National Cohesion and Integration Commission-Commission Of Idiots

According to the NCIC ,Kenya is facing a crisis of tribalism after the first ethnic audit of the civil service revealed that the five big communities occupy nearly 70 percent of all government jobs. The survey undertaken by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) gave shocking details of how political patronage and personality-based leadership had reduced the civil service into an exclusive club of the big communities at the expense of the so called small communities.(Wonder how they concluded the political part since majority in civil service have no political god fathers and are there by virtue of education)

According to the survey, members of the Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luhya, Kamba and Luo communities occupy 70 per cent of all jobs in the civil service. The Kikuyu lead the pack with 22.3 per cent of all civil service jobs, followed by the Kalenjin (16.7 per cent), Luhya (11.3 per cent), Kamba (9.7 per cent), Luo (9.0 per cent) and Kisii (6.8 per cent). The so-called small communities are at the tail end of the survey, with over twenty having less than one per cent of their population in the civil service. In fact, seven of them have less than 100 members in the civil service each.

Among those communities who have less than one per cent of their populations in the civil service include the Teso (0.9 per cent), Samburu (0.6 per cent), Pokomo (0.6 per cent), Kuria (0.5 per cent), and Mbeere (0.5 per cent) among others.The audit reveals that the Kikuyu constitute the largest single dominant ethnic group in all ministries and departments, with the exception of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Police and Prisons departments.

In my view it is unfortunate we have commissioners who habor such kind of reasoning.(What is the cumulative IQ of people who work in this commission) The Kenyan civil service has to have ethnicity because all kenyans come from somewhere. What is the point of publishing such a report? Wouldn’t a report of the academic qualifications of government employees been more helpful in public sector service delivery improvement ? What is the point of telling us the tribe of those who provide our services? Call me  what you want but I am yet to meet a kenyan who cares what tribe a government employee providing a service comes from. What kenyans want is just good service ! Yes we should fight negative ethnicity/tribalism but why the onslaught on  ethnicity/tribal heritage. There is nothing wrong with 70% dominance if the said tribes are 70% of population.It only makes perfect sense! Even if you ignore other factors such as community literacy,graduation rates,access to education amongst different communities  as a perfectly good explanation for the discrepancies There is nothing wrong with having a civil service dominated by kikuyus (22%)Since Kikuyus are 23% of the population.

We must seek lasting solutions to the complex problems Kenya faces. Simplistic solutions have never solved complex problems. It is a shame that this commission continues to exist .If we want to build a stable nation let as address the issues affecting the Teso (0.9 per cent), Samburu (0.6 per cent), Pokomo (0.6 per cent), Kuria (0.5 per cent), and Mbeere (0.5 per cent) among others in health,security,education.Doesnt the commission know that access to education, university graduation rates and literacy  affects inadmissibility in securing civil service jobs ? We can not expect equal balance when communities in kenya still do not have access to the aforementioned .

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13 thoughts on “National Cohesion and Integration Commission-Commission Of Idiots

  1. The commissioners are not idiots – it is most of Kenyans who are idiots still not to realise that all the recently created commissions and committees in Kenya political arena have been “bribed” that is majority of members and especially the officials to do all possible to cause chaos in Kenya by none other than the number one enemy of Kenya but so called leader and 2012 hopeful and his new-colonialist friends. That fellow Kibunjia has a PhD – how can you then call him an idiots? IT IS HIGH TIME KENYANS DECIDED WHETHER POSITIONS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR SHOULD BE FILLED BY VIRTUE OF MERIT TO START WITH THEN SOME CONSIDERATION FOR DIVERSITY. Of course the Commissioners are wrong to reason out as they have and make these kinds of announcements which AMOUNT TO INCITIMENT AND ARE TRIBALISTIC IN REVERSE. In any case the total population of the big groups makes 70% of the Kenyan population which means it is about right that the hold 70% of the posts in the public service. It is great shame and degrading that Kenyans – and educated ones at that should be reasoning like this. Have they included Meru, Embu, etc among the Kikuyus. The hand of the EVIL ONE is in all the commissions and they should be disbanded and built again

  2. Thank you Dr. Kibunja for unearthing this information. Kindly go ahead and give us a detailed methodology that we shall use to address this problem. For intance, are u proposing that we reduce the population of qulified persons from the big tribes so that we may reduce their chances of getting jobs in the public service? If such is your proposal, could violence after the 2012 elections be one of the options among others like increased police extra-judicial killings, rapes for HIV infection, demolition of slums through fires in the cities, and the none resettlement of IDPs so that they may die from pneumonia etc could such help or should we seek to do to all of them what nature did to the dinosour? Of course your study must have some suggestions which could be useful. Dr, we would really appreciate getting solutions after your HATE SPEECH . SAWA?

  3. I disagree. Look at the situation at State Hse where 96% are Kikuyu. I accept that 20-23% of civil service jobs will naturally be Kikuyu since they consist of that much in the population. I would also accept a situation where a 3rd of the civil service was Kikuyu. What I would hope though is that all candidates are given fair crack at interviews and hiring is done first on merit and second within the law of ethnic balance where no more than a third of the organization comes from one tribe. Kenya belongs to all the people in it and for national cohesion and unity to exist and to grow stronger every person deserves the opportunity to improve themselves and live life to their fullest potential. I accept striving for ethnic balance may result in stepping on some toes, but I believe this is the lesser evil. Allowing a situation to grow as it has at state house diminishes the nation of Kenya and would surely lead to larger problems in future. Personally, State House belongs to me as well and would like to be able to get a job there if I am qualified and ready to serve. I do not have to be Kikuyu to get a job there I just need to be Kenyan and loyal to my president. Thus I speak in favour of the NCIC today. Sorry for disagreeing but felt it needed saying.

  4. @Tony -No need to say sorry but here is my beef with regional/tribal balancing be it in the economy or civil service

    1.Balancing is a good thing only when communities are equal.As it stands we have communities in kenya that majority of the members do not have formal education in 2011.(visit Elmolo and Garba) at a time when Kikuyus started graduating from British Universities and American universities in 1928.(we are now talking about a 4 generation of foreign educated kikuyus- not even counting local universities) I am not saying that to brag but to show the disparity that exists.We need to solve the issues that make some qualified and others unqualified(education and access to education)

    2.On the economy people talk about balance and sharing the national cake. My question is can we equally share the national cake when we are not equal contributors to sharing that cake

    Anyway I know this 1/3 rule of tribal balancing will come to a head when county governments are formed . I will hold my fire until that time .But I can assure you nobody in Kiambu county Muranga or lamu will accept that absurd rule of ethnicity.Employment should be on merit period!!I dont see how county governments will set aside 2/3 of their positions for other ethnic groups particularly in counties that are 98% one community

  5. in reaction to muiwithania block.

    if you can’t balalnce anything, then Let communitties go their own ways. give communitties autonomy to be independent to free themselves from black colonialism and dominance.

    my beef. that kalenjin perecentage is a ly. other than security apparatus, they are no where in the mainstream ministries and other civil service.

  6. It may be your policy to elevate certain Kenyan Tribes, above others, but not to deny the obvious. Those disparities cannot be justified. This is as a result of the past presidential opportunities for the top two tribes and which they crave to retain at all costs. We should and will fight these injustices to the last man standing. If the Kikuyus have all the big private companies and vast enterprises; why don’t they stuff their tribesmen in those companies upto 100%- and not to elbow other Kenyans out of public jobs- unnecessarily?
    They have a right like any other Kenyans to enjoy opportunities in the Public service but not to lord over others- its a new constitution.

  7. @bamaluch- that is exactly what the new constitution does every community/county will have the autonomy to do what they want.As for the security apparatus.It does not matter if kalenjins are 99% of the army as long as they do what they are meant to do-protect the people of kenya.If they make the best soldiers why not i celebrate them, what is the point of having a blanced army that cant fight?

    @JKmulaki-No tribe in kenya elevates itself- some communities simply suffer from an inferiority complex .They constantly see themselves as victims instead of getting their boot straps on and getting down to improve their communal self esteem and worth.In a private company i can employ who i want instead of complaining about kikuyus you can learn a lot from the kalenjin people .They own business, farms and work hard.The same with somalis they have stopped complaining and started working. If you dont like the 100% kikuyu company start your own company!You will never hear a somali or kalenjin complain that the reason they are not moving fwd is because of another tribe. so Mulaki stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working instead of complaining

  8. Very well said Migwithanio. Someone somewhere said that the outcome would likley be similar if the same kind of survey were done of morgues and prisons.

  9. @ Muigwithania-Blog Admin Good points. Also on my statistic I picked it from the Standard newspaper which appears wrong the right %age was approx 45%. Anyway to ur points.
    1. On equality of communities and education. Yes I agree some communities missed out on the education train and still continue to languish without schools. This is a stain on how we have run the country through the yrs by condemning sections of the country and reducing the economic gains that could come from them. Also in a smaller sense one finds that even cleaners and messengers (you dont need qualifications for that) are also employed with an ethnic bias. Id say for those lacking the education then the goiv should go out of their way to get minorities without education employed in these areas as Kenya belongs to them too and they should feel included.

    On other points made. To simply use a wide brush and claim all communities bar Kalenjin, Somali & Kikuyu r lazy and dont work hard is not really correct and is just prejudice. Individuals are all different with different abilities. To condemn a huge section of society and allow one section to thrive is to reduce Kenya’s ability to soar economically.

    The reason for Kalenjin & Kikuyu numbers in the civil service is quite clear ie presidents. Showing the old constitution worked how we perceive it to be ie if your man is in your community will eat. When they eat they gain an upper hand over others and the longer that happens the wider the gulf. So I wouldnt claim Kalenjins or Kikuyu are in any way more able than other communities or less able. We are all the same given the right circumstance we can all achieve success. So to finish what Id say Kibunja’s report is doing is highlighting the issues the old constitution brought about and the need to create a level playing field for all Kenyans to benefit from the unity of the nation and for all to build the nation. The current situation will only lead to pain.
    2. I see your point. Thing is countries exist where there are rich sections and poor areas and the rich parts tend to subsidize the other examples are Northern Italy (rich) Southern Italy (poor), Northern England (poor) South East Eng (rich) and these situations vary over time as economies go so areas may be rich now but may be poor in future etc. Thus if we are to be one nation equalizing through taxation is how nations have been built and have existed. The opposite of that is colonialism etc where the rich section takes and doesnt contribute to the poor section and that model doesnt last too long I think you’d agree.

    On County gov dunno how that will work as you really cant achieve tribal balance there unless u make county gov civil service national in terms of employment, which has advantages and disadvantages.

  10. @Tony the way you have framed what you are saying is the way Kibunjia should have framed his information.But because the commission is incompetent and made up of political rejects, archeologists and whatnots ,they only pollute public debate by offering stats that do not have context or solutions.Their mandate is not to tell us the civil service is unbalanced -Their mandate is to offer solutions to bring balance by highlighting factors like education and access and offering context to the problem.This commission should be disbanded not because it mandate is wrong but because it is packed with incompetent commissioners with no tact or sensibility to the importance of this commission

    Ps This people can not even differentiate between the legal definition of free speech hate speech or slander-that is why court cases are being thrown out and politician aren’t listening to them. Appoint educated competent attorneys and social scientists as commissioners and we will solve all our cohesion problems

  11. Interesting point you make on the Commission’s employment. How were they recruited and who appointed them? I also agree that if they are going to take someone to court over hate speech they should have a water tight case otherwise it would look like they are persecuting. Same thing with the Corruption Commission, if they are going to take ministers to court on charges of corruption they should ensure they have a watertight case or else just sit back and do more investigations and get to the truth. On this point I’m with you and agree wording is extremely important especially in these tough times in Kenya.

    Anyway personally I dont think any side of the political divide has Kenya’s best interests at heart. Kenyans should see that they(politicians) are an elite that is focussed on their interest which have little to do with economic gain for the common man. They treat us to these side shows at their public rallys and drink together in the evening eating humongous meals while we sit at home plotting against each other. I despair for the gullibility of the Kenyan public.

  12. Never incite Kenyans at this time…do not create more tensions….In future time the dissemination of “facts”

  13. I wish to notably congratulate the NCIC for the work they are doing. BRAVO. However, I wish to make the following observation with regard to the recent survey of ethnic communities in the public service. It is so regrettable to note that the POKOT community is classified as Kalenjins who partake the second Lion share in the PSC. I wish to make it clear to Mr Chairman that POKOTS are not Kalenjins. They are maybe Kalenjins by DEFAULT and a their percentage in the public service jobs be shown clear as the other communities. Pokots are just marginalized community in the rift valley who have survived by the mercies of God despite their geographical dislocation. We wish the commission to be fair on these and display all the communities who are in the public service for fairness and integrity to prevail.

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