Uhuru Muranga Speech Inspiring

Personally I think this speech will go down in history as the speech that propelled Uhuru Kenyatta from perceived project to leader in his own right.Not since Jomo Kenyatta stood on a podium with a microphone has a leader from Central Kenya given such an electifying speech.The funny thing is that-the very same speech has some who dont even understand Kikuyu fuming -possibly because Uhuru continues to give speeches in Kikuyu & I dont understand why you would be mad at that-his intended audience is Kikuyu. Anyway there was nothing wrong with the speech & if there was can someone please let me know!I am oblivious to what civil society has against the speech.That speech was very inspiring everyone in the stadium was moved by it and I can say 99.9% of the people agreed with every word that was said.

All politics is LOCAL If the locals loved the speech and were inspired by it .What more can one say? Neo liberalism maybe alive and kicking in some Nairobi estates and civil(evil)society board rooms but in the machinani (grassroots) as Americans say “That Dog Don’t Hunt” Uhuru was loud and clear !The message was delivered to its intended audience & recieved well.One of the best political speeches in a very long time. Uhuru has really come of age.We can finally even begin to think Jomo’s Shoes may not be big enough for him. Muigai is also a burning spear!


4 thoughts on “Uhuru Muranga Speech Inspiring

  1. Anyone complaining Uhuru spoke in Kikuyu should say why they never do the same when Raila talks in Luo in Nyanza and other leaders use mother tongues at the grassroots. Uhuru was speaking to the local community. Anyway, theose of us seeking truth and justice are not surprised – civil society orgs have been paid to help destroy Raila’s opponents. Also since there is evidence some Kenyan leaders have worked day and night to ensure Uhuru goes to Hague and never comes back so that raila can get Kikuyu votes, what else can they not say about Uhuru. Kikuyus were the least tribalistic group in Kenya but they have been pushed to a corner as a group and the only way they can defend themselves is to unite against the enemy, During the election violence even the Kikuyus who had voted for Raila were attacked just because they were Kikuyus and the attackers did not select whether they were rich or poor Kikuyus. The likes of Karua, Kenneth, etc had better think again because once they are of no more use to Raila and his henchmen they will be they will be not last. And all know Raila and his henchmen whipped up hatred against the Kikuyus during the last elections and earlier. Raila’s hatred for the Kikuyus is similar to the hatred of Hitler for the Jews. The best way Kikuyus can save themselves is to unite because devided they will be tortured much more.. One leader in Kenya is the source of over 90% of the recent and currrent political problems in Kenya – it is absolutely true.

  2. There is nothing inspiring in the speech,what inspiration when an Honorable member calls another senior member and boss-KIMUNDU.Your support stems from the reasoning that you think Uhuru is like Salim or Mike Rua and the matusi he spills out is like the one man guitar songs.
    There is what people say in most languages-Donot defecate in the forest as you might need the same forest once more.Go to Hague in peace and we shall remember you nicely if you leave us in peace.

  3. Unfortunately could not understand the whole of it, but the bits and pieces I could seemed pretty reasonable. Uhuru has really come of his own! I wonder what people think when Raila Odinga calls others drunkards. Such double standards should not be tolerated not even when it concerns the fresh prince of democracy to borrow from one commentator here.

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