[Silly Season]Reply to :Njonjo Mue’s THE GIKUYU NATION – KENYA’S FIRST BORN- Email that is doing the rounds

Did you ever notice that there are no Jews going around the world saying, or writing about, how awful Jews have been? Given that the Jews have dominated the economies in the US,Canada and Europe.  Why has there been no Jewish Njonjo Mue ?Are there any Chinese writing books about the absence of Chinese soul-searching or expressions of sorrow over their economic expansion and zest  for investment and economic expansion ? Has anyone ever encountered any Chinese and Jewish remorse for economic dominance ?The answer, of course, is no. In fact, among all the world’s peoples, only Kikuyus produce individuals who have greater sympathy for those who blame their poverty on their own peoples hardworking and entrepreneurial nature .

Some in this small urban kikuyu community loathe everything Kikuyu (they love their own agenda and their own vision of what Kenya could be over their own people ).They have contempt for the average hardworking Kikuyu choosing to spend time spreading baseless stereotypes that we want to lord over the rest of kenya and that we have grabbed. There are no comparable self-haters in any other country,This newly minted young Kikuyu Intellectuals (sic) are often the leaders in anti-Kikuyu kamukunji(s) ,demonstrations and movements.The Kiai’s and the Njonjo Mue’s devote much of their lives to trying to harm our community and expressing deep hatred for Kikuyu hardwork.They reinforce false stereotypes against Kikuyus held by other communities with wild claims of being a first born that will not let others have their share.This self-loathing on their part is all the more remarkable when you consider that those who support and fund them strongly affirm their own cultural and ethnic identities. For example, while Njonjo ceaselessly attacks his  own community Neo Liberals from Nyanza and elsewhere ceaselessly defend their own communities in the race to aqcuire wealth and establish political and economic dominance

How, then, to explain this anomaly of new Kikuyu self-loathing? I offer one explanation.Many of the haters are political rejects,political wanna be’s driven by anger and selfish ambition .Anger that is similar to adolescent anger at a parent who claims very high ideals and turns out to be slightly flawed. Many of the haters are angry at Kikuyu’s for being ‘imperfect’ in accepting their liberal values/lazy socialist(less working and endless flossing) values and are therefore disappointed by the majority in our community  .There may be other explanations. But what is certain is that Kikuyu self-hatred is a unique phenomena that plays a particularly destructive role as designed by those who fund it conspicuously always just before an election.It gives fodder to those who are for the destruction of our community.What better way to promote  early anti Kikuyu propaganda than to have one of them spew it in the guise of speaking the truth one year before the election.

Yes, we may agree with parts of your opinion that some Kikuyus(and the elite in almost every community) have a past with  leadership and grabbing.Even worse is  the  amnesia  that the grabbing has never been a communal but rather an individual thing,so the solution Mr Mue is not to criminalize every hardworking Kikuyu by promoting and spreading anti Kikuyu propaganda and political agendas.We as Kenyans and younger Kikuyus can move on with other Kenyans without having to bow down to these forces or their stale ideas that somehow Kikuyus control everything to the detriment of others .

Joe. M Ndungu


One thought on “[Silly Season]Reply to :Njonjo Mue’s THE GIKUYU NATION – KENYA’S FIRST BORN- Email that is doing the rounds

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