Devil In My Basement

A wiseman once said that people live by patterns,the things we do are not new.If you dont think so look again. You will be shocked.If you drink too much or talk too much for example,it probably runs as a pattern in your family. Life patterns are not always negative some people have charitable,hardworking,agreeable,helpful,kindhearted and other patterns running in their lives.If you look at their family line, a pattern is soon established(learned or genetics I don’t know). If you want to live a positive and pleasing life before God and fellow men you have to understand the patterns around your life .If you don’t understand the patterns your walk towards this goal will be very difficult (trust me-I have personal expierience )Patterns have a funny way of growing, they never remain the same. So I guess you are wondering when do we get to the devil in the basement part.

What is the devil in the basement ?

The devils in the basement are the negative patterns in your life that you choose to ignore or change.You know the ones am talking about, the ones hidden in your life that nobody sees. The roving eye,lasciviousness,the self hate,envy and pride just to name a few.Patterns in your life are a funny thing they start small but grow quickly and became monsters. Think about it!!!If you don’t deal with the devil trust me it will keep growing. It will soon move from your basement and one day it will be sitting in your sitting room smoking a cigar in-front of everyone. Deal with the issues you have while they are in the basement before they grow and destroy you in full view of everyone .The Bible says that  “No weapon formed against us shall prosper” that includes weapons of our own creation or those in our family line. Only you can deal with the devil in your basement! If you don’t,remember he will one day be blowing smoke in your face.Father thank you for your mercies that are new every morning. Help me kick out  the devil in my basement.Wash me and cover me in the blood of your son Jesus Christ.


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