Routine Liability

ODM Legal

Background :The grand coalition partners Thursday took their wrangles to the international theatre, clashing over the establishment of an African liaison office for the International Criminal Court.The drama, which ended with a member of the Kenyan delegation being shouted out of the meeting, pitted the Party of National Unity against its partner, the Orange Democratic Movement.ODM accused PNU of working with other African countries to block the work of the ICC in Africa.But Attorney General Amos Wako accused the ODM delegation, comprising Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s adviser Miguna Miguna and University lecturer Mutakha Kangu of “acting out of ignorance” and said the government will abide by its obligations to the ICC

Opinion:Wrangling among the Kenyan delegates at the ICC Conference in Kampala was embarrassing.
Attorney General Amos Wako is a Constitutional Office holder and was in Kampala as a legal representative of the Government. That he was embarrassed at an international conference by Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s legal advisor Miguna Miguna is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

Kenyans must now ask some hard questions: Who is Miguna in the Government and whom does he represent? Where does he derive the authority to undermine the AG during the course of his official business? Wako, as the AG, should not be ‘shadowed’ by a party legal representative for whatever reason.

If indeed Miguna is a representative of the PM, the later ought to tell Kenyans whether he could have instructed him to contradict and embarrass Wako and why?

Mwenda, Nairobi

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