Kikuyu District: The Edited Letters of Francis Hall 1892-1901

Dear Editor

Ni kwega.

Kikuyu District is a book consisting of the edited letters of Francis Hall who commanded Fort Smith near Kabete and who died in Mbirri in 1901. The colonial government changed the name to Fort Hall in his honour and of course now it is Muranga. The book is an early colonial record of life in Kenya (1892-1901) with interesting accounts of interactions with Kikuyus and Maasais.

I am now working on a screenplay of the same name and I am in need of an authority on Kikuyu history around about that time. I am trying to establish the name of a famous mundu mugu, or perhaps a mrogi called Kahiga I think. In fact when I googled Kahiga I found your website.

Can you help by putting me in touch with somebody with knowledge of those days? I would be grateful for any assistance. And would you consider publicising the book on your website? It is available in many bookshops in Nairobi and there is also a Kindle version at Amazon.

I attach an image of the cover of the book.

Ni wega

Paul Sullivan   

*To get in touch with the writer Paul Sullivan or provide information he requires-please contact blog editor or post comment


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