Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations: From Charcoal to Gold is as interesting as it is inspiring. It is the story of a freedom fighter and a cultural activist; the story of an astute businessman and a shrewd politician; the story of a generous family man and a philanthropist; the story of an eminent elder and a gifted storyteller. It is the story of Njenga Karume.

Njenga Karume’s phenomenal rise from a charcoal burner to a business magnate has been the subject of myths over the years. Yet, few can authoritatively relate Njenga’s journey from his humble beginnings during the colonial period to his current fascinating financial and political success.

In this autobiography, Njenga traces his early life right from birth in 1929, and takes the reader through the various spheres of his inspiring life characterised by an enviable work ethic, unpretentious patriotism, knowledge of human psychology and extraordinary intelligence. Here is an outgoing personality who was born in poverty, received minimal education and then, through his own initiative, ventured into business during one of the toughest times in Kenya’s colonial history. Yet, he succeeded in business beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and rose to such prominence and popularity that he became a respected politician and Cabinet Minister who interacted intimately with all the first three Presidents of independent Kenya.


One thought on “Beyond Expectations

  1. This is the man njenga karume’ and will never die, as l can remember him iam be pround of having a chance to talk to him on one to one on his hey days, and his spirit will live on and on; i want to encourage any one who admired him to read this book,its so interesting and there is so much to read,and learn.

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