Suddenly our erstwhile tormentors and colonisers miraculously metamorphosised into our saviours, keepers, redeemers!! What utterly carbuncle-type logic is this? The generation they castrated, dehumanised, exterminated, outraged barely for over fifty years still living, still rational, still thinking, still waiting for this scoundrel-blight on our common humanity to make amends, to own up and cede justice to them! Was it not the meddling of these same nefarious do-gooders in our post-Moi politics, desperate to re-engineer our nation for their continued plundering and rape, that drove us to this precipice? What arrogant deprecating nonsense that they continue to seek our gratuitous servitude!!;

Submitted by oleNkarei  Posted January 20, 2011 04:15 PM

Comment on World prevented Kenya ‘genocide’, UN official says By a Kenyan Reader


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