Editorial Endorsement Kirinyaga Central.

At this time in our history, this country needs strong, fresh and principled leadership to restore faith in our government and repair its credibility at the local and national level.To end the destructive policies advanced by old politicians that have eroded our potential  as a people and increased injustice and inequality in our society.

Eng.Joseph Gitari (PNU) is just one such fresh leader. He has a history of support for youth and women’s empowerment, and his social record is a testimony to his leadership on issues important to young people and women in Kirinyaga Central . He has eloquently throughout the campaign articulated the need for full economic, political and social equality for  young people & women in every sector of society, He has taken action throughout his life  — as a son, husband and father towards that belief. That is why I am proud, on behalf of the majority contributing Editors of  Muigwithania.Com, to announce the enthusiastic endorsement of Eng.Joseph Gitari for M.P of  Kirinyaga Central.

Joe Ndungu

February 15th, 2011


One thought on “Editorial Endorsement Kirinyaga Central.

  1. Good instincts to endorse the winner a day before new to the blog very meaty and interesting. I like the different view on issues very unlike mainstream media

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