Systematic Pattern Of Bad Journalism

Cash for Editorials and other unethical practices are rife in the print and broadcast media in many countries around the world, even in the developed world .However in Kenya we suffer from a systematic pattern (an epidemic) of bad TV journalism. Kenyan media houses are now cesspools of  institutionalized & unethical journalistic practices.[NTV takes the cake] Personal opinions have  shamelessly slithered  into everyday news reporting.

Even though media house editorial opinions as a  distinct news segment is an  internationally acceptable news practice,opinions in many countries normally appear at the end of broadcast  and are clearly identified as a station opinion.It is also expected that opinion should also be a result of  good editorial judgment  not personal political propaganda or tribal psychopathic sycophancy brewed at political party HQs. 

The Kenyan practice of opinionated voice overs on news stories(giving a personal opinion as part of the news clip)  would not be tolerated in any first class ethical media house anywhere in the world.Yet in Kenya it has been accepted. It is a completely unethical and unbecoming way of reporting and  totally unacceptable of  any upcoming democratic society.Only in Kenya do we continue to accept such blatant fourth estate hooliganism and shameful slanting of  the  news .

Good journalism demands that journalist should report news and keep his or her personal opinions to themselves. In a nation like ours it is irresponsible and dangerous for the media to continue with such  journalistic malpractices  and maleficence. Media houses should  strive to be objective ,truthful and neutral .On Nation TV for instance how can one explain the constant news clips portraying certain leaders in bad light with voice overs that have nothing to do with the clip,while blatantly ignoring the incitement by others.Yes the media should report on what our politicians say! But ethical journalism would dictate that we the audience watch the clips without the voice overs in order to make our own minds/opinion on the news story . Any objective (personal or organizational)opinion on any news story can be addressed by the news anchor in studio after the clip is played or in a separate  station opinion section.That clearly states its an opinion.That is how professional  journalist around the world carry out their trade. There is absolutely no reason why we Kenyans should accept less and put up with substandard TV journalism and reporters who feel  they have to inform us of their opinions.In short- We don’t need to be spoon fed,we Kenyans can analyze and digest the news without biased or pathetic voice overs.Kenyan TV journalist should report the news not create news.Let the audience listen to the news makers(not the reporter) and  make up their own minds.

P.S*-Every-time journalist are seeking a legal opinion on public policy/political issue why do they have to keep going to the same politically biased group of  university professors (Oloo,Macharia Munene etc) or the same tired lawyers ( Ex ODM/PNU) in a country with thousands of young educated legal minds who are not actively partisan.It is pathetic that we complain  about our bad politicians yet we are surrounded by incompetence and substandard professionalism all over.And can someone please tell our media there is no such word as “Youths” (sic)- It is Youth !

Joe Ndungu

3 thoughts on “Systematic Pattern Of Bad Journalism

  1. Ntv reporting is evenly biased.
    just becoz they have stopped giving one party undue advantage,your uneven analysis does not make them wrongdoers.
    jeff koinange’s 3 sides of a coin naivasha killings was the best case of tribalising reporting so as to protect those who pay his salary

  2. NTV is a very biased Media house! When raila spends better sunday morning calling Uhuru a drug addict and Ruto a thief, NTV never reports about it…! But its busy reporting Uhuru’s comments, so as to look as hate speech! We know who NTV works for! we all know!!!

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