Authority Abusers

Many times [people in position who drink authority] can’t hold their liquor.  As they first begin to grow tipsy with their new-found authority, these abusers succumb to the most natural inclination in the world—they want another drink!  In short order, their priorities become disorganized, and they begin to focus on the kinds of things that will advance them in the eyes of the people over them.  This self-centered focus (that’s pride) is the same attitude that led Lucifer to rebel against God. By the time a person is this “drunk” on authority, they no longer care about the purpose for which they were given authority in the first place.  Lucifer forgot all about leading in the worship of Jehovah.

(Excerpt taken from a book authored by Bishop George G. Bloomer entitled  Authority Abusers; released July 17, 2002 by Whitaker House Publishing at the Christian Bookseller’sAssociation).

About the Author

Bishop George G. Bloomer is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Now residing
in Durham, North Carolina, with his wife and two daughters, he is the founder and senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center. As a product of humble beginnings, he has climbed the ladder of success and now uses those learning experiences as priceless tools for empowering others to excel beyond the boundaries of physical limitations. Today, Bloomer not only pastors, but he can be heard speaking weekly throughout the country and abroad to Christian and secular society on various topics of interest. Bishop Bloomer holds a degree of Doctor of Religious Arts in Christian Psychology and conducts many seminars dealing with relationships, finances, stress management, and spiritual warfare. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition

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