Liza Mucheru On The Apprentice: NBC 9PM EST Tonight

Liza Mucheru-Wisner, 30 (Corpus Christi, Texas), was born in Kenya and was part of the Kenyan National Golf team and was recruited to play golf at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She completed her education and received her Masters degree while simultaneously starting an educational technology company. However, her business venture fell victim to the recession and she is struggling to make it a success. Mucheru-Wisner, now a wife and mother of two, works hard to stay connected with her family in Kenya and Ireland and is looking for opportunities to grow and expand her business. She is an avid fan of golf and is a belly dancer and aerobics instructor on the side.

Q) Why did you want to be on the show, and why did you think you’d make a good competitor? A) There are certain opportunities in one’s life that are life-changing and can’t be ignored. The Apprentice provided a pathway to brighten the future for me and my family. From playing golf to coordinating projects and businesses, I always try to do my best and have been lucky enough to have always been surrounded by great minds and competitive individuals who inspired my passion, and ultimately made me strive to be the best I can be.
Q) What was your reaction when you found out you’d been picked to be on the show? How did your friends and family react?A) “Good glory hallelujah! My prayers have been answered.” My family and close friends were ecstatic and fully supportive in taking care of any needs that were necessary for my leave of absence.
Q) With cameras rolling, how does it feel to know you’re under America’s microscope? What surprised you about the experience? A) At first I was very conscious about the overwhelming ambiance that the producers and cameras created, but eventually I was able to adjust and perform as if they didn’t exist. I was surprised at how much the cameras hindered me initially, as I felt there was always someone watching over my shoulder, waiting for me to make a mistake so they can entertain the world, spotlighting my weaknesses. Upon self-reflection, it challenged me to perform better even when time and resources were against me.
Q) What about the competition was harder than you might have expected? A) I had preconceived notions of the team dynamic and rivalry, but I was surprised at how people were always plotting for my demise. Watching my own back proved to be more difficult than I expected.
Q) Do you have a favorite past winner or contestant from either the original Apprentice, or from Celebrity Apprentice? A) Even though she didn’t win, Celebrity Apprentice finalist Annie Duke gave a stellar performance, and she inspired me with her goal-driven tenacity and will for success.
Q) Beyond The Apprentice, what’s your dream job? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A) My dream job is yet undefined. My entrepreneurial spirit leads me in the direction of providing services and management to businesses and communities using cutting-edge technology and innovative human resources. In 10 years, I envision myself as part of the success of a multi-national company, which would establish global connections and utilize human potential and resources producing progressive exponential results. After ensuring my family’s financial security, it would be great to spend some time traveling the world, and playing every single golf course possible, from sand greens to the Xtreme 19th.

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