Audio:Comments By Raila That Triggered Wangige Uhuru Rage

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 .Tononoka Mombasa

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28 thoughts on “Audio:Comments By Raila That Triggered Wangige Uhuru Rage

  1. Is this man serious? youre seriously standing there and preaching virtues when youre the key reason the country’is in a mess..No wonder youve gotten the son of Jomo mad clearly one of you is a fool and he’s not from Gatundu.

  2. Are you guys implying there was no PEV. If Uhuru is innocent let him go to the Hague and he will be declared innocent and shame the devil. Otherwise to blame Raila for all his miseries is uoga tupu.

  3. walevi na wezi cannot rule this nation. the era of sober-minded leadership is upon us, no more useless tribal politicking

  4. @chialo are you one of the ODM activists online? Uhuru is not going anywhere and he will lead Kenya one day while Raila will never. God knows the truth and will not let more innocent blood be shed by the devil in Kenya who is a hyena in sheeps clothing. SHINDWE SHETANI!!!!!

  5. Jakom is very right, when you see the tack-ticks being employed by UK, Ruto and Kalonzo, then you would understand the bear nackles, straight punches from Raila.
    Even if he doesnt get to lead this nation, we have to fight impunity in all ways……..

  6. You can demonize Raila all day but any keyan with half a brain will tell you raila is not the problem.Blood was shed after the elections and while both kibaki and Raila share some responsiblities,Ocampo six should not be defended.My fellow kenyans where is the anger for the lives lost.


  7. If Kenyans want the culture of impunity to end in this country, then we must take hard decisions and tough choices. Anyone who contributed to the post-election violence – either by stealing votes or calling on Kenyans to fight – should carry their own cross regardless of their tribe. Let’s all forget our tribes if we all want to secure a good future for our children and future generations. The post-election violence was directly triggered by both Kibaki and Raila and they must lead the pack going to Hague for trial. That is the surest way to end the culture of impunity and re-unite our country. Why take foot soldiers to Hague and leave out the two masterminds of the violence? Kibaki and Raila diehard supporters can frown over that but the truth is always a bitter pill to swallow. While you are wallowing in poverty and paying huge taxes, Kibaki and Raila don’t know of your sufferings. Think outside the box before you hurl insults for telling the truth.

  8. mucera-In future please restrict the number of comments you make or compile your thoughts into one long essay

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  10. Whoever was above me,who do you expect to read your thesis?

    uhuru can bang tables till he gets the talent of a carpenter..he still will not get to handpick his judges and will have to clear his name regarding the naivasha and kibera killings.

  11. Raila will never become the ruler of Kenya, not through being elected, just like his father. Overthrowing the goverment doesn’t work these days so he should just accept the fact tha he wil always play a major role but not the ultimate role, being president!

  12. I’ve listened to Raila’s commentary above and watched Uhuru’s reaction. Even though he doesn’t mention any names conveniently enough. This is the kind of volatile rhetoric that just serves to divide people even further . Nobody has been found guilty yet so implying that they are simply because they are named in the list is an exercise in verbal diarrhea .this people should quit politicking and do what their country requires of them.

  13. you cannot trust the country’s leadership with a drug addict and a thief. That, right there, is recipe for disaster.

  14. Kenyans will never learn. People are living in camps while billion are released to ‘defend’ suspect, who are not yet indicted! Moreover, the said suspects can use their ill-gotten wealth to defend themselves. Kenyans are ready to die for the thugs! I dont care what Raila, Uhuru, Ruto say, I care about the kind of leadership they can bring to the common citizenry. Having said that, RAO still is the better option for Kenya!

  15. Raila cannot be as popular as responses in the comments to what he said. There must be hodes of ODM online activists who are spending days and nights replying to all political news and topics online as part of Raila’s 2012 campaign strategy SO READERS DO NOT BE FOOLED. This is psychological manipulation of the readers at the highest. Anyway give the devil his due – why are PNUs not using online facilities to popularise themselves?

  16. Its very sad from what I have heard before, today and from the comments. I am a Kikuyu and I dont believe only Kikuyus can lead. But one thing you must know is that Kenyans are tribal minded, Uhuru is not a sincere guy and neither is Raila…Our prayer should be for God to give us selfless leaders. I am proud to be Kenyan.

  17. Does this guy ever listen to his self, cause surely he should, and get real with issues. He should add some intelligence to his speech. fueling another politicians troubles doesn’t make you any better a politicians!!!
    i hate myself for listening to him!

  18. Dr. David Edward Owuor who prophesied the 2007 PEV has again prophesied a worse bloodbath this time round. [Prophesy given on 19th February 2011].

    The enemies of Kenya are not Raila or Uhuru or Hague or Ruto or Kalonzo but Jehovah Almighty. God has over the years warned that if Kenya does not turn away from her despicable evils then it will always be at logger heads with HIM. Where is the church!!! The Kenya church is the most corrupt: selling the Holy Spirit in bottles, perfecting sexual, perverting gospel music to make money, preaching panda mbegu, using witchcraft, opening tribal churches, compromising with other religions, anointing different leaders for the same position…. It is the Church that rescues a nation. If Raila is a demon, then why cant the pastors of this nation cast the demon out of him? If Uhuru is a drunkard, why cant the church deliver him. If Ruto is a thief, why cant the apostles convert him? If Kalonzo is an angel, why cant his life change Kenyans? I appeal to the Kenya Church: God has spoken again through HIS servant. Will we wait to see GOD ALMIGHTY JUDGING KENYA AGAIN? I think the judgement has begun no wonder the abuses from leaders and the table banging.

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  20. John Githongo:Raila Tononoka Audio

    Apparently John Githongo is stating (on his facebook page) that Our Raila Odinga Audio published on Muigwithania.2.0 was doctored to paint Prime Minister Raila Odinga in bad light-(seeing as he is the expert in doctored audio recordings)It probably will not warrant any further response as the audio and visual evidence of what the Prime Minister said in Tononoka is now public information. Verified by multiple sources including editorials. Ours was only to be the first to expose what was said. In the meantime we welcome the Prime Minister Raila Odinga,ODM or any other party that feels offended to go to court if they feel we doctored the audio. We stand by the audio recording its authenticity and validity.Further We express shock that the man who made ‘Githongo-ring’ a house hold catch phrase in Kenya can now claim that the audio tapes (including news clips shown on Kenyan Television were con jobs ).

    If he-Mr.Githongo has any evidence that we tampered with the audio, we welcome him to assist the Prime Minister in any possible case against us or report to the nearest police station.We will be giving an official statement should the need arise.Otherwise we consider the matter resolved as far as we are concerned.

    We stand by the audio

    Muigwithania 2.0

  21. I want preciuos people to hear this again: the mouth of the LORD has spoken again and again to the land of KENYA over a comprehensive REPENTANCE and return to the LORD Still jugdment still on the land KENYA. Let everyone love each other as much as they love GOD.

  22. The way i see it,Kenya needs most the likes of Raila .He may have his own faults. but he is the best. i like the way he boolies and breakes peoples egos. without the likes of him, kenya would have been auctioned long time ago.i pity those who until now have not understood Agwash.They enjoy the freedom which Agwash fought for.Even if he doesnt become the CEO of kenya, God will give us another Raila. kenya cant stay without one.


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