Athuri Njohi Ti Therapy

Njohi Ti Therapy andu aitu.We cannot continue drinking alcohol as a form of ‘treatment’ ignoring the far reaching effects on psychological,emotional,social and overall well-being of self and others.

Wambui Kung’u is an anti-drinking campaigner!!…God Bless You!


2 thoughts on “Athuri Njohi Ti Therapy

  1. Onani-i ndoiga ngwatiirie “Njohi Ti Muthaiga wa Kuhonania ati Andu Maga Kunyua ni Megukua othe. Ni hinya (niguo uchamba) na utonga ungihihiria. Riu Makiria ni Ita Matangi-itoreria. The whole world is under democratic rights/elections. Before foreigners to be inheritors of Africa, We Were All Under an Autocratic Administration. 70 to 100 years ago either beyond, none young men and ladies under 30 or 40 years could be allowed to drink alcohol whereabouts or wherever in Africa. Where am I to meet with Muiguithania for creation of AUTOCRATIC Congressional Investigation/committee for futuring edible feature. Gwata-ndai!!! Ndathii uu Ndathii uu…??? Haiyaii!!! Niukumenya Kaarekia???

  2. Nima njohi njega..tunyitane tuhurane nayo tutanathira…together we can change it..start from where you stand mundu witu…gutire witu ukaùma n njira..

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