may not have an entitlement spirit in him,but he should be careful about perception.In politics its not what is true but rather what the perception is .By the way Uhuru has escaped castigation on this site so many times(benefit of doubt) coz we have a liking for him.

    On reconciliation I agree not all kalenjin people are bad ,Infact there are stories of those who hid and took care of kikuyus during the violence .Others have spoken against what happened to them May God shower them with blessings.Kikuyus and kalenjins can live in peace ,There is nothing people and communities cant work out .Politics however is poison we dont need to inject into the situation.We should address kalenjin land issues and injustices against kikuyus to resolve this matter !

    Uhuru is free to associate and interract with who he wants and feels.But an alliance with Ruto will not resolve kikuyu/kalenjin differences nor will it help his political career so whats the point.But if its a plot to dismantle ODM good one but send some of your people to speak in parables so that people can understand what you are doing

  6. Uhuru should not purport that’s he’s de-facto Central Kenya leader, his dalliance with Ruto will be his waterloo. Us, RV Kikuyus, will vote for a guy who will show ‘Kales’ there’s one law for every Kenyan.

    In my Opinion Uhuru is the de-Facto leader of Central Kenya all others are pretenders to the throne. De facto is a Latin expression that means “by [the] fact”. In law, it is meant to mean “in practice but not necessarily ordained by law” or “in practice . So maybe you should use De FACTO to put your point across


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