Ugenya Worst CDF Performer

About Sh444 million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) money and Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF) have been misappropriated in 28 constituencies and five local authoritiesAccording to a report, released on Monday by National Taxpayers’ Association, Ugenya Constituency, represented by Lands Minister James Orengo was the worst performer in utilization of the funds in the financial year 2007/2008.The Constituency is reported to have wasted Sh10.8 million of the Sh20.7 million awarded during the year under review. This represents 53 per cent of the amount awarded.(ODM chungwa moja- maisha bure)However, an individual who claimed he was representing the minister told NTA that the problem was inherited from the past leadership of the Constituency.

The second worst performer was Bumula Constituency, represented by Lands Assistant minister Bifwoli Wakoli, which misused Sh49.2 million of the Sh96.9 million disbursed to it. This represents 51 per cent of the disbursement.The third worst constituency was Kanduyi, represented by Alfred Khang’ati recording Sh52.6 million in wasted funds of the Sh120 million awarded. This represented 44 per cent of the funds disbursed.NTA National Coordinator, Mr Kizito Wangalwa said there is still a lot of taxpayers’ money being wasted calling on the citizens to be vigilant.”The citizens still remained dissatisfied with the use of taxpayers’ money. A lot is going to waste,” said Mr Kizito.NTA’s Communications Officer, Mr Davies Adieno said during their investigations they found out that most Kenyans are ignorant of the financial management of their money thus some leaders take advantage of this to misuse the taxes.

“We found out that some Kenyans are ignorant of how their taxes should be managed and some people have taken advantage to squander the money,” said Mr Adieno.One of thebest Constituency is Matuga, represented by Trade minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere, which recorded ShSh731,370 in misused funds. This represents four percent of the Sh19 million disbursed.On Local authorities Tana River County Council misused the most money at Sh3.7 million, out of the Sh7.6 million awarded.CDF constitute 2.5 per cent of the national ordinary revenue.

Complete Report –National Taxpayers’ Association


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