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  1. PNU is full of thieves, land grabbers and old men/women who have plundered the countryfor decades and do not want change. Unfortunately their supporters whom they have deprived of land and made then miserable do not see this they just see their tribes mates. i hope we have learnt our lessons as wananchi.

  2. @chialo you sound like one of the ODM activists who have been employed by Raila and his party to spend days and nights commenting on all posts online in a manner that potrays ODM/Raila as angels and PNU the devils. KENYANS AND THE PUBLIC AT LARGE ARE WISER THAN YOU THINK AND CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES OF YOUR POST ABOVE AND THOSE OF OTHER ODM ACTIVISTS ONLINE. The truth will win in the end for the benefit of the vast majority of innocent Kenyans in both ODM and PNU who are being used by ONE person sick with lust for power which he will use only to spill much more blood and cause untold suffering and damage to Kenyans like has not been seen before – A KENYAN HITLER IN WAITING. May God strike those abusing Kenyans psychologically now before they abuse them physicallly too once they get the power they so much crave for for self gratification.

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