(Exclusive)Jane Mukami – Interview

Joe: Tell our readers who is Jane Mukami? (Where were you born, a little background that we might not know)

Jane: I was born in Nairobi, Kenya at pumwani hospital to a teenage couple. I attended several schools however the one that left a mark and contributed to who I am is high school. Kagwe Girls High School in Kiambu was a catholic boarding school run my nuns and was rules and regulations galore. I was labeled to be mischievous and was always up to no good however I was just trying to be myself. Besides getting an education, attending boarding school instilled other great characteristics that are highly applicable in my life today:

1. Regimen – Life in a boarding school runs on schedules and bells. I thrive fully off schedules and planning everything out. I am most productive when I have a plan and always follow through
2. Dealing with different personalities is a challenge however I find myself decent at it based on things I learned in high school only difference is adults personalities are magnified compared to my high school friends.

Joe: Any hobbies?

Jane: My favorite past times/hobbies are working out, going to the movies, mostly action packed films. I’m not one to watch romantic comedies or horror movies. I like adrenaline rush packed movies .Tv – I enjoy certain shows: Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Boss, House of lies, Atlanta housewives for a bit of crazy drama etc. I love to eat, however I’m more cognizant of what I put in my body so I avoid eating a lot of things. When I visit Kenya I do let loose and indulge, with my favorite meal being ugali, matumbo and skuma wiki. Dancing is another thing that brings me immense pleasure. Although my fit lifestyle calls for 7 or 8 hours of rest, every so often I do like to wear my dancing shoes and get down. Moving to a song feels liberating in some way and yes I can dance all night! I don’t consume alcohol but as long as the bar has bottled water and napkins for my sweat….I’m good to go!

Joe: So are you bilingual or are you one of those Diaspora don’t know Swahili types -Our readers want to know .Any Swahili or Kikuyu?

Jane: I speak english 90% of the time given my surrounding however I do break out the fluent kikuyu and swahili around my fellow Kenyans.

Joe: Are you a female body builder or a woman who is into fitness .How would you describe yourself in terms of physical fitness/work out regime ?

Jane: I’m a Fitness Athelete; an ordinary woman that’s into fitness but also participates in fitness competitions. The competitions have different divisions. The women categories are Figure, Bikini, Fitness and Physique. I compete in the Bikini category which calls for a curvy yet well conditioned and toned looked. Bodybuilding is one of the categories for MEN which disqualifies me from being a body builder because I’m a woman. I have a great trainer and mentor (IFBB Pro Rasheed Roc Shabazz) that pushes me hard physically and mentally. The results speak for themselves, and not to mention the 2 wins I’ve received in the 2 shows I’ve participated in. He has taught me a lot pertaining exercise and nutrition in the last 2 years.

My fitness regime is intense to say the least. The ordinary person would need  several months to get used to it, and that’s only IF they commit for the entire 6 months without fail. It takes discipline, dedication and a lot of willpower to work out as I do.

Joe: The good book says the body is the Temple of the Lord. You have certainly taken care of His Temple – So do you believe in the good book. What is the spiritual Jane like?Do you go to Church,Temple,meet up etc??

Jane: The body indeed is the Temple of the Lord and we are stewards of everything he has given to us, bodies included. I am spiritual and do believe in the good book, I also believe in the power of prayer. I’m a member of a non-denominational church that feeds my spirit. My pastor demystifies theology and breaks the message down to simple applicable messages that I can use for day to day living.

Joe: If you were a biscuit, which type would you be and why?

Jane: Digestive – It tastes good and it does flush shit out of you aka fiber

Joe:(Joe cracking up- she is funny too) I always follow up silly questions with difficult questions. So I am sure you watched the 10 MinFix episode that mentioned your name, certain comments where made about your body and your transformation. Did you ever respond?

Jane: Yes I watched the episode and i found it quite entertaining. I responded by going to their facebook page and posting a “great job guys” type comment. It was hilarious and the thought has never crossed my mind to ‘piga anyone ngeta’ but who knows. It wasn’t offensive to me at all. After all these are african men who are used to and want ‘fat-fat chiles’ so suffice it to say there is no way they can handle this here type of woman aka ME. I was honored to be a topic of discussion and/or be considered kenyan current affairs. One thing that I must point out about the clip is that If indeed The average African/Kenyan jamaa” really wants a girl on the “fat-fat” side of things just so when she leaves the house he is assured she will be back since no one is trying to talk to her, he must be very insecure and needs to remedy and overcome their insecurities by knowing that the fat-fat chic will be back because she loves him and not and not because jirani didn’t try to ‘tune’ her. J

Joe: There are many women that look up to you? Any comment what’s that like?

As far as many women looking up to me, I am truly honored and humbled. I receive tones of email via facebook every single day and I make it a point to respond to as many as I can unfortunately sometimes I get so overwhelmed and cannot play catch up.

Joe: I get the feeling that you are very close to your mother and other family members. How would you describe her and how has she and the others influenced your life?

Jane: My family is made of my mother and my younger brother Stephen. She is my rock because she saw created the path for my life. In case and point, she directed me on what to study when i was only 2 weeks out of high school at a time when most form 4 leavers are relaxed and trying to enjoy their new fond freedom. She had a plan for me since I lacked one of my own, and through her pushing me I am now reaping the fruits of her labor in terms of career field and quality of life. She is still my #1 council when it comes to life altering decision. She knows best and always has my best interest at heart. I wouldn’t be who I am and where i am without her making it her personal mission for me to be a success and yes she fully support my passion: Fitness.

Joe: Have you ever thought of making a career in fitness, are there any future plans in that direction?

Jane: Fitness is my passion and my life. I enjoy motivating and mentoring others and would still be greatly fulfilled if I did it for free, however the kyuk in me likes making everything about dollars/shillings and cents. I use the term mentoring because even though I’ve learned so much, I am not available to train people. I can provide tips and guidance that IF you choose to follow you can start your successful fitness journey.

Joe: You now live in Atlanta (a very beautiful city I must say)and I am sure you travel once in a while to Nairobi(another beautiful city). How would you compare the two cities in terms of fitness as a lifestyle.

Jane: There is a plethora of information on fitness in the US and a lot to choose from. I am NOT familiar with the Kenyan market however after speaking and mentoring some of my friends residing in Kenya, they have openly admitted that trainers in Kenya, even though certified, are not subject matter experts in area of nutrition, work outs and supplementation. I am not certified however, I have mentored people who have received phenomenal results when all I did was communicate with then via email. Prior to my current regimen and lifestyle change starting June 2010, I had been working out and tried out different weight loss methods since 2008. I possess a lot of knowledge, thanks to my mentor Rasheed Roc Shabazz, and can help people that are committed to meeting their goals.

Joe: Apart from working out and IT what else are you passionate about? (Do you sing in the shower – Hope that’s not too personal )

Jane: New site and sounds awaken my spirit and for that I love to travel. I do like hot showers especially on a cold winter day but singing, is clearly not m talent.

Joe: OK- lastly there has been talk of a blog by Jane Mukami hitting the web soon. Anything you want to say on that topic perhaps a scoop?

Jane: www.fitkenyangirl.com is up and running. I’m FIT, I’m KENYAN who is extremely PROUD of my roots and want the world to know where I am from and I’m a GIRL – I Understand the term GIRL is debatable since most African cultures might quickly call me a WOMAN based on age, but I believe you are only as old as you feel.FitKenyanGirl.com is a way for me to let the world into my life and share my thoughts and experiences as I traverse the fitness journey. Fitness is a never ending life style journey and I hope to motivate and inspire more people to want to be at their best. I will also use this as a primary form of contact where I can easily respond to people’s questions in a more efficient way than individual Facebook massages.

Joe: Thank you Jane for taking time to do this interview .I am sure we will be hearing more from you and about you.(All the best)

Jane: Thank you Muigwithania for taking an enough interest in me to want seek an interview.

There you have it the exclusive Jane Mukami Interview


8 thoughts on “(Exclusive)Jane Mukami – Interview

  1. I have enjoyed reading your articles but I don’t think that the current one about Jane Mukami is up to the moral principles that you have so far maintained. I kindly suggest that you at least get rid of the photos in the article… Thank you.

  2. Culture lifestyle barrier.if you are westernized african,photos are not an issue,if you are too much typical african,you may feel offended by photos.

  3. Looking great gul umeskia wazee are saying you pull some pics out well I say this to them xxxx off go back to yo little african hole mtuondolee ujinga we r africans 2 and Jane is styled up.cheers mama

  4. I appreciate every reader and comment on anything i put my name on. I enjoyed interviewing Jane. ChrisK- I think the pictures are ok and beautiful to look at . I dont want to be the moral voice of young kenyans but the voice of clarity and reason. I hope you can see beyond what in your opinion is not moral and encourage this young woman to be all she can be and what God created her to be.

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  6. i loke your reply to Chris K, Joe…..let me people be and if its too much to handle for the likes of Chris K, then funga macho, pindua page…am sure when u see a beautiful woman on the streets (Chris K) you oogle…kwa hivyo wacha ujinga, my dear!

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