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7 thoughts on “Talks & Interviews

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  4. As a Pan African in outlook, I have gone through your website with keen interest.

    It is intriguing to note that you position Mzee Kenyatta (widely regarded as a Pan African symbol) as a “reconciler” (Muigwithania).

    However, I glean a strong sense of ethno-centric bias (Gikuyism)

    Whereas this may be a good thing to give hope & direction in this EXTREME MORAL CRISIS facing Afrikans today, your “we are victims/superior to other Kenyans/we can do this alone” attitude in many of your carefully chosen presentations may not help your target audience in the long run.

    Afrika has 1000 languages spoken.


    The GERMANS-who have been the think-factory of european hegemeony have subjected themselves to ENGLISH as the white lingua-franca….

    When trying to understand any social phenomena, it always helps to look at things CHRONOLOGICALLY and put in NUMBERS so that we are not subject to mere emotive positions.

    What am I saying?

    a) Majority of Kenyans-BLACK KENYANS are poor. Study this from the time the pale faces came around year by year. Till the Afrikans were given the flag in “63 till today. The reason for this needless poverty will be clear to anybody who is a serious truth seeker.

    Poor education/hospital/roads/inadequate food/no properly paying jobs.

    This applies to ALL NATIONS IN KENYA.

    However, europeans/indians/arabs in Kenya do not have this problem.

    Not one european/indian/arab died during the shameful bloodletting in 2007-8 for eg.

    b) Culture is not static. If one stays static death follows. Period.The planet is now arranged in a way that Africans have to face the world .OR PERISH.

    Today it is western/white/America/Europe-by 2020 when the white hegemony is finally overshadowed by the oriental (CHINESE), Africa will still be in a subservient position to this new gang of dragons (whom we think are better than mzungu-what a joke)

    Only if we continue to think small.

    No amount of parochial hankering for the days of old-or posturing about a unique place in Kenya will help a POOR KENYAN FROM WHATEVER COMMUNITYto give his girl child a proper education or afford his son that fees to a university to study ENGINEERING rather than preaching jesus/allah or some EUROCENTRIC/SINO-CENTRIC ECONOMICS drivel.

    The Pan African OUTLOOK (that Kenyatta professed to especially earlier) will get us Our Philosphy, Religion, Science, Food, Clothing and Shelter.

    Its about AFRIKAN SURVIVAL! Our enemies dont give a toss whether you are Zulu or Kikuyu or Luo or Ibo!They just know Black Afrikans as a gullible easily divided lot. Education (white degrees) does not help.

    The whites have survived & thrived their Pan Europeanism (notice how they never even mention it) eg EU.
    NATO (fanya fujo uone!)
    /WTO (free entry to Africa)
    UN (Security council members-BIGGEST ARMS DEALERS)

    These are the things we have to deal with as Afrikans if we are serious.

    All parochialism/my tribe/village is just a mirage with short-term highs but delivering miserable failure-century after century…..


  5. Dear Afrikan,

    Please visit our ‘Why-Ethno Symbolism’ Section.You will find the core values and reasons why was started and the reasons behind our thinking.Many readers have often misunderstood our site because they rush to judgement without first reading our why section. We also recommend that you read chapter 10 of Nobel Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai’s ‘The Challenge for Africa’ A book that encourages a re-embracing of African-ness and community. I think you will find that after reading both the why section and the book,You will have a new perspective on what we are doing and even maybe you will apologize for the misunderstanding .

    Editor & African.

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