Fuel Crisis Grows

Stark reality of the worsening food and fuel crisis in the country hit Kisumu county, after prices maize flour went up in the town by sh 10 in most of the business.Similarly, most pumps were dry in the several petrol stations after the Government announced reduction in diesel and kero sene prices.Most of the shops and supermarkets had few stock of maize flour as fear of speculators hoarding the commodity rocked the lake town.A hotelier in Kisumu Ms Molly Apiyo said they were forced to buy a kilogram of maize flour between Sh 103 and sh 105 up from the previous Sh 95 per Kg.

Wananchi waving placards to protest high cost of food and fuel attempted to disrupt a university graduation ceremony in Kisumu attended by Prime Minister Raila Odinga.The nearly 100 residents of Muhoroni constituency shouted “Njaa! Njaa!” (Hunger! Hunger!) at the ceremony at Great Lakes University of Kisumu. The placards bore messages that read in part: “Vision 2030 ni njaa. Bei ya unga ni juu. We are starving. We want kazi na unga.”However, the Prime Minister ignored the protestors and continued with his speech. He challenged the private sector to expand to meet the ever-increasing demand for employment opportunities.”Raila said the Government has only 500,000 employment opportunities that have already been filled and annual vacancies in the Government account for a paltry 25,000.

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