Improving Human Behaviour Key To Improving Road Safety



Change the way you behave

Improving the behaviour of human beings on the roads is critical towards improving road safety. This was the main takeaway from the session on Sustainable and Safe Transportation of the 26th edition oF the World Economic Forum. Panelists at the session were of the view that attitudes play a very important role in improving road safety and inculcating the importance of human life among motorists can significantly help in reducing the number of road accidents.

Mr. Amos Muhinga Kimunya, Minister of Transport of Kenya said that as per estimates almost 85% of the deaths on the roads in Kenya have been a result of poor behaviour on the part of human beings and the challenge before his government is to improve the behaviour of human beings on roads. Almost 1.3 million people die on roads every year and other 50 million get injured, he said and added that to reduce the number of death due to road accidents, the United Nations has proclaimed this current decade of 2011 to 2020 as the UN decade of Action for Road Safety