Kenya: Grenade Used In Attack Government Issued (capital fm news claim)

Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) boss Nicholas Kamwende and Flying Squad chief Julius Ole Sunkuli spent the better part of Monday morning combing the scene for evidence.Mr Kamwende later said “what we have found is too little to facilitate our investigation but it will help. We will also rely on information from the public and video images and photographs that journalists took at the scene.”Another senior police officer involved in the investigation later told local press that close examination of the evidence collected at the scene and some of the shrapnels found had shown the grenades hurled at the crowd belonged to one of the state security agencies.“We are certain about that; the grenades must have been sourced from one of the government security agencies but we do not know by whom,” the officer said. “What we are interested to know at this point is how they found their way out of the stores and who detonated them.”No suspect had been arrested by Monday evening but detectives said they were pursuing “very crucial leads. We will certainly get them very soon.”

Our source said more than 10 people had been interrogated by the police, but none of them had been implicated.“In such an investigation, we get to talk to a lot of people, it does not mean that when we talk to an individual he or she is a suspect, we are most interested in information, that can only come from people who attended the rally and those who saw it happen. These are the people we have been talking to

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