John Githongo @ CSIS

The core mission of the CSIS Africa Program is to conduct sustained and timely research and analysis on the major elements of U.S. policy toward Africa, with the aim of substantially shaping discourse in Congress, the executive branch, and among the broader policymaking community. The program fills a critical need in Washington for Africa policy analysis that is centrist, activist, and forward looking, defining what is at stake and offering policy recommendations that are timely, nonpartisan, and pragmatic.

The program’s substantive focus is forward looking, emphasizing new and emergent dimensions of U.S.-Africa policy, including U.S. policy to combat HIV/AIDS and infectious disease; priority conflict zones; critical bilateral relations; and rising U.S. energy and security interests. The program assembles a diversity of important U.S. interests from the human rights community, the corporate sector, relief organizations, congressional staff, administration officials, academics, and activists. The program also provides a platform to visiting African opinion leaders and seeks to integrate African perspectives into the Washington policy dialogue. The program is led by Jennifer Cooke, director.

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