Kenyan Tsunami Warnings:Sign Of Low National Self Esteem

If you have recently traveled around Africa you have heard other Africans say ‘Kenyans are full of themselves’. Today, sadly I agree! How did weather experts In Nairobi issue a tsunami warning for Kenya! When the earthquake was in the northern Japan and The International Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System has so far not issued a tsunami warning  !A blatant attempt to gain international media attention. Sometimes I think ‘We’ Kenyans think the world revolves around us.We are so full of  it!My dear Kenyans…We have developed a convoluted sense of self importance since Obama got elected and the post election violence crisis was beamed around the world on T.V. As long as a news story is grabbing international headlines trust the Kenyan press or some Kenyan institution will find a way to make Kenya part of the global news story.We really have a warped way of thinking that is increasingly worrying.It is a culture of seeking international approval and significance brought about by our poor self esteem.

Because of our inability to deal with our serious national ‘issues’ we  now exibit all the classical symptoms of a people suffering from a low national self esteem.We fall over ourselves to please white diplomats in Nairobi and sing praises of english soccer teams.We seem to celebrate everything foreign. Sometimes in order to cope we simply over compensate with wild international claims like the pacific tsunami will hit Kenya or Barack Obama is a Kenyan, when the whole world knows Obama’s Kenyan father was a dead beat dad and Kenya is not in the pacific!

Our good MET-Department can not forecast a local famine or even a small rain storm in Nairobi.So how did they determine a tsunami off the coast of northern Japan was headed to  the Kenyan coast?Why did the entire nation buy this lie when a simple atlas glance said it makes no sense?Are we so delusional- We really must wake up to our growing infestation of warped importance and build some real national esteem.It is time for those with eyes to lead the blind out of their darkness.We need to address our self image and drop the strange coping -mechanisms.Our first step is to recognize we need to solve all national problems/potential problems without seeking the facade of  external importance that seeks foreign approval. International politicians/press/opinion do not add any value to any Kenyan or improve our international standing.Kenya can only be improved for Kenyans by Kenyans.Before we start offering our international assistance -watch the press its coming- can we first assist our own slum dwellers ravaged by mysterious fires.What we need is self respect,respect for each other,hard-work and due diligence done -like consulting the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning Center before rushing to BBC or CNN with baseless Kenyan tsunami claims and probable offers to help Japan.

Kenya needs a Self-Esteem Enhancement Program (SEEP) -That said our prayers are with the people of Japan and the Pacific Islands.

Joe Ndungu


3 thoughts on “Kenyan Tsunami Warnings:Sign Of Low National Self Esteem

  1. When i first saw this post yesterday i thought who does this kenyan think he is? Now in hindesight after our tsunami has failed to materialize i totally feel you! Problem is Kenyans never listen to individual wisdom they would rather listen and perish with the mob

  2. I think Joe should have first liaised with the Kenya Meteorologial Dept before come up with an article of this nature. To start he needed to know how this information was got in the first place knowing that Kenya has no tsunami national observation network.
    One needs to understand what a forecast is. What was given by KMD was a forecast which is normally probabilistic.

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