WSJ Ranks Kenya 1st Among 85 potential Revolution Spots

The Wall Street Journal has published a list of countries likely to be hit by anti-government revolts in the future.The top 10 potential hot spots are led by Kenya and Cameroon and include Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Morocco, Jordan and Azerbaijan. Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia are in the next 10, together with Vietnam, India and Uzbekistan. The top 30 is then made up of countries including Colombia, South Africa, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan and Brazil. Saudi Arabia is 39 out of the 85, Russia is 40 and Kuwait is 51.The highest-ranked European Union country is Romania at 37.Bottom ranked is Sweden followed by Austria, Canada, Denmark and Germany. In terms of oil producers, Norway, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates look pretty safe.


2 thoughts on “WSJ Ranks Kenya 1st Among 85 potential Revolution Spots

  1. Why would there be a revoluntion against the government in Kenya while the current governent has given Kenyans unprecedented democratic space? WSL opinion is wrong. What is likely in Kenya is some conflict between supporters of the two top leaders – the President and Prime Minister and this would not be the same as a revoluntion against the government. Kenya is one of the most democratic countries in Africa and the problems the country is experiencing is due to a few bad leaders who Kenyans should identify and get rid of.

  2. @CP I dont think you went to the link.Go back to the article and click on the link. The article is talking about broader social economic indicators and similarities like food prices,youth unemployment etc.with countries in the middle east. The article does not go into the PM/President issues.Rather than live in denial its good for our leaders to head the warnings because the indicators are there .Have an objective mind not a subjective mind to information.

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